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Fish tacos & Norteño Music with Benito Molina: Chef´s Night Out

Fish tacos & Norteño Music with Benito Molina: Chef´s Night Out

This bruise over here, is from my last
binge with tequila. It was a very
fine tequila. Very fine. You know which one I’m
saying, don’t you? It was very fine. We were in a polo field,
and I chose the only spot where there were
rocks to dive in. I’m Benito Molina,
and Mexican chef. We are now in Ensenada,
California. My restaurant
is Manzanilla. We made the decision
to settle in Ensenada because of tee
products from here. These products and the dream that Ensenada
represents, the so called Mexican
Mediterranean. Baja California is
another Mexico. There’s nowhere else in
the country where you can find olive oil,
wine and the best fish, oysters,
abalone and mussels. Manzanilla’s menu changes
throughout the year to different things. Although there
are certain dishes that remain through time. Some dishes that remain
are the Tiradito, the oysters, clams and
the fish of the day. This is also one of the most traditional
dishes in Manzanilla. It’s a Tiradito fish. In t his case the fish is
Chilean jack mackerel. It’s simply slices of raw
fish, some green chili, local olive oil and a few drops of
raspberry vinegar. Let’s go to
the Black Market, the fish market
here in Ensenada. This is another great
place at this port. This is the dream, the sea products,
the fresh fish. Ensenada along with
the “Black Market” become the perfect scenario. This is the fish
market with probably the best product
in the country. It’s a small market, in terms of volume and
quantity. Two kilos of this one. These are sardines. Sardines are awesome. Most people consider
them as bait, very few people eat them. Tonight we are gonna have
some sardine tacos and you’ll see. Manzanilla relies
on the market. Over here we have
all the fish, this is as close as you
can get to fresh fish. Every day the head chef
walks through the market. There’s nowhere else
in the country, where you can find live
fish, live lobster and live abalone in the fish
market where you can find live fish,
live lobster and live abalone in
the fish market. We are going to clean
this fish, we’re gonna make a stew with
the bones of all of them, there are 7
different species. These are quails from
the Guadalupe valley. We are adding some
chili powder. Here we have
some mushrooms with guajillo sauce, and
this is a pork leg sauce. This is one of the most
popular dishes here at Manzanila,
it’s known as “quail tic-tac-toe.” It’s
a game. Manzanilla is my life. It’s both my wife’s and
my life project. It has required
very hard work, every day is different. The restaurant is
like a living thing, you have to be there
every day loving it, otherwise it won’t work. We are at Ensenada’s
downtown, we’re gonna buy
some beers and go eat some ceviches
with Sabina. This is a temple,
this is La Guerrerense. It is probably one of
the best places to eat in the world. All the chefs that come
here lose their minds, including me when I came
for the first time. It was about twenty years
ago when I first came here. I tried Sabina’s sea
urchin toast, and I fell in love
since then. One day I thought to
maybe add pismo clam, One day I thought to
maybe add pismo clam, and nowadays that toast is
famous around the world. It’s my favorite. This is the one you
invented Benito. That’s right,
we just put it together, the sea urchin
with the clam. Why don’t you talk to us
about La Guerrerense? I arrived here in 1976,
recently married, but I’ve lived here for
39 years. Thank God, La Guerrerense
has been open for 55 years. A year ago I went to
Singapore representing Mexico A year ago I went
to Singapore representing Mexico in a street
food congress. We won the first
prize in sales and third place in
the general contest. For me, Sabina represents
what Ensenada is. It’s the other Mexico, the one in
the North Pacific. The Mexico of
the shellfish. The Mexico
influenced by Japan. Ok, we’re done. I’ll see you around
eight at Manzanilla. I’ll call you later. Sure, call me later and
I’ll see you. Perfect, thanks
a lot Sabina. Stop drinking coffee. Drink Mezcal. We later went to one of
Ensenada’s iconic places, Hussong’s. At Hussong’s you can find At Hussong’s you can find
the food of the devil. Just kidding, there
are snacks and peanuts. At some point they
used to sell food from a restaurant across the
street, but not anymore. It’s a tavern
without food. It’s a bar, a pub. It is said this is
the oldest one in the Pacific. We were welcomed by Hans,
who is the fourth generation of his family
looking after this, the most emblematic
pub in Ensenada. More drinks, or what? This is how it begins,
a few people, and as the night moves forward
we are all going to hell. Ensenada is like this, it
gathers, the fisherman, the winemaker,
the builder, the doctor. The drunk man,
the drunk woman. Thanks to Hans and to his
father, his brother and Luigui, all of them. What we lived yesterday
there was really amazing. Now we are going to
a craft brewery, you are about to try
an amazingly good beer. After Hussong’s we
went to Wendlandt with Eugenio, it’s
a local craft brewery. The beer they make
over there is amazing. The Stone, one of the
best beers in the world, well this dude
makes this beer. Well this dude
makes this beer. Summery, Little Cow, IPA
or Sea Dog, the Red Ale is the one you’re
drinking and the Stout. These three are mine. Ensenada is
a place where, Where between the food and the wine, have put
us all on the map, and now the beer industry
is trying to get into the same path that
they have built. It has been easier for
us, I think, because Ensenada and this region
already has a name, because of the food and
the wine. I think that if
this food and wine movement hadn’t
existed, it would have been harder for the beer
industry to develop here. We are a beer country. I feed off beer. Cook, live and
die, that’s life. Well-
Well, that’s my life, sorry. And some sparkles. Then we came
to Manzanilla, to end up in the mud. When we arrived
in Manzanilla, there was
the Comisario band, emblematic there was
the Comisario band, emblematic. We listened to some Pink
Floyd in nerteno music. It was the perfect end
to an amazing day. Among the people invited
was Marcelo Castro, the cheesemaker,
also Eugenio, Sabina and her family,
and some other friends. Ernesto is an artist, he belongs to
a family of artists. Each time we make
something here it becomes
a terrible party. It’s all good dude. That’s about three times
the dose he knows, they are trying
to get me wasted. The trust is that I
love this fucker, and the reality is that
by loving this guy, great things can
happen in Ensenada. No, I’m already feeling
very bad, I’m sorry, cut. The munchies at the end
of the night, I think that the squid taco is
absolute perfection. It’s like an orgasm. Sardine and squid tacos! The brotherhood within
the community in Ensenada is very unique. There’s the guy that
makes the cheese, like Marcelo, there’s
the other one that makes the wine,
the chef, the fisherman. And we are all friends. Ensenada achieved this
brotherhood between all the cooks. Everyone forgets their
egos, prizes, awards, everyone forgets their
egos, prizes and awards, it’s all about Ensenada
and the products. It becomes a celebration,
we have a very good time, Manzanilla has always
been about that. This is the magic
at Manzanilla. Believe it or not. I designed this thing. The right place at
the right time. It’s been a real honor
to have you here. Love you baby.

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