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Fisher Price Mutlu Düşler Dönence (Türkçe )

Fisher Price Mutlu Düşler Dönence (Türkçe )

I’ve taken into my baby and used for a long time Fisher Price happy dreams I would recommend everyone to turn to the sound of a rotating ideal product for a comfortable sleep your baby Product features
With new reflexions bringing soft reflections and relaxing music to the rooms, the babies will fall asleep with their new dreams While babies are listening to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart classics or a lullaby in Turkish, soft friends will turn on their heads. Classical music or lullabies play for up to 20 minutes. The main section connected to the cot can be used as a dimly lit jukebox when the baby grows. Thanks to its remote control, the baby can be played without turning on the baby or playing music. The Lil çalış Laugh & Learn ™ Happy Dreams Rotation Works with 3 “D” alkaline batteries and the remote control works with 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries.

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