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Fish Tacos: Kate’s Kitchen

Fish Tacos: Kate’s Kitchen

Hey, I am Kate, welcome back to my series
Kate’s Kitchen, where I will be cooking up some simple and tasty dishes to share with
your friends and family. Today I am going to be making one of my all-time favorite foods,
fish tacos. [music]
I am going to start by making my fish into goujon. So I have got Monk fish here. You
can use any other white, firm fish like Cord or Pollock, they work just as well. And what
you want to do is cut them up into thin slices and then you want to pop them, first of all,
into the flour and coat them, all the way around. And then quickly, give a quick flash
in an egg and milk mixture and then back in to the flour, like that. And then just repeat
this process until they are all done. So now this is done I am just going to set them to
the side and get on with making a quick guacamole. So I have got two avocados, I am going to
start by chopping them up. I am just going to grab a bowl and scoop out the avocado into
it. Then to that I am going to add the juice of half a lime, a good pinch of salt, and
some chopped coriander, and then just mash it all up. So my avocado is all nicely mashed
together so I am going to pop this to one side. You may have noticed that I have not
put any onion or spice in yet but that is going to all come later. So now we are going
to crack on with the oil and getting the fish done so I am going to put some oil on really
hot heat. Add enough so it comes up about two centimeters from the base of the pan and
you just want to get it really nice and hot. I have got my fish and I am going to carefully
put it into the hot oil using these tongs. So you know the oil is hot enough when they
start sizzling as soon as they go in, you can always do a little test beforehand. You
just cook the fish on one side until it is golden brown and then flip it over so it is
golden brown and even on the other side, too. Once your fish is evenly cooked just pop them
onto [??] kitchen roll just to take off any excess oil. And then I am going to get my
corn tortillas, brush them with a little bit of oil, and put them in the pan and turn them
over halfway through again just to make sure they are nice and soft. So I have got my tortillas
here and now it is the fun part, just to stack them all up and make them into some gorgeous
tacos. So I am going to start off just by taking a little bit of lettuce, popping it
onto each one. Then I am going to get my avocado mixture and just put a spoon full of each
one as well. I like a lot of avocado. Then I am going to get my fish, pop a bit on each
one too. So now I have just got a mixture here of sour cream and a bit of mayonnaise
and also some hot habanero sauce, you can use any hot sauce you like really, but I just
like this one. I am just going to drizzle this over the top. And then I have got some
homemade red pickled onions here which are really good for flavor and this gorgeous,
gorgeous right pink color as well. I am just going to put a few of these on each. Then
to that I am going to add some finely chopped radish, again just as a nice bit of crunch
but also some lovely pink color as well. So these are topping that I really like but let
me know if you have any other different taco combinations that you like to have as well.
I am just going to finish off by sprinkling a little bit of coriander on top off each
one as well. And then a lime wedge, too. So I am off to enjoy my fish tacos. If you would
like to see any more recipes like this then do not forget to subscribe to the channel
and I hope we see you again soon. [music]

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