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Fisher-Price Melodili Zebra Yürüteç Kurulum ve İnceleme

Fisher-Price Melodili Zebra Yürüteç Kurulum ve İnceleme

I hope you’ll explore the Fisher-Price Melody Zebra Walker toy together. With two different modes of play, this zebra grows with your baby and accompanies your baby while both sitting and standing and walking. The Fisher-Price® Zodie with Melodious Walker is your baby’s best friend in every respect to encourage your baby to take his first steps from developing his senses and motor skills! Rotate, flip the page, roll, plug, turn! This zebra has lots of fun activity for sitting toddlers! Your baby learns new things by turning the pages of the book or by pressing the lighted buttons. With the handle that is easily grasped when he starts to walk and a sturdy 4-wheeled base, this toy supports him in his first steps. With fun music that encourages your baby to move, your baby learns to walk faster. 2 different game modes!
Seated play – Includes many practical activities to explore – There is also a book that can be translated for entertaining music, and light buttons that can be printed Standing up and walking – The walker encourages your baby with fun music to take the first steps
• Supports your baby’s first steps with an easily gripping handle and a sturdy 4-wheel base It also helps your baby develop senses and motor skills.
• Improve your baby’s fine motor skills with many applied activities
• Helps your baby to stand up, walk, and lie down to help your baby develop rough motor skills. • Vibrant colors, music, lights, and textures draw your baby’s attention and help improve all of your key senses

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