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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Teapot

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Teapot

Hi this is Jennifer with Candid Mom Reviews
and this is my walk-through of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Say Please tea set.
We got this set as a hand-me-down from my sister and her kids. She has two girls. I’m
not sure if she bought it new, I know she buys a lot of stuff second-hand at mom-to-mom
sales or in resale shops. So I’m not sure if she got this used to begin with or if she
bought it new, but I think it’s safe to say it’s been through at least two kids—at least
one of her kids and my kid. As you can see, it’s held together pretty well. There is some
paint starting to come off on the mouth but I think all the other paint has held up. It
comes with the tea pot, two tea cups and a treat tray. And as you can see, the treats
are shaped like a square, circle and triangle. Little hands can work to get the treats in
the proper order on the tray. It can be frustrating till they get it but that’s part of the learning
experience to learn their shapes. On the teapot itself, you have a battery panel on the bottom.
And then on the side, you have an off button, 123-music and a Let’s Play setting. There
is no volume control so it’s just one volume. I’m going to go ahead and turn it to the number
setting. Any time you open and close the teapot, it’s constantly talking. When you pour a cup
of tea (sound). You also have a tea bag hanging out of the tea pot. You press that and it
plays music. A musical song. You’ve got a music setting. (plays music). So those are
the different modes. So it’s a cute set. Perfect size for little hands. My daughter is 20 months
old and she still plays with it till this day and we’ve had it for several months now.
It took her awhile, when she was younger, to get the shapes in but now she’s a pro at
putting the shapes in. And she’s actually getting into the role play part of having
tea with momma and you know, pouring tea and sharing tea. It was kinda nice to watch her
grow from, you know, not really knowing what to do other than it makes these fun sounds
to actually realizing that they are cookies and cups and growing with her, it’s been nice.

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