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Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

Hi, I’m Bryce Perron from CPAP Direct. In this video I’m going to
show you through Fisher and
Paykel flagship full face mask called the Simplus. In our opinion, this is probably one of the softest and
most comfortable full face masks on the market today and I’ll show you why. The headgear is adjustable in many
different areas on the top of the head, on the forehead, and
also around the sides. It has very easy to take-off clips and that little connector stays in your
long tube for bathroom breaks as well, you can just pull down on
the tube to disconnect it. The elbow moves all the way around so
that’s quite flexible and the cushion is very soft, so there’s a lot of cushioning
in there which means that on your face it’s very comfortable. It’s
important to get the size right. We want to have the bottom seal sitting
just underneath the lip and the top bit sitting right on the bridge of the nose. We find that Simplus masks are great for
people especially who have a slightly broader nose as well. People that have
a really, really thin nose at the top, you can experience a little bit of
leaking in the eyes but at the end of the day, all full face masks
leak anyway so it’s about finding the one that works the best
for yourself. So that clips on there, and again, very easy to take on and
off and also to clean.

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