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Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Aurora and Friends Klip Klop Jasmine

Kinder Playtime! Yay! Mom: Hi, guys! Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Mom: Ya, are you ready? We have some princess stuff for you guys today! Emily: Ya! Mom: You want to show them the first one? Emily: Um, this one. Mom: Ya! Show them what we got! Can you show them? Emily: Aurora! Mom: Aurora. And who else? Mom: Fairies! Emily: Fairies! Mom: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. And the other toy we have today is… Mom: …Princess Jasmine Klip Klop. Mom: So which one do you want to open? Mom: Ok, so we’re opening the Little People ones first! Emily: Ya! Mom: Well, they’re all Little People, but we’re opening the… Mom: …the actual Little People, not the Klip Klops. Here we go! Emily: Here we go! Emily: Ah! Mom: Aurora. Mom: And that’s, uh… Fauna. Mom: Can you get her? Mom: Flora. Mom: And Merryweather! Emily: Ya! Mom: Ok, we’re gonna see how they work on the dance floor of our songs palace. Aurora: Why, hello! My name is Princess Aurora! Aurora: What a glorious evening! Mom: Sounds like Princess Aurora works just like the regular Princess Aurora. Mom: But let’s see what the fairies do. Mom: Oh! Just the dance music! Mom: Looks like they all do the dance music. Mom: Ok. Emily, Yup! Mom: Ok, so here’s the original Aurora that we had. Mom: And this is the one that came in the pack with the fairies. Mom: You can tell that the crown is gold… Mom: …and she has more detail on her dress, like the different color – shades of pink. Mom: So… there’s the differences there. Mom: Which is kind of cool. Emily: Yep! Mom: What are we going to do in the palace today? Emily: I don’t know! Mom: We have our fairy friends over! Is she going to fly away? Emily: No. Mom: Wee! Emily: Wee! Mom: Alright, now we’re opening our Princess Jasmine Little People Klip Klop figure. Mom: It took us forever to find her, didn’t it? Emily: Yes! Mom: We couldn’t find her anywhere! And then we finally did! Emily: Ya! Mom: So, here we go! Emily: She – she’s here! She’s here now! Mom: Mhm. Emily: Wow! Mom: Cool! Mom: Ok! So, like the other Klip Klop figures, Mom: this one also came with a Klip Klop ramp and a feeding trough. Mom: So let’s see how she goes down the way! Mom: In the Klip Klop castle. Emily: She fits! Mom: Mhm! Mom: Let’s try her on this one. Emily: She goings down. Mom: Here’s all her friends! Emily: I see Aurora. Emily: I coming! Mom: Where’s Jasmine? Here she is! Emily: Here she is. Emily: My fall! Uh oh! Mom: You want to make them dance? Emily: Ya! I wanna. Emily: I’m up here. Emily: Oops, sorry. Aurora: Thanks for the magic lesson, fairies! Merryweather: Oh, you’re welcome! We love seeing you, Princess Aurora! Merryweather: We have to go run now, though! Merryweather: We have to go teach some princes and princesses at the Royal Prep Academy. Merryweather: Bye! Flora: We love you, sweetheart! Fauna: See you later! Aurora: I’m so excited because today is my friend Jasmine’s first day on a horse! Let’s go! Aurora: Oh my goodness! Jasmine, are you ready to get on a horse for the first time? Jasmine: Ya, I’m really excited, but I’m really nervous, too! Ariel: Oh, don’t be nervous. The first time I got on a horse was just fine. Cinderella: Ya, you don’t have anything to be afraid of! Rapunzel: Me and Maximus will be right next to you! Jasmine: Thanks, Rapunzel, I really appreciate that. Let’s… just get this over with! Aurora: Let’s go! Aurora: Alright! Here’s the royal stable, everyone! Jasmine: Ok, well… how do I get on my horse? Aurora: All you do is walk up to this door… Aurora: …go in the stable, and… Aurora: …out you come on your horse! Jasmine: Well, that seems simple enough. But can I see it a couple more times? Ariel: Sure! I’ll go next! Ariel: You just go in the stable… Ariel: …and out on your horse! Cinderella: In the stable… Cinderella: …out on your horse! Rapunzel: Alright. You go next, Jasmine. Jasmine: Are you sure? Rapunzel: Ya, absolutely! And then me and Maximus will be right behind you! Jasmine: Ok, here I go! It’s my first time! Jasmine: Wow! This is so cool! And a little scary… I don’t know if I like it! Rapunzel: Ok. You just stay put. I’ll be right back. Rapunzel: Alright! We’re ready to go! Jasmine: Ok… ok… I feel a little weird on this horse, but ok! Aurora: Alright, let’s go guys! Jasmine: Wow! Wow! Rapunzel: It’s ok, calm down, Jasmine. Cinderella: This will be so fun! Ariel: Ya! Ariel: What a great day this is! Cinderella: Ya! Jasmine: Wow! Wow! Jasmine: Are you guys sure this is safe? Rapunzel: It’s safe, quit freaking out, Jasmine! Jasmine: Oh my gosh, this hill’s so big! Rapunzel: Keep going! Aurora: This is the last part. Now we jump! Aurora: Wee! Cinderella: Yay! Ariel: Woohoo! Jasmine: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Aaah! Rapunzel: Yay! Let’s go, Maximus! Woohoo! Jasmine: Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to die! Rapunzel: But you didn’t! You survived! Ariel: Wasn’t that fun? Jasmine: You know… it was kind of exciting! I love new adventures! Cinderella: Told you so! We knew you’d like it! Rapunzel: Your horse is a little crazy, but… that’s ok! Aurora: Ya! That was a lot of fun! I’m glad we could share your first day on a horse, Jasmine! Jasmine: Thanks, you guys! You’re so supportive! I love being a princess! All: Yaaay! Leave us a like! Write us a comment! And “sumscribe”! Click the link for more Kinder Playtime videos. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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