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Fish Tacos | Fit to Eat | MPB

Fish Tacos | Fit to Eat | MPB

♪♪ Hello, I’m Chef Rob Stinson
and on this episode of Fit to Eat, I’m
cooking fish tacos with hot corn
bean relish. I’ll talk about trade-offs
in using canned beans versus using dried beans and I’ll also teach you
how to make your own healthy
homemade salsa. All that and a healthy
and delicious dinner. And we’ll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ Let’s start with my
hot corn bean relish. But first, let’s talk
about the health benefits of using dried beans
over canned. Let’s take a look at
the amount of sodium: So allowing beans to soak
overnight also helps to break down the indigestible
sugars that cause gas. Dry beans are also
cheaper than canned. A can of precooked beans
costs about $1.19 and yields about
two cups. A cup of dry beans
cost about $1.99 and yields about
eight cups. It comes out to a difference
of about $0.35 a cup and you can cook a
whole pound at once, store serving sizes in a
resealable storage bag and freeze them. So it’s really kind
of a no-brainer which way you want
to go on this. And I mean, they are
easy to work with. Dry beans are simple, cost
effective and healthier. So we are going to
start on this recipe and take some beans
that I have already soaked overnight
right here in front. The first thing we
want to do is get the water off of those
and then we are going to start working on this
hot corn bean relish. Let’s bring the
strainer over. Simple. All we are going to do
is pour the water out. Bring these
into a dryer state. At this point, you
want to mix them. Let’s get them
all mixed together. The trick at this point
is we are going to move over to our sauté pan
and spray that pan with a little
zero-fat spray. A pan coating spray
is a great way to keep oil out
of your diet. There is so much
fat in oil. This is a great way to reduce
fat in your diet overall. So let’s go ahead
and spray the pan. We are coating it
nice and evenly. The first thing I like to put
in is all of our side items that we are going
to want to sear. Our bell pepper. We’ve got our pan good
and hot, obviously. I’m going to move it over
to the side here so that it takes the heat down and
now we put our beans in. We don’t need the
strainer anymore so we can move that
off to the side. All we’re doing is
tossing everything in there. We will put in our cilantro. About half of what we have. I want to save a little
bit for presentation later. That is fresh cilantro. We’re going to sprinkle
a little bit of cumin. Dry cumin. Again, no salt in here. Get it evenly over the beans. And then a little
cracked black pepper. A couple of different
ways you can do this. I’ve taken the liberty of
cracking this coarsely. Nothing better than
fresh-cracked pepper. I wish you could get
the aroma of this because I can already
smell that cumin. That’s what gives it that
wonderful Spanish flair. While we have
this on the heat, we’re going to turn
the heat down on low and we’re going to
go to the corn. Everybody knows
that we have great resources
for corn here. Mississippi corn yields
have more than doubled over the past 20 years
and are increasing faster than any other
Mississippi crop. Mississippi growers
have produced about 694,000 acres of corn
over the past five years. Great local product. Let’s take an example of
this so I can show you how easy it
is to work with. To take it off the cob,
if you put your knife in at an angle and cut
straight down, you’ve got the
kernels coming off. I’ve taken the liberty
of getting mine already off of the cob, but I
wanted to show you just how simple it is
to use fresh corn because the exact
same thing holds true for using fresh corn
as it does fresh beans. Let’s go back into
the pan over here and we’re going to let
this all start cooking down at a very low
temperature. That relish is just a
beautiful side dish. Look at how much
the color will enhance
the dish, too. Simple, easy
preparation. Let’s move this out
of the way for now. Set our corn back
over here. One thing I wanted
to mention as well, beans are a great
choice for diabetics. Beans contain soluble fiber
which binds to carbohydrates, slows the absorption
into the bloodstream preventing swings in your
blood glucose levels. Hugely important. In 2010, Mississippi ranked
second in the United States for overall diabetes
prevalence with over 270,000 adults
having type II diabetes. Obviously a huge issue
of trying to reduce it. Diabetes is preventable
and a lot of the focus
needs to be on your diet so obviously we will focus
on that this season. Tossing that relish. We want that corn to
brown just a little bit. We can take our spray at this
point and spray the top. The reason we are doing
that is so that it will create a little
bit of a crust. We’re going to let that
sit at this point and the flavors will
all cook down. The next item that we
are going to walk into is making a
homemade salsa. Let’s take this point right
now and when I come back, we’re going to use some fresh
fish from the Mississippi Gulf to make these
delicious fish tacos. So stay with us. (Rooster crows) (banjo plays) Ag Day is all about celebrating
American agriculture, about celebrating
our American farmer, all the hard work he does
producing our food and fiber. And it’s about showcasing
our local farmers. Most children think right
now their food comes off the grocery shelf or from
a fast food restaurant. They need to
know more about it, about how it is grown,
how to prepare it and what better way to
do it than at Ag Day to teach them how to do
some of those things. One of the things they did
with manure composting is learning how earthworms
take old compost, food scraps and turn it
into good usable soil. And the glove activity,
they were just learning about the different seeds
they could put in the gloves so they could grow some
lettuce and things like that. We are just trying to
make people aware of what’s available, when it
is going to be available and really let the kids
see the raw vegetables. They come by and
they ask questions so I will tell them
how it is grown. They get to see the person
who grew the vegetables and they know whether
or not it is fresh. One dairy we had here
was Progress Dairy. They had whole milk, they
had reduced fat milk and chocolate milk. It’s pasteurized,
not homogenized. Therefore, you can
digest it a lot easier than you can
homogenized milk. We had several chefs
from local restaurants teaching people some
of their new recipes. It’s important for you to shop
your local farmers market to help your
local farmers out. But you get fresh
produce, fresh eggs without having to
wait on them. They are grown
right here local. Just eat fresh, eat local and
it’s better for your health. ♪♪ Welcome back. Now for a healthy
homemade salsa. Obviously the most important
thing we start with is a beautiful ripe
tomato. This is a vine ripe tomato I got
at our local farmers market. It’s really easy
to work with them. Take a knife and
core the center. As you are coring it,
you are going to notice the one little piece
of the tomato that you really don’t
want will come out. Then we’re going to
take it, slice in half, slice it in half again. At this point, I love my
cleaver so I’m going to cut this into
little line stripes, chop the other direction
and we are going to do this with the entire
tomato to where we have nice little squares because
this is really the garnish, if you would, for our taco. Let’s do this
other half quickly. I know as you guys
watch this show, you’re going to want to
learn to get a little bit more proficient
with a knife. It’s really not hard. It just takes a
little bit of practice. I love the cleaver because
you see how easy it is? You can clean that
board so quickly. Let’s quickly
sanitize that board. Now, we are going to
add into that mixture lemon and lime. That gives a
great tartness. So we will squeeze our
lime and squeeze both halves. Then same with the lemons,
and if you do them facing up you’re less likely to
have the seeds go inside. Neat little trick. Simple. Let’s get those
out of the way. Here’s my unique
ingredient which is some fresh ground
apple sauce. And you’ll see it’s red. It’s got the skin of
the apple because that’s where most of
the nutrients are. Let’s stir this
up a little bit. You notice it’s got a
great liquid consistency and we’re going to serve this
on the side of our dish. Now let’s add in the flavor. We’ll put in a teaspoon,
so about half of this, chopped fine jalapeno. Little touch of cumin. And that little touch
of cumin is about a half
a teaspoon. Diced onion,
tablespoon. Chopped cilantro, a
good amount. That’s about a
tablespoon. Need to think about
something with all of those people out there
concerned about gluten is you’re making
gluten-free food. We’re going to put
in our garlic minced. I tell you, that is a
delicious homemade salsa that’s going to go
great with our fish tacos. You notice that it’s different
than the type of salsa that you would
make that’s going to go with chips
because it’s chunkier. You want this to be bite-size
pieces to go into the taco. So now we are going to
take a portion of this because it is going to go
right on to the plate when we present
this dish. Keep that to
the side. Wonderful preparation. Very easy to do. Let’s do a little
housekeeping here. Where going to put
that on the side. Do our sanitizing. Keep that board clean here. Our next item, and fish
in general is a great source of protein, white
fish in particular. Whitefish is also a good
source of B vitamins and selenium which is
great for your skin. We are using
grouper today. The grouper is
fresh from our Gulf. Look at that. Beautiful filet. I have taken the
liberty of filleting that. We will bring our
sauté pan over. We will spray with a little
bit of our pan coating. Put a little
cracked pepper. You know what
the pepper does? It’s a little trick
that I learned years ago. A very light pepper
crust will help keep it from
sticking. So let’s
go ahead. Because the flavoring
that we are going to add in to that pan while
that is cooking is going to really
add in all of what we want to put
into the taco itself. So let’s move this. Once it slides
around, it’s easy and you know it
will stay there. So let’s bring out our
next little array of food. We are going to add a little
fat-free dairy products to the side so you are
staying nice and healthy. But the main items to
flavor inside the taco, we’ve got red, green, and
yellow bell pepper julienned sliced so it
will look pretty. Onions julienned
sliced and our garlic. So at this point, we’re
going to turn the heat up on that to high
so that the fish is kind of seared
on one side. We’re going to add
our bell pepper, onion, red
and yellow. That plate just
comes to life when you see all these
beautiful fresh vegetables. Such a wonderful way
to learn to cook when you have fresh
vegetables instead of canned. A pinch more of pepper. And my favorite of
all time ingredients, have to have garlic. We’re going to put in a
good tablespoon of garlic and we mix it
around in the pan. Just like we did earlier,
we can take that pan spray, spray the top of those
vegetables so that when they turn over in the
pan, they will cook nicely. Now the fish is
already starting to turn nice
and white. We’re going to
turn that fish over. And look at that. It has browned
perfectly in the pan. Ultimately, we are going
to break that fish apart and that does two
things for you. It helps to make sure
that the fish cooks thoroughly all the
way through. And it will blend all the
flavors of these incredible vegetables where
they need to be. So let’s go
ahead at this point. I take my tongs and the
spatula and we’re going to just pull that grouper apart
in the middle. It will cook a little
bit quicker this way. And it really is such an
incredible light white fish. And more importantly
right here from our own Gulf. That’s what I love. Nice and local. I’m going to take
just a dash of water. Move that fish around a little
bit so it’s all coated. And again, this is one of
those times where you wish you could get the
aroma at home because the aroma
is incredible. And as pretty as that
is, it tastes even better. So what you’ve done,
you’ve eliminated beef out of your taco. You’ve eliminated the fat
that cooks with the beef. You added in
delicious, healthy, fresh Mississippi Gulf
fish which I love. I love to use them. I use them in almost
every dinner party I do. And at this point
do you could add just a touch of
light seasoned oil. We are going to have
less than half a teaspoon. You see all that does is
give a little added flavor while we’re keeping our fat
content to a bare minimum. I tell you what,
believe it or not, that is how quickly
the fish will cook. When we come back,
I’m going to flip these whole-grain
tortillas in a pan to brown them and put this
whole plate together. Check us out
on Facebook. ♪♪ Welcome back. At this point in time, I have
my whole-grain tortillas and what I’m going
to do with those is lightly brown those in a
pan and get their flavor. I’ve got a very warm
pan here in the center. We are going to take
these, throw them in the pan. Put a little additional
of that pan spray. Throw these in the side. At this point, we are going
to move those around so each one has
a chance to actually warm in the
bottom of the pan. But go back over to our
corn and bean relish which looks incredible. It’s basically done so we
can turn that heat off. Our grouper is
completely finished. Let’s start thinking
about how we’re going to put our
plate together. To do that, we are going
to take our tortillas. They look great
on this side. You see how
they have browned? We don’t want them
to brown too much. Very important that you
don’t over cook them because if you do,
you can’t form them into the nice little
pocket that we want. So let’s take three,
set them in the center. Now we are going to
take our grouper, bell pepper, garlic, cumin,
all that great flavoring and put in the middle
of each. We are going to fold
them up nice and light. The aroma! This is where I really wish
you could get the aroma of what is cooking here. The aroma is incredible. Smell the cumin, the
garlic, the onion, all of that great stuff. At this point, we are
going to move these over. Kind of fold them over
so that they take about a half portion
of the plate. At this point at home,
he could have some fun with your guests. Bring them
in the kitchen. Let them make
their own. What a great way to
have a fun party. Now we are going to put our
lettuce here on one side. That shredded lettuce
could go into those. Fat-free sour
cream right on top. Just like you would
get in a restaurant. And fat-free
shredded cheddar cheese. Those are all the good
toppings you want to have when you are
having tacos. This way, you are
doing it with no calories. We’ve got our salsa
on the side and I’m going to have
a little fun here. Let’s turn that around
so you can really see. Put a little bit in one of
these so you’ve got an idea how it will look
when it’s finished. Turn it back over. I think we will do a
little bit in each and then if you want to add
more, you can do that. A little of the salsa. And last little
bit of relish here. Look at how
pretty that plate is. Let’s talk about the
nutritional information for this dish. 526 calories. 35 grams of
carbohydrates. 47 grams of
protein. 20 grams
of fat. Three grams
of fiber. So a good source
of protein, for sure. Unbelievable how
healthy fish is. Thanks for tuning
in to Fit to Eat. You guys enjoy it. Remember, substituting
fish for ground beef, it’s a great way to go, guys. Enjoy it.

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