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Fisher and Paykel Oven Problems

I want your input on Fisher and Paykel oven
problems. Fisher and Paykel ovens seem to fall apart
right after the warranty expires. That means they have good actuaries. A bigger problem they have is that it costs
a lot to fix them, especially factoring in their lower purchase price. So they want you to buy a new oven, not fix
the old one. Their customer service is slow to schedule
service and eager to find reasons not to cover anything that fails before the warranty goes
bad, so it is cheaper and faster to get a new oven by someone else sometimes. Give me specific details as to what goes wrong
with them. It takes a month to get a new thermostat for
your three thousand dollar oven. Okay, that’s tacky, especially when they
don’t have the excuse like exotic European appliances of having to get the part from
overseas. Their ovens have lots of settings on the control
panel, but the control panels start having problems just a few months in. I’m assuming this is something a reboot
does not fix. No, turning it off and back on does not fix
it. And when the control board needs to be replaced, if takes three weeks or more even
after their tech says it needs to be ordered. While my kids may like a month of ordering
out, my budget won’t. The control panels and circuit boards you
get are often used and salvage, so it is more likely to go out than the original part. I’m guessing that actually diagnosing the
error code and fixing it short of replacing lots of parts and hoping it works isn’t
an option. I read a repair guy’s blog saying they are
hard to diagnose, in part due to their complexity. It’s an oven, not a car with cruise control,
dual climate control and emission controls. It just has to heat up and stay at that temperature
for as long as I want it. Their ovens have problems getting up to temperature
and having slow heat times. Their convection elements used for pre-heating especially tend
to go out. If the oven does not pre-heat, it may not
turn on the main elements. If the convection element dies a lot, that means I have a lot
of time waiting for it to eventually warm up enough for the others to kick in. I’ve heard stories of pre-heating taking
as long as it would actually take to cook the food. At least replacing the convection heating
element is not very hard. Their other heating elements are as likely
to short out too. If you’re lucky, your problem is just a cracked door or seal letting
out heat. The cosmetic warranty for a damaged door is
three months, less than even the parts warranty.

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