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Fisher Price Nesting Balls!  Counting and Sorting!  EWMJ #90

Fisher Price Nesting Balls! Counting and Sorting! EWMJ #90

Welcome, Explorers! I’m Mrs. Jon! [sproing] Oh, Pocky! Do you have an egg for me today? [cluck] That is such a tiny egg! Oh, I wonder what’s inside. What could fit in such a small egg? What is that? It’s a little rubber ducky! How cute is
that! Do you use a rubber ducky in your bath? Do you know what a duck says? [quack quack] Well, look what I found at the market today! I found these stacking bowls! They have a hole right down the middle of
them. Can you see the little rubber ducky? And they’re different colors. They can stack like this. They can stack like that. So, we have one, two, three, four, five, six! Oh, do they even have numbers on them? This has a one. Two! Three! Where is it? Four! Can you see that? Five! Six! One, two, three, four, five, six. What else can we do with these? We can make them into a ball. There’s a ball! There’s another ball. There’s another one. Whoops, sorry, rubber ducky! So, we have three balls. One, two, three. Another thing we can do with these is we can
take these apart and put this ball in there. I’m going to put this one in there! Can you see the rubber ducky? There he is! So, now we have one ball. Tricky! There we go. We have different colors, too. This one’s green. This one is light green, kind of a lime color. This one is – what color is this one? Yellow. This one is sort of a light orange color. What color is this one? Orange. And this one is what color? Red. Let’s sort them one last time. One, two, three, four, five, six! Did you find my baby chick hiding in this
video? Thank you for visiting me in my kitchen today.
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