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Fish & Tank Care : Fish Tank Water Temperature

Fish & Tank Care : Fish Tank Water Temperature

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi, my name is Christie and
I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit
about the different types of fish. As you see here, we have finished taking out 75%
of the water. Now, what we’re going to do is go back into the kitchen, adjust the water
temperature, add a corning remover to the tank which I’ll explain that in detail and
fill the tank back up. This in itself takes three to five minutes not as long as it does
with draining the tank. So, follow me to the kitchen and we’ll proceed with the next step.
Now, we’re going to talk about adjusting the water temperature from your sink is going
into the fish tank. You don’t want the water temperature too hot or too cold. If the water
temperature is too cold, it stresses the fish and can kill them. The same thing is the water
temperature being too hot. Not only can it kill the fish but it also can make the fish
sick and make them break out with a parasite that is called ick. That’s a little bug that
gets on their skin and makes it itch a lot and this can kill them. Ick is usually caused
from too cold or too hot if a water temperature going into the fish tank. That’s why we want
to make sure that the water temperature is just right for the fish. And you’ll have happy

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  1. yeah, but what is not too hot and not too cold for aquarium fishes… RES included. what should be the water temperature for them?

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