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Fisher 250T Receiver Review~ENG subtitles (ft.Tune-O-Matic) 피셔 250T 리시버 리뷰

Fisher 250T Receiver Review~ENG subtitles (ft.Tune-O-Matic) 피셔 250T 리시버 리뷰

This time, it’s Fisher 250T.About the “TUNE-O-MATIC” on the right. I’m going to explain. If you look here, there are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and there’s a manual at the bottom.
Press the manual button, and here’s the main frequency window. Adjust the dial. And then the other five sets. If we adjust the preset frequency,
in memory of the setting You can hear it with the push of a button. So if you press button 1, the manual button will automatically exit. And then I’ll turn this part here, and I’ll do it like this. We can put the radio station in a good position. As you rotate it, the needle in the meter window moves. So Signal moves. So here we are.
Four points is the strongest. So here’s what we’re going to do. Next, press 1 and the manual. The frequency is set on MBC FM. If you press 1 then the other channel, 103Mhz. The frequency displayed in red is: It’s a broadcast. I think number two is a traffic Broadcasting. That’s what I’ve set up in advance
Let’s rotate the knob of No.2. For your information, press and hold the Mute Off button and move the dial to hear frequency noise. So, you can choose number one again. Number two has a red indicator like this way.~ If you choose the manual, it’s MBC FM. It’s chosen by following these instructions. Number three, this third one. It’s KBS. 101.5Mhz? Like this. Adjusts to the highest signal strength. Pick number four. This is FM. Number 5 in next time. This is like a classical channel. If you turn it like this, It’s about 4.5 point. At the end of the show, it’s the classic channel (#5), MBC FM (#4), KBS-1 (#3), Traffic Broadcasting (#2), and KBS-2 (#1). Yes, we can use the TUNE-O-MATIC function like this. I have described more than four TUNE-O-MATIC features of Fisher 250T. Thank you~

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