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Fish & Tank Care : Ammonia in Fish Tank Cycling

Fish & Tank Care : Ammonia in Fish Tank Cycling

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi. My name is Christie and
I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit
about the different types of fish. And now we’re going to talk about the cycle process
of the fish tank and how to set a fish tank up properly for the tank to be happy and healthy.
The first process on a fish tank is the ammonia. The ammonia is fish waste and fish food that
go into the tank and break down biologically to build up good bacteria to fight off the
bad bacteria. If you don’t run your tank through a cycle process, you’re going to lose all
your fish unfortunately. When you are doing the cycle process on your fish tank, start
out with some good hardy fish such as serpae tetras, black skirt tetras, redeye tetras
and head-and-taillight tetras. Those few fish are the fish that can withstand at a biological
filtration cycle system. The fish that I have in this tank cannot withstand the cycle process,
so please do not use the little bit less hardier fish such as these guys. The first step to
do an ammonia test on your tank is to raise your lid, get your test tube which is included
in the bottle display. There’s a little white line on here that you can see, and this is
what you’re going to fill the water up to inside the test tube, out of the tank to do
your water test such as what I’ll demonstrate. I dip it into the tank, fill it up to the
white line, set it down, and now the bottles, I’m going to get the bottle that is marked
number 1 on it. Now on number 1, it has a little teardrop that has eight on it. And
I’m going to add eight drops of this bottle into the test vial and put the cap on it and
shake it a little bit. Now that I’ve got eight drops of this in there, we’ll close the lid,
grab the tube, put a top on it, and shake it a little bit to mix the chemicals together.
We will take the top off, set it down, and grab the next bottle that has a number 2 on
it, but also has a little teardrop with eight on it, and the eight means you add eight drops
of this to the tube with bottle number 1. We’ll put the top back on the bottle, set
it aside, put the cap back on the test vial, shake it a little bit, and we need to let
this sit about five minutes. And as you can tell it’s yellow in color. If it stays yellow
in color, this means it’s good. If it goes from yellow to any other color, it means I
have ammonia in the tank. Having ammonia in the tank can either mean in the first four
to six weeks of cycle in the fish tank, your ammonia level is going to go up very high
and is going to peak out and drop back down. During this time period, you do not do water
changes and do not add anymore to six to eight fish at a time because if you do more than
that, then that’s too many fish in the tank, and the tank can’t handle really big fish
load starting out. And don’t put a lot of fish food in the tank because ammonia is caused
from too much fish food as well. So, proper feeding, and monitoring of the fish food and
not overcrowding your water–proper water conditions after your tank recycle will maintain
a proper ammonia level in the tank.

16 comments on “Fish & Tank Care : Ammonia in Fish Tank Cycling

  1. Most tetras are not hardy.

    Hardly species like Paties and zebra danios are all good for a cycling tank.

  2. Wow, she didn't explain anything about Nitrites and Nitrates. She has an entire test kit for a reason. After your ammonia peaks it drops. This is when nitrites will appear. When the ammonia and nitrites read 0 ppm ur good to go.

  3. i have a new arowana on my new fish tank.I have a problem now.the ammonia level now is o.5 ppm.i really need your help.i fed my fish gold fish,sometimes pellets or dried shrimp.i recently changes the fish water every 5 days.i use drinking water on my fish tank.pls let me know what was wrong with my system.thank you.i am so nervous now.

  4. @fortgreene31 size of tank? if the tank is too big for 5 piranhas get more that way they will feed the bacterias and they will be healthly cleaning your tank =) i got about 31 fish in a 25 Galon and its cristal clear =)
    2 angelfish 4 Golden gouramis 14 black neon tetras 2 blue ramirezis and the rest are corys =) oh and a pleco with 15 cm

  5. Show some respect y'all to Kristen Palin! 'Pleco Barbie' can take out a whole tank of catfish at 5 feet with a 12-bore …. or a bottle of detergent.. or even a 'how-to' video.

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