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We just got this in the mail. I ordered it from
Somebody is very anxious to open it It is a Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat and
it is going to be a replacement for a high chair
It says it grows with baby, toddler to booster – has a built-in cup holder – snap on lids
keep feeding tray clean we’ll see how that works
there are 3 tummy adjustments and an adjustable 3-point restraint
3 height adjustments Ok, here is the booster seat on the chair
We’ve been using it a couple of weeks now and I wanted to see how it worked before actually
doing a review Caius is old enough to sit in a regular seat
or certainly a regular seat with a cushion, but he is very active and has difficulty sitting
still so he pups up and down if he is not secured so having the booster seat provides
that little bit of security and even though he could take the seat belt
off if he wanted to, there is that extra level of effort involved
My first impression of the seat and tray were that they are smaller than I though they would
be but it does work it is large enough but just
a little smaller than I expected but it is definitely large enough to use for eating
I guess I had hoped that it would be a little larger so it could be used for maybe some
arts and crafts but you can’t fit a piece of paper onto the tray
Now the mechanism used to clip on the tray does take a little getting use dto
I’m really not crazy about it – it kind of pops into place
and to me it feels a little cumbersome, but I’m getting used to it and I think it was
designed that way to avoid finger pinching so it is probably very safe
but it just takes a little getting used to let me get a close up of that so you can see
what I’m talking about Ok, so there are 3 I guess you call them buttons
and the tray has a square hole in it that fits over any of the 3 positions so there
are 3 possible positions and it just snaps on and off. There are 3 trays with this there is the base,
then there is the feeding tray you can pop that on and off easily to clean it and then
there is a cover Now I personally in the time that I’ve been
using it have not used the cover it just seems unnecessary I take the tray off and any food
left over I just put it away and clean it, but it is an option for those who want it
The feeding tray is dishwasher safe, but I have cleaned it in the sink – I haven’t actually
put it into the dishwasher If it is something that is used for more than
one meal a day, it just doesn’t seem like it is worth putting it in the dishwasher. Now there is a back support now there is this
back support and I’ve taken it off because this is for
a 4 year old he doesn’t need it in fact I end to put a
cushion behind the seat. I think that is primarily for younger children
but it snaps on and off very easily I haven’t adjusted the legs, but I thought
it would be helpful to show how it’s done it is really simple
all you do is pull these and then you can go up one or two
so if you want it at the highest level – like that
so real simple and there is a mid-level
so it can kind of grow with your child and the legs get shorter as they get taller It is easy to clean – it seems like it would
fit on just about any chair and I’m going to show you what it looks like with a 4-year-old
in place. So you can see Caius is able to secure the
locks himself and he can get out of it if he wants to but
it just keeps him secure in place …I want a surprise…realizing that…I want a surprise….it
just keeps him secure realizing that he should be seated until he has to get up
What do you think about your new chair? I like it
He seems to think it’s very comfortable and what you can do – he can be pushed up to the
table – we haven’t been doing that because he likes to use the tray
laughing This is a
fisher prize booster seat thanks for watching Fisher Price
Fisher price booster seat thanks for watching


  1. Guys, I've made a video of challenges and I challenge you to go there and watch and try to make the same challenges.

  2. It's good to know that this booster seat can be used even for a 4 year old. I just got one for 2 year old and should get my money's worth!

  3. Hi I just wanna ask if the child is really secure? I mean the belt that hold the booster seat to the chair? Is there really no chance that child might flip from the chair? Sorry im a worried mom of a 6 month old and i wanna make sure that no money will go to waste. Thank you! 😊

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