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What’s up, pretty good We want to do shirt getting ready to go. Let’s get a galley We are off. We’re off to California We’re going out to sea breeze fiance bronson, and he is graduating from Welding school He’s in the marines and he’s stationed at Camp Pendleton and we are going out to see him for a few days And then we are jumping on a Kawasaki intro while we’re in, California So we’re gonna be checking out something from Kawasaki probably a side-by-side and not sure what it is We never know until we get there. So we’re gonna take you along on our little Fisher family vacation And there’s brie, she’s ready to go max max the og Soup We’re taking them and dropping them off at friends of ours and they’re gonna stay there and there’s a couple other dogs there so probably have like a doggie day camp or something like that right now we got to go it is 12:30 we were supposed to be leaving at 12:00. So pretty much cording to Fisher Tom. We we’re doing pretty good as usual We are waiting on Melissa Fisher. So as soon as she comes out Ready to go you robbing with me? Yeah, you got some shmegmer on your shirt here. Thank you. Gotta keep Brady clean Beefcake hey, man, you weren’t same hat as me. Yeah Like we all ever know that’s alright we’re repping st. John the islands baby what Are you drama breeze car? Tyler’s going with me Brady’s going with me. I think you and Bri are going in the white Camry and taking Zook you have I got us all loaded up You’re loaded up We’ve got cameras impact Well zooks up front there one here one there and then max’s with us You ready Now we’re all loaded up we’re headed to the airport max what’s up, bro. Are you going to the dog-sitter? Y’all ready. Mmm-hmm. We’re ready next two orders 40-foot container order 20-foot container over We’ll be working on those when we get back Good max, here’s your home for the next couple days Elizabeth see that our dog sitter Well, wonderful, you just want a place to lay down boy, huh? He’s searching checking place out we got dogs running everywhere Dogs like doing a moto Hitting the burbs All right, Duke. We’ll see you homey. Shake shake. There you go I see I see. I know I know Okay be good See you boys be good. Thanks. Elizabeth. Say yeah. Good luck. I thank you Here we go. It’s raining. It’s windy and we’re headed to the airport got a plane to catch That was awesome, do you see that lightning rolling into the airport? Nothing like being on a plane with lightning? Striking all around him. All right here. We are Nashville Airport getting the bags out Getting out the bags We’re gonna drop off all of our bags here up and hold on Sorry had something on the lens. We’re gonna drop off all of our bags here and then we’re going to park the cars Pop truck Hello welcome to Nashville Airport Yes, it’s ballet leave your keys purse wallets phones all that with me all that with me Baggage boy bellhop. What’s up? That’s where we’re going see the marine breeze marine all these bags one two, three four Six seven eight nine Good thing we packed light. Oh, yeah Yeah, all right we’ll be back I got everything I need got it man Got my wallet Brady. All right, we’re out. See you Brady. Yeah, take care of the bags Here we go, we’re gonna go park Go park the cars So we’re here at the Nashville Airport funny story Everybody has TSA PreCheck, except for me. Even Tyler has TSA PreCheck and He is not even on TSA PreCheck. It seems like about a year ago. I brought a loaded 9-millimeter Magazine into the airport through security and they were not happy about it. They got pretty swelled up called the airport police So now I’m grounded. I am off the TSA flight list I lost my privileges for a year. So I have to go through regular security and these chumps all get to go through TSA PreCheck Hey, he’s a he’s lying the TSA seen him fly drones. That’s why he’s not allowed to go through TSA PreCheck Brady smart Just regular no TSA PreCheck. All these guys got it I Can’t film through security because I’m already in hot water with them So I’m gonna put you in my bag for a second. So stand by She’s hungry she’s our peg Where we going to see my honey This is the first time we’re all going man. Hey, guess what? So this is the first time Brady’s actually been in, California Brady’s never been in California before never been in Cali and not been in Cali at all. Come on bad Let me let the people know. Let me get in here real quick Brady just so everybody knows Brady’s still single, by the way We’re going to California. This is why he had this awesome haircut. He’s got it’s all swamp did That just went to a whole different level Welcome to the Fisher family Roundtable discussion even though it’s not really technically a roundtable, but we have some great table discussions but right now we got to figure out what we’re gonna get to eat and Then we’re going to grab our plane and we’re off to Cali We beat the kids The kids we’re in we got our boarding passes. The kids are still out there. Yep. That’s right We’re flying first class on Southwest This doesn’t agree with that actually I’m probably gonna be at the window Melissa always gets the middle Pretty much Brady likes it with we don’t eat there. They’re trying to kick him out No That’s what happens when you have children if you’re If you’re a young adult couple when you’re thinking about having children, please reconsider that because you end up with that They’re expensive they like to eat They wreck all your stuff. They destroy everything. That’s what kids do that’s their job Yeah No, we’re not gonna mark the kids on this got us it ejected because they were arguing out there before they got on the claim They’re taking advantage of it they’re playing seat Jenga on Southwest here Welcome to our struggle when we travel this is what we deal with when we travel with kids. This is what we deal with You can’t lean till you’re in the air here we go Okay, so welcome to San Diego here we are Fish your family’s here We are minutes away from seeing Bronson and he is freaking out. He’s like a kid at Christmas He couldn’t even sleep letters make me so excited We’ll be seeing him shortly I Think breeze alone. Yeah breeze little excited Smooth flight Went quick. I like the straight through place We better than doing layovers and all that because then we don’t miss the next flight You think what do you think what you think what you think what Just can’t like me whatever II think You can’t do that to the camera What what do you think it’s inappropriate? Oh Right there I’m not even getting in that not even getting in it Oh They’ll need with the palm trees behind us, hold on I even got y’all in there to see that Picture so now that Bronson’s here Bree once arrived with him, she don’t want to go with us So we’re going to get a rental car because there’s too many of us too many bags and we need transportation So we’re off to get a rental cost we are Seeing if we can get an upgrade. They gave us a tiny car. So now we’re going to see if we can get an upgrade I think it’s for a Ferrari What do you think? We’re gonna get? What do you think? What are the odds? What do we get? What do we get? this is wheeling and dealing with The gentlemen here. We have a coupon for a free upgrade so She’s trying to figure out what we get for an upgrade. Ultimately. We need one of these a Big SUV because we got a lot of bags, but we have And he’s Alton So I asked him if we could do Yeah, that would be nice they don’t do that you don’t do that oh Man, you’re killing They’re killing us. So we ended up with the infinity For an extra 20 bucks a days Let me just lay this on you if you work at enterprise nobody’s gonna say it right now, but I’m busted up hot for Him for not having a cop for not giving us the upgrade that’s all idiots no a rental car we’ve got Sunroof here. Not that we’re gonna need it. But we got a sunroof We’ve got a rental car and we are off and we’re heading to the base and I’m not allowed to film on the base So this concludes our episode for today stay tuned. We got more coming from our trip in San Diego


  1. Welcome to Los Angeles – Please be aware we have lots of rampant homeless and traffic. Our politicians are as corrupt as mexicos.

  2. Love the video. Wish we could get more direct flights out of Memphis. My dog does the same thing, he knows when we're leaving and he doesn't like it one bit.

  3. Tell Bronson to keep up the awesome work! Thank you for defending our Constitutional Republic. God bless the USA!

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