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Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

Okay, now after our tank has been up for a
good while maybe two or three weeks and we’ve got fish in our tank. They’re thriving, they’re
happy, they’re eating, they’re doing all the things that fishes do. We should consider
adding snails and/or algae eaters, Plecostomus. These not only add interest to the tank, they
also serve the function of sort of scavenger or garbage, garbage, garbage organisms. Do
the job that say Vultures do or scavengers do. First what we’ll look at is the snail.
Now you wouldn’t add these to the tank right away, being that there is not going to be
something for them to eat. Usually you’ll wait three, four weeks before adding snails
or algae eaters. Snails you can probably get away with because they don’t consume that
much. Algae eaters you definitely want to wait at least three or four weeks before you
add them. You would think that this is not a, not a hard thing to do but it’s very crucial
that when you add a snail that you don’t just dump it in there because believe it or not
they can actually drown if you don’t make sure that they’re lodged on a piece of gravel
or on the grass. So, what you’ll do is you’ll get your snail, it’ll be in a bag, and you
can kind of just reach in here. Float the bag would be a good idea too. Remember we
are conservative on everything. Put it down and kind of make sure that the snail when
he comes out of his shell is going to be able to lodge himself and affix itself, affix himself
on a piece of gravel. What you don’t want to do, is like this, the tendency he is going
to want to flip over anyway but occasionally you can just put them like upside down and
they won’t be able to right themselves and they’ll die. They’ll be floating in your tank
the next day. So we’re going to put that little guy right there, he’s going to come out when
he feels a little more comfortable and be able to affix his self onto a piece of gravel
and about his merry way.

97 comments on “Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

  1. You can keep them under control with picking up some of the little ones and cleaning eggs off the glass. Also if it gets really bad get a loach to keep the tank undercontrol.

  2. well how they over ran my tank was that they mated :p and now i have 300 tiny black things all over my tank (these are not the snails shown in the video above) but a smaller more garden variety snail

  3. do not do it dude! i wanted my snails to breed too and when they did i was excited buy they just kept on breeding and breeding until finally im over run.
    And since the chemical didnt work ive greatly reduced fish feedings. STARVE THE BUGGERS OUT!

  4. hmmm no that wouldn't work they can simply crawl onto the tank lid and lay them upside down. Its best just to not have a mail and female snail. But if you need too well then i advise you look out for when she lays them then dispose of the eggs you don't want to hatch (but the easiest is just to keep the genders the way they are)

  5. i found a snail in my garden so i picked it up and put it in my house. i forgot about it and i saw white eggs.I don't know what kind it is and i see some are cracked but no snails i also had it for about 4 days

  6. When I had an Aquarium I always got Snails after a while without introducing them myself, eggs always went with the plants.

  7. You should just buy a second one of the same gender. When they breed they make 100s of baby snails that eventually get big.

  8. :)) quality comedy these 'how to' movies. there was actually some rumors that neritina natalensis would not flip, but that was busted, it can produce an extension to re-position. the other common aquarium snails, well, they're better than gymnasts, trust me 😛

  9. "when you add a snail you dont just dump it in there because believe ir or not they can actually drown"

    lol, how he said that just made me laugh!

  10. @IAmGunzNoob Really? Dang… How about if you just get 1 snail? Will it still have babies? Eww thats sick..

  11. @UmakeMeSYK No, they don't need a heater…Though, it might depend on what type of snail you get. But, the little brown ones that reproduce like bunnies don't need heaters. You can get them in frozen ditches in the winter and they're fine.

  12. my snail always fell off the glass, but manage to get up and walk away again, i don't know why we need to flip it around when its on its back.

  13. @XxBubbleBearXx i dont think so, im not really good at sea creatures, but i dont think snail's are those type to make babies without a mate!

  14. @IAmGunzNoob ohh.. Haha! Yeah.. I bought like… 4 snails? And only 1 survived! He's ugly… he stares at me with his ugly eyes..haha. but hes fine.. i DONT reccomend getting snails cause they stink up your fishe's tank!!! :O

  15. My mini bow 1 gallon has no odor. I have 2 japanese trapdoor snails and no fish. My snails sleep upside down most of the time. They right themselves and seem fine.

  16. This has already been said, but algae eaters are rubbish for algae control. They're sold as 'algae eaters', but infact they eat algae for about a week then just eat the food you give them.

  17. even if you add 1 only snail hell fockin breed and infestate the aquarium my tip in case of infestation is adding a clown loach for each 50 liters of water cause theyll eat the snail eggs and all the snails but keep in mind if u want to have snails not to add loaches and remove by hand 😀

  18. even though you mentioned snails are scavengers, they still need suppliments and such to have a balanced diet and live a quality life.

  19. i have had a lonely snail for more than 1 year now , and all i feed him is a cooked rice ! 😀 . he eats almost everything .

  20. @TheShyguy26 really it depends on the snail type, Like the common apple snail have septate gender and for the to reproduce you need a make and a female snail

  21. a lot of people don't understand it : the snail he puts in eats the other little snails not wanted in your tank !!!!! the big snail like apple snail is a small snail eater ( 1 or 2 a day)…but if many other snails, then the apple snail will never be able te clean up all the other snails..anyway it's a thing you have to do !!! Put in an apple snail !!! it will also clean the aquarium glass…

  22. @stingraystud1 actually if you get 2 snails and they mate and have eggs they usually have them out of the water on the side of the tank remove the eggs and put them in the water nautre will take its toll and the fish will eat them and you wont get any extra snails! i love my snails though and they really do make a big difference in a tank

  23. if you knew the remotest tid-bit of fish OR snail info, you would know that plecostomus are catfish, snails are mollusks , my best guess would be that they are 'mystery snails', aka apple snails, the most common being pomacea diffusa

  24. I had my snail in my beta tank to help control some of the algae and after three or four days, he hadn't come out of the shell and I thought he was dead. I moved him to a tupperware container and not five minutes after, he came out of his shell! My beta was apparently harassing him! Maybe your fish are scaring the snail. I moved him to my 20g that has some more peaceful fish and he's doing great 🙂

  25. Well, they've been with him for about 3 months and they all are doing great. The snails have tripled in size and he really enjoys the company. The bigger they get the less he picks on them; I've had no more incidents with him.

  26. this is incorrect, male betas cannot be with other males betas, i have a male betta in a tank with tiger barbs, and some others, and will be adding a snail or algae eater in the future

  27. okay i got my snail yesterday and when he was in the store he was moving around and such. but when i got him home and put him in the tank, he sat there for literally 2 days. same spot. now his trapdoor isn't open, or loose, but his body slowly descends but not enough for me to see his antenna or eyes. should i be worried or is he just trying to adjust to the new tank?

  28. You know nothing about aquariums!
    1.Plecostomus is a big species of Algae eaters!That guy in the bag is an Almonyer.
    2.Throw away those snails!Put 2 pond snails in aquarium,wait 2 weeks and it will be 100 snails!They multify as albanians!

  29. NEED HELP… I got 2 snails and its been almost a week they seemed they was doing well… but 2 days they tuned over there shell and started hiding but now they back out, I thought they died… I need to know if this normal and what to look for, more care,… theres not enough on vids on youtube

  30. I dumped my snail into the water and he fell to the bottom. Fiftteen minutes later he was cleaning the tank. Sooo.. idk about the whole drowning thing…

  31. Can I add a snail to my tank even thought it doesn't have any real plants? Still seem to get algae. There is a beta in the tank and 3 neon tetra, they have been there and happy for 3 weeks

  32. Today I got a snail, I just put him in the tank, he attached himself to the side and he brought himself out and I can see his antenna and stuff but he absent moved

  33. my snails just popped in my tank out of no where, I have 5 right now that I never bought. I'm happy because they clean my tank lol

  34. All my snail have always droped themselves. I believe if they are too afraid they wont come out and may drown that way but even thats farfetched

  35. When they "drown"
    Is he referring to them dying because they're not able to right them selves and starve, if they land upside when dropped into an aquarium?

  36. Adding snails? Ha! You will regret it when these pests multiply worse than rabbits clogging the entire tank and canister.

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