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Fisher & Paykel discovers the benefits of AT&T FlexWare

Fisher & Paykel discovers the benefits of AT&T FlexWare

Fisher & Paykel was formed in New Zealand 1934 to manufacture quality household appliances. My name’s Jon White. I’m the general manager of information technology for Fisher & Paykel appliances. We have large manufacturing sites in five countries we sell in over 50 and distribute around the world. Technology helps us where we have distributed design centers so we can allow people to collaborate on designs and also make sure that we reduce costs. The FlexWare devices enable us to dial up functions on-demand which is really important to us when we have sites that may only appear for a couple of months with the demand changes over time. Having multiple functions on one device enables us to turn those on and off as we need. The products already exists on the device delivered and we don’t need to go and purchase third-party products. The solution enables us to be much more flexible in deploying our networking sites around the world because it enables us to reduce the hardware on sites and reduce the cost of running those sites. The AT&T FlexWare really “checked the box” for us on future-proofing our rollout and also minimizing the cost as we go forward.

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