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Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Assemble a Fish Tank Filter

Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Assemble a Fish Tank Filter

Ok, now with our cleaned, now cleaned carbon
and sponge components cleaned. We’re going to gently put the basket back in our filter.
We’re going to reach down and get our Bio- Matrix most important cubes. Place them in
the filter such on top. Pack it in there a little bit. And then, we’re going to plug
our filter back in and fill. Fill with water till you get the pump going, get that water
flow going.
And we should be back in business; we should be back in business here. Put our top back
on. There we go.

11 comments on “Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Assemble a Fish Tank Filter

  1. Lmao also! Giving expert advice on how to assemble a fish tank filter! He never did get it to run! The water in the tank needed to be much higher for the filter to draw the water in. And it looked like he owned a pet store what a moron!

  2. Hey moron, why don't you add more water for once how about! That way the filter can be able to pick it up through it's intake! lmao. did you see that? He didn't even get it to work and all he says is "there we go!" lmao

  3. 1:12 is the funniest part, they had to cut the part off just because he couldn't get it to work, otherwise this video could have been atleast 5 minute long.

  4. Hey I know this is an old video but thank you! I was forgetting a step putting my filter back together after a nasty bout of algae, you helped me more than you'll ever know! Keep up the good work!

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