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Fisher Paykel Exclusive NYC Experience Center Tour | 2019 Sneak Peak

Fisher Paykel Exclusive NYC Experience Center Tour | 2019 Sneak Peak

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances, we’re here today at the Fisher & Paykel experience Center where
Briana their showroom manager is gonna walk us through all the new and exciting
products they have in their lineup. Lets go take a look! Hi there, my name is Brianna Ryan and I
manage the Fisher & Paykel New York experience center. Right now we’re going
to take a look at one new area of the showroom that we call our New York City
kitchen. Fisher & Paykel remodeled its new york showroom back in May to
accommodate a lot of new products that we introduce to market this year and
this is one area that I was most excited about. So here this entire area is really
meant to be a true case in point if you are an end-user, an architect, a designer
or a developer may be shopping for 200 of these, here is your kitchen here is
your compact kitchen. So we show a number of appliances, here is our single
integrated dish drawer to which we apply two custom panel. This is our brand-new
nine series – over here we’ve got our 24 inch induction cooktop which is
outfitted with four zones that are eligible for bridging and this
incorporates our fairly new touch and slide technology, and right below it sits
our brand new redesigned 24-inch wall oven which now sits on the same platform as the 30-inch wall oven and this is really something special. So on the
inside here we actually offer six different racking positions including
one full extension telescoping rack you know for those heavy items that you’re
taking out of the oven we also provide a meat thermometer but really a really key
design of our display really speaks volumes here so this display is very
communicative very intuitive essentially the user is sort of tied to the physics
of the oven and what’s happening here so you can clearly see based on the cooking
mode that you’ve chosen what elements are in play but as you see you can
really achieve a nice flush installation you can get your cooktop and your wall
oven pretty close together if you’re going to go ahead and float it under
counter just a really great piece here moving
down the line we show some counter depth refrigerator this is our RF 135 our 25
inch wide model this incorporates our active smart technology which is a
platform that we developed about 20 years ago to humidity-controlled bins
and as you see here lots of adjustability for your shelving we
always try to design our appliances so that way there is no wasted space and
that the user can really take advantage of the full space that’s afforded here
and then lastly tucked away in this closet or a new compact laundry set
these are really special and that Fisher and Paykel has been making laundry since
the early 40s so essentially these are meant to be true clothes care machines
so all of these cycles are optimized so if you’re someone that wants to come
home put in your laundry and press play and away you go
that’s great or if you’re someone that wants to get very specific with one’s
laundry you can go ahead and do that too so this machine really speaks to to all
and then we’ve got our condensing dryer up top here but really well designed
fashio again very user friendly very intuitive that’s kind of how Fisher and
Paykel sets itself apart from other manufacturers is that we always think of
ourselves as being user centered human considered and we’re really keen to
understand how our users are actually using these products so Fisher and
Paykel appliances has been in the refrigeration market since 1934 so to
say it’s something we do very well is quite the understatement here we show a
very unique piece unique to the market and just unique in general and that it’s
72 inches tall it happens to be 36 wide and it is fully integrated so as you can
see there are minimal spaces all the way around so you can really achieve that
sleek look no protrusions etc it just is meant to sit completely flush within
your cabinetry so here we’ve got a really sleek Lee designed interior we
even kind of hide our poles for the shelving here so that way they don’t
protrude and detract from the sleekness of the unit we’ve got our split-level
cantilevered shelves here so again the customer can really take advantage
of this space that’s afforded here we’ve got our smart touch controls which are
very simple very straightforward to use you can adjust your temperature you can
use a nifty feature called fast freeze so if you bring something on the warmer
side home from the store it’s best to get it as cold as possible as quickly as
possible if you are going to freeze it so fast freeze will just supercharge the
compressor to get a colder faster of course you’ve got your ice maker
controls and then bottle chill bottle chill is really just a fifteen-minute
alarm to make sure that you didn’t forget about the champagne that you put
in the freezer to chill adjustability here in the door bins this door bin will
take a gallon jug and then down here we’ve got our drawer freezer so you’ve
got this deep in here for storage then this drawer the shallow drawer which is
great for packaged goods burgers a pizza box that sort of thing and then you’ve
got this top in here which will contain your icemaker you could go ahead and a
fix a set of stainless steel panels either in contemporary or professional
look by fisher & paykel or it really speaks volumes when you go ahead and
fully integrate this with your custom cabinetry this refrigerator is equipped
with our active smart technology which again just celebrated its 20-year
anniversary essentially it’s a self monitoring system that’s built into the
refrigerator so that way it’s ready to respond rapidly to any changes or
perceived potential changes in temperature earlier this year fisher &
paykel introduced a new style to its portfolio historically we’ve always had
contemporary and professional products but now we offer what’s called a classic
series which sort of sits in between this is our brand new classic range it’s
available in several colors which include black white and red or all
stainless but as you can see the knobs have kind of a retro sort of
transitional look to them looking down here in the oven again that’s really
premium racking that pulls all the way forward nice telescope great performance
you’ll achieve 18,000 BTUs front to burners and then 8500 beats you
use for your semi rapid at the back just a really robust piece that has a really
nice sleek finish to it this year Fisher and Paykel appliances is very excited to
introduce Colin refrigeration to the premium market and here’s an example of
our 18 and 30 inch pair this showcases our stainless steel interior series as
you can see it’s got really beautiful stadium lighting nice LED lighting here
at the shelves we even have a half shelf here at the back for the top cantilever
so that way you can always reach what’s there at the back at the very top as you
see everything’s very sleekly designed very minimal I think we do a great job
at always disguising our hardware and such nice soft clothes available on all
of our bins a really key takeaway for this column set and what makes this
really special is that we offer zonal control which is very similar to that of
the cool drawer technology so we delineate by upper and lower compartment
so the upper of course is above the control panel the lower is below the
control panel and then you can go ahead and adjust the cooling mode so chill is
at 31 degrees which is really great for short-term storage of dense proteins so
let’s say you’re grilling on Saturday but you want to get your shopping done
out of the way on Friday you can go ahead and load up your steaks poultry
seafood etc and keep it really at the peak point of freshness
then if cut of course you’ve got your refrigerator mode and then pantry pantry
is 54 up to 56 degrees really great if you’re somebody that stores a lot of
produce so you’ll have really great temperature and humidity control there
in addition it’s also great for anything that lives on the countertops that could
be boxes of cereal breads anything that would do really well in a cool dark
environment because the control panel is at this height it qualifies as a DEA
compliant which is great and in addition to the stainless steel interior this is
also available in a white interior same goes for the freezer in terms of the
zonal control so I’ve got my upper and lower
compartment again delineate admire all panel so for my upper compartment I can
do a standard freezer or a soft freeze which is 19 degrees perfect for eating
ice cream directly out of the freezer and then for my lower compartment in
addition to those two modes I also have what’s called a deep freeze which is
negative 13 degrees and essentially that will go ahead and preserve food for
quite some time it’s great for long-term storage potentially seasonal storage. If
you’re seeking inspiration on your next kitchen renovation, stop by the Fisher
and Paykel experience center or visit one of our showrooms in Bedminster or
Montclair New Jersey. At Designer Appliances, we offer the best prices on
high quality appliances and we’re a proud partner of Fisher & Paykel as we
host one of their largest displays on the East Coast. Thanks for watching!

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  2. Grew up with F&P products in 1970's NZ; they were great then, look fantastic now!

    We – need – your products here in the UK.

    Sadly, most British consumers have never heard of you and by default purchase Bosch/Siemens/Miele.

    Please up your marketing profile here in the UK – would be great to see you do really well here – as you deserve.

    Best wishes from Wales UK.

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