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Fish Tank Set up

Fish Tank Set up

In this example, I use a cylindrical vase to make a fish tank. The vase is 24 cm deep and has an 18.5 cm diameter. The dimensions are necessary for calculating maximum size and number of fish for the aquarium. Check links in the description of the video for details. Add gravel, rocks, seashells, etc. Add dechlorinated water. 7 liters of water fits in this tank. I let it sit overnight in an open tank. In the following weeks, I add fast and slow growing plants. Live plants are essential for healthy aquariums. Plants and algae provide oxygen and food for fish while consuming waste dissolved in water. Let plants and microorganisms settle for couple weeks. March 27th, 2019 I move a couple of young guppies into this aquarium. And look what I got here. It is land moss growing underwater. Most samples that I had previously grow in long strings. But this one is branching 🙂 I add new and remove spare plants all the time. At this moment, this aquarium has Duckweed, Frogbits, Dwarf lily, Elodea, Hornwort, Marimo balls, here comes Hairgrass, and I think I’ll add some more 🙂 I don’t use man-made filters, air pumps. I don’t change water in my aquariums. I rely on plants, algae, bacteria, and microorganisms to keep my aquariums clean and healthy the way they do it in Nature. And they’ve been doing it wonderfully well for billions years on our planet in addition to a couple years of my experiments with aquariums shown in previous videos 🙂 So, check links in the description. Ask questions. And…yes!

31 comments on “Fish Tank Set up

  1. I'm excited to see this build!
    I recently got a new tank set up for my axolotl! Using lots of your tips to keep my aquariums in perfect conditions.
    As always I love the helpful videos, keep up the awesome work!
    If you're interested in my aquariums it's all on Instagram @ Aqua_Pron
    Happy aquariums!

  2. Hey, great video, you can see that you put a lot of effort into it, keep it that way. Please take a look at my channel and subscribe if you like it ! ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Your aquariums are getting more sophisticated:) Кстати, насколько было успешным выращивание сухопутного мха в аквариуме? Можно ли им заменить яванский мох в акваскэйпе в долгосрочной перспективе?

  4. Hey….hi there…. So I have this planted tank with guppies and neon tetra with shrimp and snail, so can I add my beta fighter fish male ,with them? Will he be friendly?

  5. Ohhhh very nice, I made one like it on my channel, eventually I had to add a small filter to it because it was always going green and I had a shrimp crossbreeding project going on in it.

  6. Lol I love these tanks. I have 4 of these set up for betta fish. All are planted tanks. I actually just collected a bunch of mosses. The ones that grow best under water.

  7. I try to do the same. It's a minute cuz of my poor water quality of the city. My drinking water isn't drinkable according to my TDS meeter

  8. Love your videos, they inspire me to create my first ecosphere. Hopefully this video will inspire others as well😊

  9. If you don't use filters or change water your fish are unlikely to thrive or even survive. This is seriously idiotic advice. It's true that in nature it can work, but it's not the same in a tiny vase.

  10. Hello sir, can I add sand gravels- waste gravel left out aftr the filtration of a construction sand as a substrate for my aquarium

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