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Fisher Price Toys Review | Thomas & Friends TrackMaster – Timothy & Fiery Flynn | Thomas Train Toys

Fisher Price Toys Review | Thomas & Friends TrackMaster – Timothy & Fiery Flynn | Thomas Train Toys

hi guys welcome to the family toy review
and we have a Fisher-Price Toy Review of a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Timothy train and we have to let me show you how we
have a surprise for you today and our Fiery Flynn Trackmaster from Thomas and Friends trains. yeah i mean getting Ron we’re good we’re
at this room fisher price is a little surprised I wasn’t certain region can you take a picture box program oh
that’s open and see what’s inside yeah there you go here wow what is that Timothy can you give Timothy to me
please you can put it in my mouth is my order
too small thank you this is timothy here we go can you believe all good thanks help me
out all right the Trackmaster you going either Timothy eat your help you find their way i do it i heard the video
follow me it’s also a license plate number go back honey I plan I didn’t I I played I can with evil ends getting up there is
going to be I’ll be out here very very educated sorry to be there sorry yeah yeah yeah are you very good your caboose there you go yeah huh this is a Timothy trackmaster
motorized engine we got this from fisher price there’s a Timothy Victor fiery Flynn we
have fiery Flynn we have this one Charlie and fearless
Freddy the lettuce on do a review on and we pick Timothy J didn’t actually chose
Timothy and I think he chose Timothy because out of all the other engines and
it was pretty brightly colored so maybe that’s why he chose it not sure and so let’s open around Jane open it 11 yeah you opened no you’re right he has no batteries yet
so I wonder what kind of train Timothy is well look that up because I’ve got a
new idea yes Timothy this is his face is what Timothy space
looks like Timothy this is a very good-looking engine I’ll
put some batteries near and we’ll see him run one of those faster Timothy or this this year Timothy catching up I guess
there’s a little bit faster when is a faster engine I’m gonna be yeah oil burning right
everybody you get your friend to get this thing
going it’s gonna be you it’s going to be your
brain into thinking that maybe you can even use him as a human there is right on his bumper please read
his number and then and then she was gonna come and rescue the day with
Thomas went through my Thomas E string , string oh my god midnight rose gordon and it
was Gordon Gordon came out of nowhere and he bumped him off the rails Gordon why did you do that because on
the best Sinjin there’s no racing without me on the super fast stream like
Gordon shootings are boarded and who’s master Thomas faster ok extra week he said that look this is not all will race Thomas
family look up oh yeah where’s Thomas let’s do a race all right
Thomas race oh it’s the golden Tony so I Thomas
you’re a golden time huh all and like I most Dreamliner hi thomas , say hi Carol I Thomas what are you doing Thomas what are you doing on while
you’re watching some movies that’s cool I movie are going to watch
on this fall we turn Oh Thomas and Friends day of the diesels
are on this wall on the street okay well Thomas is too busy watching
diesel movie so i’ll just race them another day okay Thomas all right bye-bye hey guys do you know Timothy is an
oil-burning steam locomotive she’s not coal burning like the other
trains and there’s an SEC on the SE C stands for sort of china clay company
that’s where he works and he isn’t he’s an oil-burning engine I guess that’s what this stuff is here
and he is modeled after the bell locomotive open steam engine and he’s
modeled after these trains and if you look there is Timothy right here cold compress that’s taken place
commission some of these other trains these are one
he’s modeled after us the one with the big picture and then
suddenly with this is like a toy one let’s get the real one is a real one so it’s a little bit different he’s just the kids one but his model
that can use or learning offering steam trains come on now ok Jane and want to look up fiery Flynn ok let’s look them up here let’s look out fiery Flynn hello friend here we go the onion is a fire engine part of the
search and rescue team and about this train is a hybrid design based on a
trauma Oshkosh and Latino fire rescue vehicles he’s but look up a 1964 oshkosh rescue
four innings well first first local so Flynn his
design most closely resembles 1964 oshkosh fire rescue it looks just like it almost time wow
LOL so this is a color picture he does look like that one what’s the yellow another priority and I can finally this
was a different one that’s back when it all this is an Amish
cost of some kind of truck it’s pretty cool huh maybe it is yeah small blue yeah let me know what we’re gonna stay on
this – you yeah what’s wrong with you plant these rules
are broken yeah yeah ok yeah try the other missing you maybe it needs to be this way are you okay God yeah

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