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Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker Review

Hi there. This is the Fisher-Price Newborn
to Toddler Rocker. This is one of my top must-haves for baby
gear. And let me tell you, it has been a real life saver so far. It’s great because it
is big and comfortable, has a removable and flexible toy bar and is portable. First, what is great about this rocker is
that it’s pretty big and comfortable. It can be used as the baby grows and he becomes
a toddler. It has two seat positions, one for newborns and babies who cannot sit without
support and the other one for babies who can sit. This feature is for toddlers and can
be easily adjusted. This is the static position, but it can be
converted into a rocker very easily. It has vibrations to soothe a newborn. I used the
vibrations more in the first 6 months. The toy bar is great. You can vary its position.
Baby can look at the toys from different angles, which is important in the first few months.
The two toys on the toy bar are entertaining and they can help baby practice grasping. Also, in the first 6 months, I used to hang
his favourite toy. He loved this dog and he would kick it with his feet. This way he got
some exercising in the rocker too. He would also analyze it closely and was captivated
by the different textures and sounds. Once your baby grows, you can remove the toy
bar. The cover is colourful, soft, can be removed
and is machine washable. The rocker is easy to move around the house
– in the kitchen or in the back yard. It can be folded when baby isn’t using it or if
you’re travelling. This is different from a swing. In my experience,
if you have the space, it’s good to have both. Baby will have a different position
in the rocker. Baby can sit here when he is playing or you can integrate this in his bedtime
routine. A top must have for me. Thanks for watching this video! If you have
any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below. Come back next week
for a new video!

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