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Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Error Codes

Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Error Codes

I need your help with Fisher and Paykel dishwasher
error codes. Is that because it breaks down so often or
no one around here knows how to fix it? Just tell me what the error codes mean so
I have an idea of how to fix it. Error code E1 is an error for the door not
being closed. Depending on the model, the first two program lights will flash, too. Then the solution is closing the door. Or checking the seal or fixing the latch. I’m not seeing that error code. Error code E2 is for the temperature sensor
malfunctioning. You can reboot the dishwasher to try to fix it or check to see if it needs
to be cleaned. The manual says to call for service. It says that for nearly everything. E3 is
the error for the water level being too low, usually because the drain hose is too low. I think that error causes the first and fourth
program lights to flash. If the error occurs, you could have a problem
with the water inlet letting water in or leak letting water out. The latter case I could diagnose myself based
on the growing puddle on the floor. The E4 error is the opposite, when the dishwasher
isn’t draining. Assuming I don’t accidentally drain it by
opening the door. The cause could be a crimped drain hose, dead
drain pump or drain hose too high. It isn’t like I move the hose around on
a regular basis. The E5 error code occurs when there isn’t
a good water supply. The first three lights on the program indicator row flash. I do have water, since the sink works. Then you want to see if the water hose to
the dishwasher is crimped, there isn’t a major leak somewhere to the dishwasher or
the water pressure is too low. The water pressure could only get so low the
dishwasher can’t run at the half time bathroom rush or a major water leak that makes a non-functioning
dishwasher the least of my concerns. The E6 error comes up when the flood switch
is activated. That causes all four program indicators to
flash. If that error comes up, you’re supposed
to turn off water to the dishwasher. Sure, especially if everything into the unit
thus far is already on the floor. If your dishwasher has the F error codes,
F2 is an error code for a motor problem. A dishwasher that turns on but doesn’t make
noise is a good indicator that’s the problem. F1 is the flood switch notice for dish drawer
dishwashers by Fisher Paykel. I have a full sized dishwasher. Then you don’t have to know that the F3
error code for the temperature sensor failing or F5 is for a lid fault. What do you do for a lid fault? Try to turn off the dishwasher and back on
to try to clear the fault, and if rebooting the appliance doesn’t work, call for service. At least I won’t feel as bad calling for
service and paying them to do the same basic tech support solution as my gaming console.

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  1. Paykel Dishwasher model DW60FC6X1 Error Code FCO model DW6oFC6x1 itis the second time that my dishwasher stop first after only 51/2 month after a long wait it was repairer now after only 13 month its start again and i was not even using it because I was on holiday a came back 1st February.

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