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Fish Tacos // Tacos de Pescado //// BAJA CALIFORNIA STYLE!

Hello, good afternoon. Like I promised, Carmen is back! Today, we are making fish tacos, Baja California style! I use the less expensive fish. It’s called Basa fish I bought about 4 lbs. of fish Add garlic powder to your fish That way they absorb a delicious flavor Cut your fish into bite-size strips Now we are going to make the batter Add 2 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour Add 3 spoonfuls of salt Add 1 spoonful of black pepper Add 2 spoonfuls of oregano Add 1 egg Add 2 spoonfuls of mustard Add 3 cups of water Mix up your ingredients, the batter will resemble pancake batter For maximum flavor, let the fish marinate in the batter overnight Place your fish into the batter Pre-heat vegetable oil in a frying pan My granddaughter loves to interrupt me Start frying your fish This video is dedicated to the Martinez girls Brown your fish on both sides and strain the oil

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