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Fisher-Price Silly Safari Swirlin’ Surprise Elephant Review

Fisher-Price Silly Safari Swirlin’ Surprise Elephant Review

Hi everyone! This is the Swirling’ Surprise
Elephant by Fisher-Price. This is a toy that is for babies 9 months and up. I just bought this
from Toys R Us and let’s see what’s inside. So this is the assembled toy. It took around
5 minutes to assemble. So in terms of developmental benefits for your baby, this will develop
his gross motor skills where the baby will sit up to play and chase after the balls. His
fine motor skills where he will be grasping the balls and putting them in the trunk and interacting
with the balls. There are 4 balls and baby will start putting the balls into the trunk
and there will be music. And
the baby will chase after the balls. There is also a snail here that the baby can play
with. And a little toy right at the bottom. The base is pretty sturdy. Thank you very
much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you have any questions or comments,
please leave them in the section below. And thanks so much again and I’ll talk to you
guys soon!

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