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Fish that can survive on land appears in US waters

Fish that can survive on land appears in US waters

Fish that can survive on land appears in US waters The northern snakehead fish, an that can breathe air and survive on land, has been found in Georgia waters, according to wildlife officials. Native to the Yangtze River basin in China, the species likely entered Georgia through unauthorized release, according to the . It has been reported in 14 other states in the U.S. An angler reported two juvenile northern snakeheads earlier this month in a pond on a private property in Gwinnett County, officials said. The long, thin fish is similar in appearance to the bowfin, with a dorsal fin that runs along the entirety of its back and a dark brown, blotchy coloring, according to the department. Snakeheads can grow up to 3 feet in length and survive in low oxygenated systems. Wildlife officials are concerned about the snakeheads impacting native species by competing for food and habitat, describing them as “bad news.” The department advised residents who believe they have caught a northern snakehead to “kill it immediately and freeze it” as well as take photos of it and report where it was caught to the Georgia Department of Natural Resource Wildlife Resources Division. It is against the law to sell, transport transfer or possess any species of snakehead fish without a valid wild animal license, according to the department.

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