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hey the Russians back in town let’s do an unboxing of some Russian fish from Julio Julio Julio Jorge Boris Sergio that’s it Sergio we got a ton of shrimp we got a ton of cool plecos and one of the biggest orders we’ve ordered yet from the Russian stay tuned here we go [Music] said this recently but I want to thank everybody who watches my videos who likes them who comments down below in who subscribed and if you haven’t subscribed why not I don’t get it subscribe let’s do some unboxing okay so uh my ear itches so I forgot my gimbal today so we’re gonna do this freehand let’s see what we got here let’s see we got a floater in that one get some rummy nose we’re gonna try them from the Russian this time he said he’s had good luck with them see what else we got we got some celestial pull danios CPD’s CPD here the focus [Music] gold nugget some really pretty Guppies females don’t really know what kind they are he doesn’t know he’s earned males what kind there he doesn’t give us names of them you recognize these comment below more males a vampire golden vampire he’s worth more because he’s golden another gold nugget paleo so we got one swimming funny please a long thin well these are long fin fairly honest that there’s one swimming funny the snowball another snowball guys got to be what six inches pretty good side step on another snowball no somethin Estes [Music] these regular Paley honest yeah yet regs [Music] no these guys were washed up black neons right Oh baby Emperor Tetris noise [Music] no use asperatus once again childers no not yet right infra-red empress cease Matos looking nice got fat bellies it’s more longfin paliotta s– he hasn’t had these in a while balloon belly blue Rams what do you think about the balloon belly version of these let me know below he hasn’t had these in about six months some striper at the l’s the first time we’ve had RAF yells in the store the other half of the rummy knows they all get washed out when they stress they’ll get the rummy nose some more Otto’s [Music] some regular old Tiger Barb’s what are these ones red shoulders these are the Borg eyes let’s look well there’s the other half of the Rams and see some assorted balloon belly mollies if you don’t have a problem with bloom belly mollies I don’t know why he’d have a problem with the bloom belly Rams one of these guys Bulldogs Bulldog plecos some young peacocks notice they’re not extremely colored up that’s because we trust this guy’s fish he says they’re never juiced and if they were juiced the size they would be colored like crazy but you can see they’re not see what else we got Oh what were these plecos I forgot what he called them leopard Tigers isn’t it like really the kind of the same thing a leopard tiger I [Music] got a bunch of those there’s another one and yet another one [Music] we got like six of them security got nine bags of the Amano shrimp we use them all over the place we sell a bazillion of them so whenever he brings us in he gives us a full box which is about nine of these bags a little note to yourself don’t ever put a ton of them in one tank and not feed them because they will attack little baby fish wiped out a whole clutter or a whole batch of my my green dragon plecos [Music] you might not have said this recently but I want to thank everybody who’s uh who watches my videos who likes them who comments down below in who subscribed and if you haven’t subscribed and why not I don’t get it subscribe let’s do some unboxing so nice clown loaches nice size these are Hill streams right alright we got a bunch of peacocks that’s what we get a lot from the Russian [Music] a shot of all of them did a lot of Oh bees this time [Music] a lot of obese [Music] what are these guys don’t feel easy [Music] pretty straight [Music] peacocks how many peacocks as we get today we too many [Music] [Music] over here buddy okay shy mmm excuse me honey I’m okay that’s what Michaels fishy says all the time he goes yeah I’m okay hey if you’re in the area I’ll buy the tendon tears it’s not gonna never mind we have another one of our ales and scales parties coming up this Saturday we do it the first Saturday of every month ales and scales this guy’s gotta get out of here quick you’d be leaking yeah we do some good beer we do some fish geeking out I use I pretty one look at the red on his head long thin rosy Barb’s the peacock [Music] another peacock these guys so we got a little dwarf pea puffers got about 50 of them in last week blew through those really quick so we got another I don’t know that’s 30 I don’t think that’s 30 is that buddy I think it’s just his numbering well there’s another Robi we’ve been selling Sergio’s peacocks now for a couple years everybody’s saying the colors hold fast and true besides the dominant male thing that seems to happen with peacocks there’s the other half of the other half of the PIPA cute little guys [Music] the other half of the clown loaches another OB and some giant bamboo shrimp these guys got to be what 3 plus pretty close you can get them in smaller sizes too but the bigger ones seem to sell better people like them the bigger size they’re more coloured up already a little royal little Royals a couple more little Royals oh no it’s not a royal that’s a vampire that one’s a royal mmm these are black neons see when we got another vampire and some baby little pandas panda Cory’s so we got a ton of shrimp we got some Kara Deena’s we got some neo cárdenas let’s check them out all right for the Neos we got some blue Velvets that came in nice size let’s see some red fires tuned they like jarred all over the place more red fires some black lilies yeah and some more black realities now for the carrier diagnosed we got some red pintos now the the Neos they can tolerate a little bit harder water a little bit higher pH but the the care Dinah’s they like a soft pH or a soft water with a three to six GH 5 to a 6 7 pH yellow King crystals illo King Kong crystals KH should be somewhere around zero to one red panda King Kong’s temperature somewhere around 78 72 68 to 72 temperature should be 68 72 cooler water basically room temperature there you say that let me see black galaxies I didn’t say black galaxies these are black rose King Kong’s big ol cluster own such a cluster shrimp red galaxies Black Pinto black pintos the best kind of filter to keep shrimp on or the matin style filters there’s just so much surface area for all that good biofilm to form it’s like they’re the filters are great for babies it’s low you don’t get a lot of flow through them what you do but it’s just so open that it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of flow these are missouri king khan’s yellow and a blue almost it’s also it’s also best to use ro/di water weary mineralized I use the shrimp king to dinner leh be salt but uh any of that stuff that I think Brightwell makes one I think seachem makes one who else makes one there’s a couple other ones that will do the Riemann arose re mineralization when using ro/di water you always want to have some good driftwood in there again for the biofilm kotappa leaves are gray a bunch of moss all that kind of good stuff what else did we get any betas we did so we got a bunch of betas too real pretty some basic run-of-the-mill ones you grab some of the other ones we’ll get them out of these little bags and the proper setups pretty quick that’s a pretty one we also got some galaxies some of those higher end galaxy ones galaxy koi stuff like that galaxies can decoy or something sweet shot [Music]

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  1. Lol it has been a while since you told us how much you appreciate your subs :p it was a whopping 6 min and 56 seconds between 0:41 and 8:38 😁😂

  2. I personally prefer the regular rams. Hoping to get a pair from one of your stores in a month when I get a tank cycled.

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