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Fish Tank Maintenance : Changing Fish Tank Water

Fish Tank Maintenance : Changing Fish Tank Water

OK, now a very important, crucial aspect of
maintaining a clear tank is the water changes. This aspect of having an aquarium is as important
as changing the oil on a car is to having a good car. I can’t stress the importance
enough of doing frequent water changes. What you?re going to want to do is change about
twenty or thirty percent of the water every two weeks. This is very important to maintaining
good water quality and a healthy fish environment. Can’t over emphasize it enough, you got to
do it. Once you figure out how to do it, it’s done rather quickly. And what happens is,
there’s a couple ways to do it. You could suck this out like your sucking gasoline and
get a stream going. However, if you get good at it, what you can do is get a stream going
here. Show of how we do this here, get that going and there we have the water going. And
what we’re going to do is, we’re going to and of course you don’t want to suck the fish,
of course. We’re just going to go in the corner and as you see it creates turbulence and you’re
going to suck that, the debris out and it’s going to go into your bucket here. Now believe
it or not you don’t want to get all the dirt up. That sounds odd but you don’t want to
get all the dirt up because that dirt affords some biological filtration. So you don’t want
to clean all the dirt up so only go about half way down and leave that dirt that you
won’t be able to see anyway in the gravel. Where you can’t see it and yet it provides
the function of allowing biological filtration. Now towards the front of the glass you can
get all that dirt out so that you don’t have to be looking at it. So what you want to do
is go in the corners, go all over your gravel and let the hose in the water just do its
thing. You just kind of disturbing the gravel gently, not going down all the way, sucking
that debris and loose particles up. And when you get to the point where you’ve got about
twenty-five percent of the water, you’ve done your job. You simply lift up the hose and
it’ll stop by itself, of course. Now you’ve got the dirty aquarium water down there, you’ve
changed the oil on your tank basically and you dump that and then after that you?re going
to replace this water with water that has been dechlorinated properly and temperature
approximately the same as the temperature of the water that it’s going into. Remember,
we’re being very conservative about every aspect of dealing with your aquarium, very

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  2. as as too too uhh umm is is umm the water changes. This aspect is is is is is is is is uhmmm is is is is ummm something about a car.

  3. wait nothing went up the hose!!!!! wtf i fukin cant find a way to clean my tank,thanks a lot dummy…..>=(…….

  4. Can someone help me…I just got an aquarium today but with all this talk of freshwater and saltwater fish, can I just use tapwater? I'm pretty much confused here…

  5. Right. Depending on the size of your tank and siphon, you probably won't get close to all of it anyways. And that's how I get the water going for my siphon. It's not too hard to pull back fast enough, but come on, it's not going to kill you if it DOES touch you. This "ew, grossy!" mentality that people have these days is just sad 🙁

  6. I have being fish keeping for 12 years and trust me it is annoying to do this weekly with my 125gallon tank. You should keep the pump on the gravel(I have sand in my tank, makes it look a lot nicer). It is to get the fish waste out. The waste products contain ammonia and that is bad for the tank. Bio filters help by turning the ammonia that was not taken out and turning it into nitrates by multiple filtration steps. Just make sue you get the waste and your tank will be fine.

  7. Ok. What you do is run the pump along the bottom(gravel) and it sucks up the fishes waste. It is a crucial part of fish keeping because without it the ammonia levels will rise and eventually kill your fish. You don't take out all of the water only about 30% every week, so a tiny bit more than a quarter of the water in the tank. If you do this every 2 weeks your tank will be nice and healthy and so will your fish.

  8. why is it that some people say to clean the water out once a month and he says every 2 weeks? which is the best method?

  9. The same way you clean gravel… with a siphon (what he's holding in his hand). One thing to keep in mind is that if you think you're going to get every little bit of dirt than your wrong because the water obviously runs through the siphon at a faster rate than the dirt. so, the goal here is to get as much dirt from the substrate as possible but not so much that you take out more water than you wanted. oh and if you see a lot of dirt floating don't worry it will all settle down after a while.

  10. wait…when i put the declorinator in the water it takes lik a day for it 2 b ok 4 the fishes? then what do i do when i do a water change lik this?

  11. they do 🙂 you dont change 100% of the tank 🙂 just 20-30% every 2. week. But you i once did a 50-50 and i just replaced it with cold water ( 18 celcius) and then my catfish and some others got a temperature shock and died. But if you just do 30%, and you dont use icy water, the fish should stay alright

  12. how about controlling the speed of the siphon by placing your thumb on the end of the hose…moving from spot to spot….old crap left in the bottom is just old crap…don't stir the gravel….

  13. It's not the dirt that filters the water, It's the beneficial bacteria which lives on the surfaces of the gravel that filters the water. And you won't be able to simply suck the beneficial bacteria out, as they need to be scrubbed off.

  14. Is this for real, you could see the bottom of the tank how can you leave half the dirt when the gravel is that thin!!!

  15. What fish are in the tank hear. I have some kinda like them but I dunno there names. Could someone tell me.

  16. Thank you for the video. Learned some thing from all your videos. Like them!

    I only have 3 gallon and 1 gallon container as there is not sufficient room for 10 gallon tank in my house…….. But still need the knowledge!

  17. @1Rockyboxer1
    Appreciate for the welling of giving help.

    I am not sure what to ask as there are many knowledge for me to learn from experienced people instead of written book.

    Could you share with me starting with how do you set up a tank? I mean a tank that is set up and ready for fishes to be put in.


  18. Buy a TDS Meter. Got mine today for under $15 I i started getting my water from Walmart at $0.37 a gal. It is 94% cleaner then my tap water. The meter saved my life. I can do a water change when it is needed.

  19. not nice dude. come again now…. suck like gasoline part was funny, but respect others even if u think that's weird.

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