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Fisher Price InteracTV Commercial 2004

Fisher Price InteracTV Commercial 2004

Six Jellyfish A Lighty Lard That’s Right These Kids Are Just Watching Tv There In Interacting With It InteracTV The Learning System That Works For Your DVD Player Special DVD’s Are Some Are Your Child’s Favorite Show’s And The Wireless Controller Find Your Answer On The TV Screen & Press The Same Shape Each Episode Is For 100 Fun Learning Activites To Make TV It To Way Interactive Experence Correct I Check My Neck To You Yes! InteracTV Only From Fisher Price

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  1. I think games, especially videogames, are some of the most valuable tools for teaching. Especially teaching kids and mentally disabled people. I love playing games and I think most kids do too. Rarely is learning actually fun as a kid but I remember liking Carmen Sandiego a lot and wishing I could just play games instead of just boring tests and such. Number Munchers was kind of fun too sometimes. I think we should make learning far more interactive.

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