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Fisher Towers Moab Utah Adventure

Fisher Towers Moab Utah Adventure

Well it time to escape the snow and the cold and head down to the warm desert of Utah rolled in late last night it’s absolutely a beautiful day out not a cloud in the sky which can make for some interesting landscapes always like a little bit of clouds always helps so we’re going to do a little drone flight around here and then we’re gonna head over to the fisher towers will be the backcountry backpacking there should be a pretty good day coming up Boy this is turning into quite a hike but it’s absolutely gorgeous up here definitely a getting my workout probably the hardest condition to try to shoot landscapes in got perfectly blue sky and just harsh sunlight right now so i have to get a little creative on how I do some of my shots I’m finding when you grab like a or get like an old tree or some grass or some rock formation in the foreground with a wide-angle kind of pull up some interesting photographs looks I’ve lost the trail I need to hike up the ridge to get back on it two-and-a-half mile hike more like a two-and-a-half mile royal ass kicker talk about getting my butt handed to me on this one that’s pretty amazing every corner has a pretty amazing photograph beautiful up here unbelievable country up around this area definitely worth the hike well this turned out to be a good call to come up here for today definitely pretty amazing hike kind of bummer the lighting was a little better for some better landscapes but definitely feeling pretty relaxed always enjoy these adventures into the backcountry it’s always fun going into places where most people will never get to see pretty amazing if you ever chance to come over this part of the country definitely gotta do you hike back here great way to end a beautiful day

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