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Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

Ok. Now we’re getting to the fun part of having
a tank and that’s feeding of the fish. The fish have to eat, however, I think the, a
very common thing that people do is, is they forget that fish are cold blooded, they just
simply don’t need the amount of food that we’d like to see them eat and consume. So,
a very frequent thing that happens, especially for first time people getting into the hobby
is to think oh, the fish are going to starve unless I feed them. Probably not true, fish
can go actually quite a long while without without even feeding anything and a lot of
times the aquarium itself will provide food, just in the form of live plants and so on.
So, rule number one, don’t overfeed your fish. It’s a good idea, especially in the initial
part of, of, of, of having your tank set up, it’s very, very crucial that you not overfeed,
because you’re going to really run into some big problems as far as cloudy water and maybe
even the fish dying. So, it’s a good idea, especially starting out, turn the filter off
because you’re, you’re only going to have this off for five minutes. The reason for
that, you don’t want the filter to take up the, the, the, the fish, the fish food itself.
So, basically your flakes, this is going to be your staple here and the rule of thumb
is whatever the fish will eat in five minutes, so you can stay there for that entire five
minutes. Watch the fish eat the food and if, if they get to the point where they’re not
eating the flake food after five minutes, well stop. You might even want to take a net
if you’ve overfed and there’s leftover food, it would be far better to net that, that,
that flake food out, rather than let it sit there and cause a biological bacteria imbalance.
Usually the flake food itself, they can, they can live off this, there’s enough variety
in terms of the ingredients that they don’t need extra, extra, extra food. However, fish
will enjoy freeze dried as well as frozen food, there’s frozen shrimp, fish love this.
We sell a lot of it, the fish love it, it’s high in protein, I guess they’re like us,
they like shrimp. So, you may want to consider using this, feeding this to your fishes a
couple times a week, just as a treat, it is good for them. You can also feed them live,
live things that your pet dealer can talk to you about in terms or blood worm and things
like that, daphnia, all kinds of things. So there’s a wide variety of things you can feed
your, your fish. The, what you can get in this little container here is really enough.
And, make sure you do not overfeed your fish. Probably once a day is fine, twice a day if
you’re going to be very careful about not going over that five minute rule. So going
on vacations, get a, again consult with your dealer, again they make these little pyramid
things that they fish can eat off of. Worse thing you can do is overfeed your fish. Make
sure if you have someone taking care of your fish, that they don’t overfeed your fish,
that will do more harm to your fish than not feeding them at all.

73 comments on “Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

  1. he do u recommend bottle water,because i use it and boy it got my tank clear and i didnt even clean the tank far as cleaning gravel

  2. Bottle water? Sure ain't bad because it will have a PH level around 7.5-8 and no ammonia and 0 chlorine.
    So it will be just perfect, but expensive when you have a big tank.
    Get water conditioner, ph adjust and you are set.
    Once the biology is going in your tank, all you need to worry about is big debris / dirt.
    A water change once a week or every 2nd week is always good, no matter how the chemistry is, prolly once a month with 90 gals+

  3. ok, ill revise that, you may have a filter that has a really high flow in GPH, in that case it could suck up some of the food your feeding, but your prolly still feeding too much if thats the case. feed in small increments, you can always give the fish more, but it's a real pain in the butt to siphon or net a bunch of excess food from your tank if you give too much. If your careful, and don't dump a bunch of food in at once it wont be a problem.

  4. wherever you got your degree writing like that, well… the corner store isn't a college Mr i have degre on fish scienc. LOL "what the hell do you now there not eating because the filters filtren" You sure you don't have a degree in English?

  5. Wait…you just turned off your filter, unplugged it, and it wouldn't work any more?

    I think your problem with your filter is with your filter's manufacturer. Not with expert village.

    You have to turn you filter off to clean it or your tank, either way. It shouldn't just stop working because you turned it off for 5 minutes. That's strange. What type of filter did you have?

  6. You can really tell the difference with people like you (osvas23) and everyone else.
    You make comments proving people wrong as how kids can do big things too. Such as how you can maintain your fish tank.
    But when you actually think about it.
    Your fish tank probably looks exactly like every other person who gets their fish / fish supplies from Walmart. Your tank from Christmas isn't so special. If everyone's special, it eliminates the whole purpose of being special. Right?

  7. I'm 13 and I can spell. But seriously guys, you don't have to start pmsing and flipping out because a 12 year old is on youtube. Hell , I was on youtube when I was 9. There are bitchy 12 year olds but there are alot more bitchy adults. So stop complaining. You were 12 once…

  8. Read this: the amount that you're fish will eat in 5 minutes is way too much food for a feeding. 30 seconds to a minute is good. Put the food in small amounts, so that they can finish eating what you put in and not waste anything.

  9. @mrcellokid12, ctenophor, and lobsternoob: you guys are all noobs!! Look are your spelling, grammar, and punctuation! Let me know when you guys make your own video blogs or something. I'll be the first to sign up.

  10. look more closely there, I screwed up because I did not use qoutations properly, yes. I was qouting what marcellokid said. My grammar is not perfect by far. Seriously though, calling a person that calls themself Lobsternoob a noob, good one.

  11. yes but sir lol if i dont feed my fish atleast 3times a week my catfiah kinda go looking live food soo i cant win

  12. @wndebu thats not true ive had my fish for more than 1 week without the filter and they are still alive =)

  13. I trained my fish to swim to me when I shake the food container. Too bad 3 out of 4 of my fish died from lack of oxygen 'cause there was no electricity for 1 week.

  14. @cjae1994 i've had my fish live 2 months without the filter. i ordered it online, a part broke, so i sent the filter in… they said that the day i send it out, the second they recive it they would sent be a new one ( and this was a 200$ filter so im NOT buying a new one. good ol' warenttys.. but i dident get it back soo soon, it took about 2 months, all i did was syphon the watter once a week, and add more water . their all good..

  15. If you have bottom feeders I recommend you don't turn your filter off. It push some of the food to the bottom. This way everyone gets fed.

  16. @Mayodude123 The amount of fish you can keep in an aquarium depends more on the size on the fish. A tank like that could hold 10-15 neon tetras but maybe only three goldfish.

  17. flakes are bad thay can couse the fish to get air on thar system abnd kill them use sinking small pellits.

  18. @vorkev1 no. pellets are bad… if the fish eats the pellet right after you put them in the tank then they will eat till their full well… its like the birds and rice myth when the fish eat the pellet it will expand in their stomach… we dont want that happening to our fish now do we.

  19. @evrdrandosity ok let be refraz i dout meen use pellits like you would give gold fish i meen use pellits but thare a super small kind but nutra thay are better then flakes for the fact that most fish will suffer from air bubble in thare system couseing thare airblatter to go nuts and then thay will flote upaide down till thay die. and i do understand your consern two.

  20. do not over feed them cuz there cold blooded
    (accidentally drops the whole thing in the tank)
    (gets some crack)

  21. dude did you even cruch up the food because if you don't pinch it up and cruch it not all fish but some my tank i have to crunch it up i don't know about all fish

  22. hey  MR you r telling not to over feed the fish but you put so much food by single time do you think your two fishes can eat up all these. OMG !!!!!!!!! funny.

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