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FISH TANK FAILS – Top 5 what the heck were they thinking?!

FISH TANK FAILS – Top 5 what the heck were they thinking?!

what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s fish
tanks bring it to you with the what the heck were they thinking Wednesday how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well if you’re watching this and it’s not
Wednesday sorry you should watch me because I’m doing videos every freaking
day for ya so today on the what the heck were they thinking Wednesday I want to
talk about five vents that I’ve heard of and these are good ones of people doing
crazy stuff with their aquariums and me wondering what the heck were they
thinking first of all what the heck were they
thinking Wednesday is inspired by stories from people that I know today’s
video includes stories from my man Brian adjust fish back in the day we’ve also
got Mike Cenci from the aquarium design group who does aquarium maintenance and
does amazing aquascapes all over the Houston area we’ve also got some people
from Instagram if you’re not following money Instagram you should do so because
my man number four in this actually won five for Anubis because of his stupidity
and a story he told me while I was live on Instagram so go check that out it’s
easy for me to do videos and go live there it’s just a lot of fun so check
that out here come the top five what the heck
were they taken with the fish tags what number five and no what the heck would
they think of what their aquarium video is this and I’ve told this story before
and I can assure you that two and one are actually better than this story but
this one’s a darn good when I was working at RMS aquaculture up on Engel
Road in Cleveland go there say hi to Mike for me tell him I told this story
someone was there I was not there the day this happened but the person told me
that was working at this actually happened and it goes like this an
individual walked into the store he dropped $1,200 12:04 a grand on a fish
he brought this fish in the next day the next day the fish is dead the lady who
was I don’t want to say interrogating but asking this individual questions on
why his $1,200 fish was dead she goes sir
what was your salinity he goes what’s salinity this 5-3 anubius winning story comes
from the Great haired Tim Justice when he says quote I was blow-drying my hair
and got distracted by my dog I put the blow-dryer on the fish tank
with the lid open needless to say I had to get a new blow-dryer and I made a
bunch of fish sticks congratulations I’m glad your beautiful hair got in the way
if your fish tank copy and you killed a bunch of fish
you went five for your new biggest my number three what the heck were you
thinking with your fish tank comes from my man Brian he used to do maintenance
on a tank in a bar here in Lexington that will remain nameless apparently
there was individual that was overly intoxicated being to indulge in the
spirits he got kicked out of the bar bar I had a 320 gallon cichlid tank I’ve
seen this tank with my own two eyes and while it’s scratched it’s still three on
20 mile aquarium guy comes back about an hour later takes a cup of gasoline and
pours it into the tank what Decker you thinking you drunk bastard get ready for
number two and number one number two and what the heck were you thinking with
your aquarium story comes from a man Mike Cenci the aquarium design group out
of Houston dudes the world-renowned aquascaping he’s actually judging the
contest up in Wisconsin here a little bit this story was actually told by him
live on Instagram last night and I’m sharing it with you all on my lovely
youtube channel today and it goes like this
and the words of Chris Rock don’t cheat cuz I gotta get caught and apparently he
does maintenance for a guy with a 500 gallon reef this guy apparently couldn’t
keep it in his pants and he cheated on his girlfriend his girlfriend proceeded
to take a sledgehammer to his 500 gallon reef can you imagine being on the other
end of the phone when a dude calls you to tells you that his girl that he
cheated on busted the front of his 500 gallon reef fry deserved it still it’s
pretty crazy yeah and this last story my number one what
the heck were you thinking what your fish tank comes from I met Mike at the
aquarium design group down in Houston yeah if you do tank maintenance you’ve
probably seen some things and this is for all you parents out there to look I
got daughters and I got neighbors sons around that are pretty wild
here it is you know you’re a baller when you got a four foot tall by 4 foot wide
by 15 foot long reef in your grotto outside or whatever it is sick tank down
in Houston I’m Sheila motorized obviously it’s pretty bad 15 foot long
reef and your kid decides to have a birthday party and kids get together and
they act crazy and what do they do they’re running around out in the Sun
and they cover themselves up with sunblock like all the moms want them to
do and then what happens the children decide to get into they got into the
reef can you imagine what the harmful effects of sunblock and kids kick and
corals are on a 15 foot by four foot by four foot aquarium that’s insane so do
me a favor folks drop me a comment on what’s your most oh my god what the f
were they thinking with their aquarium story go follow me on instagram and have
a great week tank on talking tomorrow late
trying so hard

100 comments on “FISH TANK FAILS – Top 5 what the heck were they thinking?!

  1. Hi D hi J. Nice thro to josh. Wtfwtt when they walked in and seen kids in his tank. I got American cichlids i cant get my kids in it. Believe me ive tried.

  2. Ok…now I also know what it is 😛😉 Didn't know that was the word for it. ☺ Anyone else?

  3. i like what the heck were they thinking fun mine would be when i pleco got stuck in a randow rock from walmart so i use a hammer kinda broke one of its fins off still alive today

  4. My 4 yr old son scooped out my favorite killifish when i was still sleeping one morning and fed it to our dog (springer spaniel) needless to say i was pretty upset.

  5. The surgery yes surgery department has a busted up fish tank with the often and occasional dead fish in it! How terrible is that! You are about to have surgery and there’s dead fish floating in there 🙄

  6. I once put an angelfish in the same tank as a gourami, and when the gourami started beating on the small angel. I moved the angelfish to a clear trashcan filled with water and an airstone. I was 12.

  7. Obviously the guy that had his girlfriend use a sledge hammer on his reef tank didn’t listen to your “leave her and come back” tip.

  8. When we went to help a family member out of a bad relationship, we arrived at the house to find furniture and belongings all over the lawn. the most recent article was the fish tank with all of its contents flopping around in the grass 😱

  9. One time I walk into a pet store to see a woman screaming her head off at an employee, saying she demanded a refund for her dead fish. When the person asked to see the fish, the lady pulls a bowl out of her purse with a DISCUS AND A CLOWNFISH, saying that it wasn’t even time for her monthly water change before they had died, and it was obviously because the store carries sick fish, and not because she was a moron……

  10. What were they thinking? I was on an air boat tour of the Everglades. The tour guide told us the entire lake and most of the river system is covered with an african aquarium plant probably dumped in from someones tank . Hundreds of acres of aquatic plants only " found in Africa " . Full throttle we went .

  11. i was at a fish farm/shop/importer/export… Finding dory just came out. another family was there..

    the middle rows of fish are marine fish tank racks. so naturally there are clownfish..and thanks to that movie, the kids want the clownfish.

    the parents grab a bucket and fill it up with water from the Freshwater drum/top off tank.

    i was like RIP clownfish… even the parents cant read a sign saying the drum is freshwater…

    but before they scooped the fish into the bucket they had… an employee steps in..
    but instead of recommending freshwater fish to the novice, he just helps them to bag the clownfish..
    a sale is a sale, i guess. and i hoped the cashier tells them they need all the marine equipment not just a bowl of saltwater.

    if the employee wasnt close, i would have stopped them.

  12. I was maintaining a pond back in 2008 the guy calls me because he is loosing water out of the pond apparently a 20lb snapping turtle was in the pond and he decided to shoot it with a 12 Gage shot gun. He emptied 5 shells of buck shot into the pond. I found the turtle alive and unharmed took it to the river.

  13. So growing up my moms always had aquariums, in her mind she did things the best she could (which in her terms means better than the pet store) to give them proper care – just without research. At the time dial up in home was a new concept to our family so she found that the internet was unreliable so she would just kinda wing it as cheap as possible (but would splurge occasionally) and watch for results.
    Ever since I can remember we've had tanks ranging from 10g to 55g and in every single one of these tanks over the years my mom always had to have two important factors (to her). A pleco (for cleaning) and an albino African clawed frog (her favorite tank friend ever). So for the last 20 years my mom has always made sure to have one of each of these guys in her tanks. We moved a lot and sometimes they'd die after a move, or my brother at a you gage would destroy the tank, but she always would set something right back up.
    So here is where it actually gets silly.
    My moms favorite fish in the whole world is a black and white molly. Knowing her frog eats live fish, for the last 20 years, 2-4 times a month, my mom would go to the pet store and get 5-6 feeder fish and 2-4 mollys depending on tank size (she over stocked her tanks still but we still thought it was better than what when on in pet store tanks). The thing is, thefong would ALWAYS eat the mollys. Within days. And every time my mom would be so upset. "But I got him his own baby fish!". For 2 decades this goes on. Since finding your channel (and solid gold and King of DIY to name a few more) I've educated myself a lot on her fish breeds and more, and recently tried to tell her over the phone because she was telling me of yet another story of her frog(s she has two now) eating her mollies. Shes learned the more hiding places the longer they survive, but it turned out they were babies the mollies would have that had survived to near adulthood, while the originals got ate. The success of ONE surviving baby made her comfortable enough to get the second frog. I tried telling her about how the frogs are extremely aggressive eaters, and need more space, especially her pleco, and she just cried because she's "doing the best she can". So now. Let it be known that my mom cannot keep any fish but very aggressive ones because of the 3-4 inch pleco, and 2 almost full sized clawed African frogs, and still. Just last week, she's still trying to buy mollies. And still, she gets so upset every time her frog eats them. But now it's like "at least the babies last for a little while".

  14. Throwing out all kinds of great vids! When I was a young lad like 3-4yrs old I put red Kool-Aid in my dad’s 55g Oscar tank. Because I thought they were thirsty. This was my first lesson in Aquarium Keeping. Should of named this confessions lol.

  15. I work at a pet store as a man came in and said his girlfriend threw a shoe at him in a fight and it hit his 125 and cracked the glass.

  16. My husband was the drunk guy and fell onto the aquarium, broke it,He had to go to court for drunk and disorderly, had to pay a fine plus compensate for the fish. The judge said "What were you thinking having a fish tank in the lobby of a hotel for drunks to fall into. , And as for you Mr #@$^$## I hope this teaches you not to drink too much in future ".

  17. I've learned so much from you, thanks as a new one. I loved this one! You mentioned some event here in WI. Where can I find out about it?

  18. I heard about someone asking how many oscars could fit in a 10g tank…
    Mine was adding two denitrifying bacterial supplements at once to my old 50g reef… Guess I was a little out of it. Next morning everything was dead, including my beautiful healthy Mandarin Dragonet that would eat NLS pellets. Miss that little guy…

    EDIT: Oh, and despite my warnings a certain someone decided to move my 100g tank with about 2-3 inches of water in the bottom. It was placed in a hot moving van. Went to take it to our new place, and CRACK.

  19. So irresponsible of the LFS who sold a 1 grand fish to a customer without speaking to them about there set up. Shows they were all about the money and didn’t give a dam about the fish welfare.

  20. Oscar in a 100 gallon tank. 18 pound Siamese cat eyeing oscar and oscar is eying him right back. Owner watching with interest. Siamese jumps on aquarium. Aquarium cover gives way under weight of the cat. Cat is struggling to get out of the water as fast as he can as oscar tries to take a bite out of him. Oscar 10, cat 0. It was hilarious.

  21. When I was like 3 we went to granddads house after a wedding, the adults looked away for five mins only to turn back and see that I had stripped down to my undies and was swimming in granddads koi pond, luckily no sunscreen and the fish apart from being freaked out were fine… Moral of the story don't have kids

  22. A employee at my local fish shop could not find any net so he used his bare hands and literally ripped a part of a gold fishes tail off😭!!

  23. Bought a brand new tank from my trusted fish store which was 600 dollars then bought gravel filtration lighting decoration ect another 700 dollars set it all up filled it with water the next day my whole study floor was covered in water i dont have carpets i have tiles so i was lucky not to slip and break my head ….my tank over night lost 3/4 of its water and still leaking at the worst place possible at the bottom right hand corner missed work that day cleaning the mess up if i had followed the golden rule of testing the tank prior installment i wouldnt of had a much better day what the heck was i thinking this nearly ended my fish keeping because my wife was sooo angry you guys know how it goes ….

  24. A friend of mine got drunk and vomited in her tank and the huge gold fish ate it and survived. She was drinking vodka all night and had a huge Italian meal.

  25. saw a customer buying extra large fish, rams, Oscars, 14" pleckos plus more. His wife asks him when he's going to put water in the tank.

  26. I used to work at a public aquarium in Southern California that had night events for the 21 and over crowd; local artists, live music, Fancy food and plenty of booze. I’d work these events at the touch exhibits and EVERY SINGLE GUEST with alcohol in their hands would ask “what would happen if I poured my drink in this tank?” and pantomime tipping their pricy cocktail into the touch exhibit. One lady was so tossed that she actually spilled some of her vodka cranberry directly onto an anemone, which promptly sucked itself into a tight ball and required on-call staff to shut the display down for emergency maintenance. The anemone died and the touch display was closed for a few days after that. Nothing else in that display was killed, fortunately.

  27. The guy who gave me my first aquarium quit the hobby because he thought using pool chlorine would be a good way to fight algae in his tank… thus killing all his poor angel fish.

  28. A number of years ago my brother was working on a project in college and had been allowed to use the office of a ex professor. In that office was a large hex tank that was so covered in algae you couldn't see through the glass. Weeks go by and my brother sees something move in the tank. He found a large, emaciated convict with nearly no fins and major infection where the fins should have been. He brought me the fish and we were able to heal it up and it lived for quite some time except it never regrew it's dorsal or anal fins. Who knows what else was left in that tank to die.

  29. My mom decided she would help me out buy doing a water change took out 50% water and refilled with straight tap no declaration and wiped out half my mollies. She felt so bad.

  30. I did buy a spotted silver dollar because he was in a tank all on his own 😓 only to find out a few months down the line I had actually purchased a paku and it ate 70% of my fish including a fully grown albino toad I came down one morning to find the paku just chillin with a whole back leg just hanging out his mouth it was only a jewel rio 240 so I kept it till he was just too big then he had to go sad times😢

  31. OH I got one when working at an LFS a coworker told me he poured milk in his clients tank to kill ich, because he read somewhere that milk cures ich WTF and I still can't find that article.

  32. So i love tanks and everything you can keep in um including turtles. I recently rescued a Mississippi map turtle that was in a five gal aquarium with an inch of water and a desk lamp for light 🧐 no heat, no proper uvb, no space, no water… he is happy now in a fifty five gallon with proper light, filter, basking area, food, etc

  33. I saw a tank thread where someone was installing a light, fell off the ladder, slammed into their 500g reef, got electrocuted and knocked out, woke up a minute later and saved three fish in a 5 gallon bucket.

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  37. When I was very young my father had a 75 gallon discus tank. He was about to do a water change when I asked why. He said the fish are dirty and left the room. Now me being a young child, I think well when I am dirty I get a bath. So what do I do? That's right I squeezed a ton of soap into the tank to clean the fish. needless to say, things didn't end well. He still picks on me about it 20 years later lol

  38. I went to pick up this tank from Craigslist. It looked … bad. But it was a 55g with (what would be) a spare Penguin and heater and light with a stand for $40! I figured whatever lurked in the depths of that grody water I could handle. So I get there. I have a tupperware tote to transport whatever fish are in there. Two medium sized (for the species) pacus and a gigantic Oscar OF COURSE. The guy is a total dudebro. I spot a Fluval Chi in the other room with pink gravel and a moldy betta carcass floating 🙁 Get the pacus and Oscar caught and in the tupperware tote into my car, empty the aquarium for the most part. Get it in the back all safe and sound. I had to drive home 30 minutes smelling the worst smell you can possibly imagine coming from this tank in the back seat of my van. Get home and start removing the ugly ass decorations so I can dump it completely and clean it, gagging the entire time at the smell. There's still maybe two inches of water in it. I find a fish skeleton and OMG WTF A LIVE TINY FLAGFISH. That poor thing was in there with an Oscar hiding so well the owner forgot it was in there. WTF was dude thinking putting a flagfish, two pacus and an Oscar in a 55 g. Plus whatever the skeleton was. I took the gangsta fish to the LFS the next day and kept the traumatized flagfish who lived happily ever after harassing my angels and destroying anything green and edible in my community tank.


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  41. a friend of mine was drunk and dropped a dovi in a tank with more than 500 hundred dollars worth of small fish(guppys,rainbows,molly and angels)…3 days latter the dovi had an over 500 hundred dollar meal…

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  45. This lady and her 7 year old daughter buying 20…2 inch Goldfish for a 2 gallon plastic 'aquarium' …the petshop girl tried to tell them it wouldn't work out…the lady said smiling "It's HER birthday money, she can buy whatever she wants." Right…what she wants is to watch 20 pretty fish gasping at the surface with ammonia burned gills before they die one by one?

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  47. Yesterday I purchased a green hairy mushroom. After a few hours I come to find hundreds of white parasitic worms protruding from its polyps. In a panic to save my new mushroom from its parasitic demise I unsheethed my surgical tweezers and began to slowly remove these worms. I later found out that I had de bowled my mushroom.

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  51. The rookie mistake of adding Apistos (Double red and Steel Blue) to my South American Cichlid tank (Because they're all cichlids, wth right? wrong!!) So yeah my what the heck was I thinking moment was when I gave my South American cichlids a $100 worth of snacks….

  52. I saw a chick buying a tiny aquarium and parrot fish at the same time – was just going to pour water in and stick the fish in

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