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Fish Tank Build | Low Tech Planted Tank Series | Part 1

Fish Tank Build | Low Tech Planted Tank Series | Part 1

hello friends. subscribe to THE INDIAN FISHKEEPER channel and to get the latest video notification press the bell icon Hello friends today we will start with the setup of this planted tank this will be a low tech, non- co2 planted tank Lets start… first we will require a fish tank, obviously ๐Ÿ™‚ i will be making a 2 feet long fish tank its length will be 2 feet. Width and height will be 1 feet i have uploaded a fish tank making video previously. check its link in the description on that video i got lot of comments saying “from where do i buy glass for fish tank?” i generally buy it from local fish shop or a glass wholeseller glass wholeseller will give you a approx INR 60 per square feet get three panels of 2 feet by 1 feet which will become my front, back and bottom panel. for left and right panel 1×1 feet glass. just minus the thickness of the glass from the height of the panels if you want to cut glass yourself then checkout my video. i have given its link in the description you will need glass, scissor, painters tape, silicone sealant, silicone gun and cloth or tissues Dow Corning is the best sealant for making fish tank

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