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Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleepers Recalled After More Than 30 Infant Deaths | NBC Nightly News

Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleepers Recalled After More Than 30 Infant Deaths | NBC Nightly News

48 comments on “Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleepers Recalled After More Than 30 Infant Deaths | NBC Nightly News

  1. how do you prevent a baby from rolling over in a cot or a bed? They lie still and don't turn over if it's flat?

  2. The company calculates what costs more; lawsuits from dead baby's parents, or a recall. Once too many babies die, the recall becomes cheaper. That's why you see companies wait to recall dangerous products like this.

  3. They are not called sleepers. It's called a Rock n' Play. Babies aren't supposed to sleep in it. They are for you to get things done while watching your baby in the rock n' play.

  4. So one baby's death wasn't enough??!
    All about not wanting to face lawsuits over a defective product,so they keep it on the market,nothing like good old fashion greed, right Fisher Price??

  5. Identifying stolen money purchases, this is a new form of prosecution. Stolen Money buying; sensitive goods, prosecution death. Managed Audit, recall may not be needed. However continue procedures.

  6. Kinda strange that MS13DNC is reporting on this. Because we all know how much liberals love em some dead babys.

  7. 32 infant deaths? Something tells me this has less to do with a faulty sleeper, and a lot more to do with faulty parents. There are so many shitheads out there that have absolutely no business raising children. They put the babies in the sleeper and then zone out on their smart phone in the next room.

  8. Issue; ABSTRACT JUDGMENT, Show Cause. PERIODT. Thanks for ripping my TICA BAG. 😎. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. ☠💀.

  9. Finally, but how can you misuse a baby rocker? Isnt it to rock them to sleep? Why scold the parents more with the unnecessary statements like that. Seems like it was said out of guilt but no accountability on their part. Still sad 🙏

  10. This is deliberately splashing dirty water on the company. Since there is no evidence that the product has potential safety hazards. as long as it is used according to the instructions, it is safe. Why force recall? Every year, more than 3000 babies die of choking milk. Do all babies have to stop breastfeeding?

  11. Ok, I get it, Fisher-Price manufactures a product that unfortunately was the cause of infant deaths. But what I don't understand is why these manufacturers of cribs, strollers, car seats, sleepers, etc. don't have quality control. This issue is not the first, and unfortunately, won't be the last. You'd think the conditions would be worked out before the product hits the shelves. What are these manufacturers thinking? Where's their brains, up their collective butt?

  12. And how long did these irresponsible parents leave them in this device unattended, I bet more than a few hours right

  13. 🤣😅😅😅😂😅😂😅😁😍😍😉🤨🤨😁😅😁🤣😁🤣😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. 32 in 4.7 million sleepers, and all of the articles say the children were unrestrained when they rolled onto their sides or stomach.
    It's a tragedy for a child to die in this manner

  15. Life is main cost of consumerism, extreme effort of careful consideration has to be made in all wants and needs prior of releasing merchandises and purchasing.

  16. The news said the recall is from babies who would roll over because they were UNRESTRAINED! If the product wanted the babies to be put in it freely they would have made it without seatbelts. It’s not the company’s fault if they issue warning instructions and then parents disregard them.

  17. If we calculate sudden death sindrom than 32 babies is not a number as we need to calculate how many of them had this syndrome. As it is not possible to determine the cause of death for this syndrome we cannot blam the company nor the parents. I suppose that the parents kept an eye on their babies not just left the whole room. These kind of chairs are produced worldwide and are not a good solution for babies at all. They are detrimental for babies health. Babies have delays in sitting, walking and running. Stay away from these, no matter whether it is Fisher or some other company. Fisher Price has lots of nice toys their fault is only that they were keeping up with the current trends. There are still billions of these chairs out there producd by other companies. My advice is to stay away from these things.

  18. Omg my baby loves this thing my 2 yr old used it for 6mths tell he started turning I stopped using now my 4mth uses it and loves it stop blaming the product it's the parents who need to watch there kids when there in it and if a baby is turning hello stop using it,that baby looked to big to be in it dont blam the product and really after 32 deaths really it should have been right after the 1st death!

  19. Oh PLEASE people! The couple shown is this highlighted story are negligent. Period. I watched them in a another interview and they 1) omitted buckling up the child, 2) The child was 5 months old during the time of the tragic death. But the warning label clearly states the 5 months (or when the child is able to rollover) is too big for the rock-n-play! 3) The father admits he went to sleep while the child was in the rock-n-play which means he left the child UNATTENDED. Which AGAIN the warning label states NOT to do (and by the way is common sense). America has truly become the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY . . .to get a quick buck!!!

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