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Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Algae Eaters to Fish Tanks

Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Algae Eaters to Fish Tanks

Now on the algae eater or Plecostomus, these
fish will often be seen eventually hiding under rocks or fixating themselves on the
side of the glass or on the gravel doing what you want them to do which is maintaining the
tank, cleaning the algae and making it an aquarium that you can enjoy by seeing. So
we’re going to be real cautious about floating these fish. These fish are rather sensitive,
again don’t add these right away, add these after your tank has been established and they
have something to eat. So we’re going to float it just like that and we’re going to reach
our little net in here and there he is over there. And we’ve got our little fishy. I think he’s
in there, is he? No, he’s, alright. There we go and we can just kind of let him out
real gently there and he’s going to swim away and find his home as he says. Usually, he
goes to the bottom where he can hide and feed and be a great friend for the tank.

83 comments on “Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Algae Eaters to Fish Tanks

  1. what are YOU talking about?
    they wrong?
    well yea hey ARE wrong but youre wrong too
    thats a otocinclus, also a algae eater but not a siamese eater.
    waaay different buddy

  2. if you dont know anything about fish, please dont do anything this dumbasses tell you,"expert village" dont know anything about fish care.

  3. i have one of those and they are the best fish in the world. They dont hurt a fly, let alone a fish. Bristlenose plecs, I had one of those aswell and they are great fish. =-)

  4. first of all, that isnt a pleco that is an ottocynclis catfish. and why the hell would he use a net to take it out just dump the bag its just adding extra stress that isnt needed.

  5. looks more like an SAE than an otocinclus to me… Also, he's not dumping the bag for two good reasons, first, the buildup of ammonia and waste in the bag, many fish tend to evacuate their bowels and whatnot during transport in the bags (ammonia buildup), and second, you have a much higher chance of introducing unwanted contaminants other than ammonia by adding the water from a shops tank. Two words to be more succesful when adding fish… quarantine tank.

  6. you people are stupid.. if you dont like his videos dont watch them.. Make your own fkin videos and i bet you dont do asgood, Dip Shits

  7. my algea keeps duing on me, i bought my nieces tank last year and finally got the earge to buy fish that lived a year, we cleaned the tank each month. the fish i had were all gold and white fishes i had one huge comment fish, they all died last summer. sense then i cant keep an algea alive. my sister bought to recent baby ones, one got sucked up n its still living after 2 months, i hardly feed them algea food.

  8. That siamese algae eater is one of the best known algae eaters, eatingeven black beard algae that other fish wont touch. Their only drawback is that you can't have more than one if you have a small tank, making otos and algae eating shrimp a better investement

  9. They do alright but they just dont grow much bigger than when u bought them. They will still do a good job at cleaning though.

  10. my algae eaters, neon tetras and glo fish are dying plz help i dont know what to do i got my aquarium only 3 days ago and the only other fish there are 3 goldfish…its a 10 gallon tank which had 14 fish overall

  11. @caliburn0911 what i did was feed all the other fish being the algae eaters are scavengers they usually take the scraps hope this helps 🙂

  12. how do snails have a war ? are they different kinds of snails or do they fight over food ? i wanted to add a couple to my aquarium but now it seems like a bad idea

  13. @gerarddiz he isnt bloated, he just doesnt like eating the alage off the glass, he loves alage wafers.

  14. @TheFrogGuyThigpen Actually no, its a flying fox. At first I thought it was a Siamese Algae eater but the horizontal side stripe doesn't continue onto the tail fin.

  15. The Transcripts ruined every video. I really need these videos but I cant even see them! GET RID OF THE TRANSCRIPT!

  16. lol (: i brought two of these the other day for £1 each (: not sure how much it would be in dollas i assume alot cheaper than over there?

  17. @SAMENGL1SH Widow tetras, they inject ink into them to get colour into them, otherwise the fish are just plain white, they usually have a very early death due to the inking

  18. @TheDaniel13761 it would be good to get one if you have algae problems, otherwise u cna just buy algae wafers/disks/tabs to feed them, they dont usually eat your plants but will if they're hungry enough

  19. @jocomat9 it is a chinese algae eater, they dont get black on there fins, the flying fox gets a black line from head to the end of the tail, just google it 😛

  20. @wolverine1865 you either feed him really really well or he isnt happy with the water quality or maybe too much lighting, they usually algae graze at night anyways, in the dark

  21. @Tulio300 its best to wait until you start seeing algae so it has something to feed on, otherwise u can just buy algae disks/wafers to feed it, like manual feed it

  22. @hekma snails dont fight, they really just push the others away by "slithering" into them to get them off the food,no wasy would they hurt each other

  23. this is the guy who made my first pleco die, after i read the proper care, i put him in a 55 gallon when he was 3 inchess

  24. looks like he just set the tank up, theres lines of small bubbles on the glass, and the gravel is sparkling clean. LMAO

  25. what kind of fish are those Blue and Pink barb or tetra looking fish? I love the blue ones, but have never seen them at my local fish shop!

  26. You should have acclimated the fish to not only temperature, but to the new tank water as well, by either exchanging bag water every ten minutes or so, or putting them in a bucket with a line of tubing to drip the tank water in with them until they adjust to the different water parameters.

  27. Oh, and as chinese algae eaters and similar fish tend to be rather aggressive once they reach their adult size, I usually prefer more community-friendly fish such as small plecos, like bristlenose, rubberlip or others that won't outgrow the tank or pose a threat to the other inhabitants.

  28. Also, I see at least four dye-injected "mixed fruit" white skirt tetras in your tank — shame on you for buying and thereby promoting inhumane practices such as sticking needles into live fish and shooting them full of colored dye, which aside from being unimaginably painful (just because fish can't cry out doesn't mean it isn't agony for them) also usually kills them and isn't even a permanent color change. I'm sorry, but you don't seem like a very knowledgeable or experienced fish keeper.

  29. Chinese Algae Eaters eat little algae and are incredibly aggressive. They tend to eat the slime coating and scales from the sides of other fish.

  30. Chinese algae-eaters are a species i wont keep in my tanks any more.the benefit of their so called algae eating is minimal at best,and when they grow to full size they get quite aggressive and harass the other inhabitants to no end. smaller types of plecos are a better choice in the long run as the larger ones are quite dirty and can upset the tanks bio-load, as well as bully larger slow swimming fishes.

  31. Not a pleco, ( either a small SAE or a big Oto), very poor acclimation technique, (and who the heck nets a fish out of a bag?) and dye injected white skirt tetras in the tank! Hasn't learned much in "over 20 years", I would avoid this guys shop like the plague!

  32. That was not an otocinclus. That was a Chinese algae eater. You can tell by the spots, while otos have a straight line. Though, a Chinese would probably not be a good idea for a few reasons.
    1. Tank looks like a 10 gallon, and already has those fish that are also too large for this tank, which will lead to territorial problems when this fish gets larger, which it will.
    2. They only really eat algae as juveniles, so after a while, it's just another territorial fish to feed.

  33. It's a SIAMESE Algae Eater.. The Chinese Algae Eater is kinda golden all over, and they grow to ridiculous lengths and sizes. Haha

  34. i have two small fat bladder goldfish, a hybrid mix gold/koi fish and a chinese banded shark in a 30 gal tank and for a few weeks my tank gets very green on the glass so are these fish safe to have in or some other algae eaters?

  35. My SAE have never gotten huge nor aggressive.I guess I've always lucked out 🙂
    Why the dye injected fish?
    Who nets a fish out of a bag?
    Strange behavior

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