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Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Dismantle a Fish Tank Filter

OK, now we’re going to talk about filter maintenance.
What you?re going to want to do is, after your tank has been up and going for about
three weeks. Now depending on if you’ve got a lot of fish, the filter maintenance is even
more crucial and you?re going to want to do it more frequently. If you only have a few
fish in there you probably could get by doing maintenance on your filter say every four
or five weeks. If a lot of fish, probably every three weeks. What we’re going to do,
we’re going to unplug the filter and kind of do this kind of quickly. Now remember we
have three components in our filter medium here. We’re going to take this basket out.
This top is the Bio-Matrix Bio-Matrix. There is live bacteria living in the surface of
these matrix cubes. We’re just going to put these in the water so that they do OK. They’ll
be fine there. We’re going to take out the basket containing the carbon which cleans
out your impurities, your chemical problems, your odors, and so on. As well as this basket,
or excuse me the sponge which used to hold the bacteria which we can now clean out in
our faucet, being that we have the Bio-matrix to perform that function. So we’re going to
take these and we’re going to go over to the faucet.

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