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Fish & Tank Care : Removing Water From a Fish Tank

Fish & Tank Care : Removing Water From a Fish Tank

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi, my name is Christie and
I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit
about the different types of fish. Now that we’ve finished filling the fish tank like
I showed you here, I’m going to show you how to drain the water out of the python to release
it from your sink. A lot of people when you fill the fish tank up go ahead and fill the
fish tank above the brown part here. Just make sure you don’t fill it up to where it
touches the top of the tank because if you do, then this water coming out the filter
cannot float properly and this is where you get your oxygenated from the water. Some people
get scared and they only want to fill the tank up to right here which leaves a big gap
and it’s unsightly. So, go ahead and fill the tank up to where the brown part is on
the tank. In that way, you don’t see a water line and you don’t see the calcium deposit.
It comes from the water that gets all of the tank unsightly. If you follow me into the
kitchen, I’ll show you how to properly get drain all the water out of the python so you
could put it away for storage. We are in the sink where we’re going to drain up water out
of our python. We’re going to take a rag off so we put over it to keep the water from flowing.
What I’m going to do is turn the hot and cold water back on. And you can tell I still got
water coming out of the python hose. What I will do is grab a hold of the python here,
switch it and turn it down which sends the water back out through the python hose. What
I would do is give it two seconds to drain all the water out and there will be some noise
difference in the process. You can tell if the full sounding now it means the water has
emptied out this time ’till it’s open sounding which is a little different. When the water
has drained out of your hose, turn your hot and your cold water off. Detach your python
hose from the bracket that goes to the sink as I am doing here. And then detach the faucet
of the python that hooks to your kitchen sink. Sometimes, you have to take this off from
the two part session when you put it on too tight and you can’t get it off. Once you get
this done, reattach the hose to your sink back to your faucet so that you have your
proper working sink. Once you’re done doing water changes on your fish tank, make sure
you get your household cleaner and your washing rag and wash your sink up properly because
you just put fish waste and fish food down the drain with bad, yucky water. And you don’t
want to contaminate your food as or your hose, your plates or your spoons. So, make sure
you properly clean your sink after you do water changes on your fish tank.

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