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Fish Tank Maintenance : Cleaning Fish Tanks

OK, now sometimes what happens is your going
to get an algae build up on the side of your tanks. Now the fish don’t care about that,
they could care less. They probably even like it. But, we have the fishes so that we can
enjoy them. So we want to be able to see them little fishes and so we want to get the algae
off. If your snails and Plecostomus’ are not doing the job fully. It’s a good idea to invest
in one of these magnet algae scrubbers. They’re kind of pricey. They’re probably going to
cost you eight or ten dollars but they’re well worth it, well worth it piece of equipment
here. And what you?re going to want to do is just kind of go up and down with kind of
a scrubbing motion. It’ll pick up that algae very easily and it’ll stick to the surface
of the algae scraper. You going to get a lot of algae gunk and so on, on this piece of
equipment. For the corners, it might be worthwhile to get an algae scrubber for the corners cause
they’re a little bit better about getting in the corners. The reason we might not want
to use this one on the sides is you might have plants here that are going to be disturbed
if you use this bigger tool. But, for the corners we like to see you get in with this
and this also is fairly easy to use too and can get the job done as well.

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