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Fisher Impact Day 2018

Fisher Impact Day 2018

Right now, we’re at Fisher impact Day,
which is a community service day for all of the undergraduate, graduate students
here, as well as the faculty and staff to come together and support their
community while getting to know each other better and building
community here at Fisher as well. It’s one of the best things about this
business school. I think every day we can kind of get caught up in our classes,
extracurriculars, job search, things like that, but this is just a day for all of us to kind of
forget that and work on service together. For the fourth year at Fisher Impact
Day, we’ve seen it grow by almost doubling in size since the first year and
it’s just been phenomenal to see the support from students and from the
school as we continue to grow and reach more of our community and getting
more students and staff engaged. This is definitely an opportunity that I feel
like I couldn’t have elsewhere. You know being a part of this has just been you
know like something that I feel like is gonna stay with me for a while and
it’s definitely something that I want to be a part of in the years coming as well. Today is about showing the other half of
us, the side of us that’s about really engaging with our community, giving back
and building relationships with other people. And that’s what really matters
and sets us apart as students.

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