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Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Ariel and Flounder Playset

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Ariel and Flounder Playset

Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Mom: Hey guys! Hi Emily! Emily: Hi! Mom: What do we have here today? Emily: Uh, a castle! Mom: Who’s castle is it? Emily: Um, Ariel’s castle. Mom: Ariel’s castle! You wanna show everybody Ariel? Mom: Ariel! And her friend Flounder! Emily: Ya! Mom: So, this is the Little People Fisher-Price Ariel’s Castle. Mom: It.. it’s… the same kind of set as the Disney Princess Songs Palace. Mom: So, we’re really excited, because we really like the Disney Princess Songs Palace! Mom: Ok! Let’s show everybody what it does! Mom: So this is the front, and we have the doors in the front… Emily: Ya. Mom: …that open and close. Emily: Ya! I… Mom: There’s a little place for the characters to sit on a little rock ledge up here. Mom: Flounder and Ariel. Mom: They can play there. Mom: Ok! Emily: Aw! Mom: So this is what comes with the set. Mom: We have a little seahorse carriage. Mom: We were pretty bummed that it didn’t have real wheels! Mom: That’s kind of a bummer. Mom: But it’s still pretty cute. There’s lots of detail on it, and it’s purple. Mom: That’s my favorite color. Mom: It also comes with this double-throne set. Mom: And a little sea shell bed. Mom: So… and then, of course, the characters Ariel and Flounder come with it as well. Mom: So… this is really cool, because it folds up and you can make it smaller and bigger! Mom: So here’s the other parts. And we’ll turn it around and show you what it looks like on the inside. Emily: This is good! Mom: Those are the doors. Emily: Wow. Mom: Ok! So, over here… Mom: …we have this spinning vanity wall. Mom: Aw, on the other side it has Ariel and Eric! How sweet! Emily: I like! Mom: And then the mirror. Mom: Here’s an extra room for your characters to play in. Mom: So we can have Ariel here… and Flounder up here! Mom: Maybe this is a good place for the thrones? Emily: Ya! Mom: For any of the other Little People that might want to visit Ariel. Mom: And in here is the main room. Mom: And we have, um… a picture of some fish in the ocean over here. Mom: And here we have a treasure chest with Sebastian on top, Mom: and when you open it, what could happen? ***Music plays*** Mom: Woooow! Mom: It plays cool music! Mom: You like that music? Emily: Ya. I that – I like that’s a Flounder. Mom: Cool, huh? So they can have a dance party! Mom: I wonder if that’s the only thing it does. Yep! Mom: So it plays that really cool ocean music. Mom: And over here is the slide! Mom: Weee! Mom: So, this is a really cool set, isn’t it, Emmy? Mom: You ready to play with it? Emily: Ya!!! Emily: I saw that! Mom: You like it? Emily: Oh! Mom: You like this set? Emily: Yes! It’s a song! Mom: Alright.Ya. Mom: Oh, Flounder doesn’t fit! Mom: Maybe Ariel will. Mom: Nope! Mom: Wah! Mom: That’s silly! Emily: No. Mom: Woooo! Mom: Hi, Ariel! Mom: Weeee! Emily: Go this way! And here! Mom: Yay, we’re here! Emily: And… there, let’s go in. Cinderella: Why, hello! My name is Cinderella! Ariel: Hi! My name is Ariel! Cinderella: Thanks for coming to visit today, Ariel! Ariel: Oh, no problem, Cinderella! I love to visit you! Cinderella: Well, we’re all done here, so what should we do next? Ariel: I kinda miss my friend Flounder. Ariel: Do you want to come down to my, uh, palace? Cinderella: Sure, that sounds great! Ariel: Um… I just don’t know how you’re going to get down there. Cinderella: Oh, it’s ok! When the Fairy Godmother gave me this dress, she gave me a magic power, too! Cinderella: I just have to change into my magic dress. Ariel: Oh! Well that’s convenient! Cinderella: There! Now I have my magic dress on! Ariel: I just need to turn into a mermaid now. Ariel: That’s better! Now we’re ready to go! Ariel: Now that we’re all transformed and are able to go down under the ocean, Ariel: I just need to call my magic seahorse carriage. Ariel: Let’s go! Ariel: Welcome to my castle under the sea, Cinderella! Cinderella: Wow, it’s beautiful! Ariel: Let’s go in and see Flounder, now. I’m sure he’s lonely. Ariel: Oh, Flounder! Flounder: Ariel! Hey, I missed you so much! Ariel: I thought you did, that’s why I brought my friend, Cinderella! Cinderella: Hi, Flounder! It’s nice to meet you! Flounder: Oh, wow! Cinderella! I’ve heard a lot about you! Ariel: So what are you up to today, Flounder? Flounder: Oh, nothing. I was just taking a nap. Ariel: You need a new friend, I think. Cinderella: We could probably help with that! Let’s go help Flounder find a new friend! Flounder: That sounds great! Ariel: This calls for my extra big seahorse carriage! Seahorse: Neeeeigh!!! Cinderella: Wow. That is extra big! Ariel: Everybody in! Sebastian: So where are we goin’? Ariel: Well, we need to find Flounder a new friend. Sebastian: Alright, here we go! Sebastian: *Singing* Under the sea! Under the sea! Sebastian: *Singing* Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me! Sebastian: *Singing* Out on the shore, they work all day! Out in the sun they slave away! Sebastian: *Singing* While we be boating, what are you? Floating! Under the sea! Sebastian: Alright, everybody out! Flounder: I am so excited to find a new friend! Ariel: I see someone over there! Ariel: Oh. Hi! Cinderella: Who are you? Patrick: I’m Patrick! Flounder: Oh, hi, Patrick. I’m Flounder! Patrick: I’m Patrick! Cinderella: Uh, are you…? What are you? Are you a starfish? Patrick: I’m Patrick! Flounder: Um… Ariel? He’s a little funny… Ariel: Well, that just means he’ll make you laugh all the time! Flounder: …That’s true… well, Patrick, you wanna be friends? Patrick: I’m Patrick! Flounder: Sounds good to me! Flounder: Yay! We’re friends! Patrick: I’m Patrick! Ariel: We did a good deed for the day! Cinderella: I feel good about being a princess! Both: Yay! Princess friends forever! Everyone: Woo! Ya! Patrick: I’m Patrick! Flounder: I’ll go down the slide! Patrick: Patrick!!! Ariel: That looks fun! Ariel: Weeee! Patrick: I’m Patrick! Don’t forget to like and “sumscribe”!

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