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Fisher ValveLink DTM Installation and Setup

Fisher ValveLink DTM Installation and Setup

Hello today I’m going to show you how to
install ValveLink TTM for Fieldvue instruments onto your computer. To begin
start up your installation media. It comes on the CD, a flash drive, or digital
download. I will be installing the software from the flash drive so I’m
going to go ahead and start up the software. Ok this is the first window
that shows up. These are just the different types of ValveLink software
that you can install but today we’re just going to focus on ValveLink TTM. So
go ahead and check the box and then click Next. Accept the terms of the license
agreement by clicking next and then here you can change the destination folder of
the program but I’m going to leave it at its default. So click Next and then to
confirm the installation click finish. This will take a couple of minutes so
I’m just going to bring up the first window that pops up when it’s done
installing. Ok you do need a license to run ValveLink software and that usually
comes on a hardware key so make sure that it’s plugged in before hitting ok.
I’ve got mine plugged in and that’s how I’ll be licensing my software today. So
click OK. Here are the features that are associated with your hardware key. Go
through the list and make sure everything looks ok. If it does click yes
and then click Next. Ok now register your software. Type in
your information. It pulled up most of mine for me so I’m just going to
register the software under Emerson. Click Next. Okay that was done successfully so we’re
going to click finish to finish the license wizard and here’s the Readme
information. You can pause the video and read that if you want but I’m not
going to. Click Next and now go ahead and restart your computer and when we’ll
come back we’ll install our FDT. Okay ValveLink should have successfully
installed onto your computer. Now we’re going to install the FTT. I’m going to
use PACTware from I’m going to click the software tab and then I’m
just going to install the newest version of PACTware. That’s a pretty big
download so that’ll take a couple minutes but when it’s done installing
open up the folder and then we’re going to unzip it. I’m just going to unzip it
into the Downloads folder. I’m going to click OK and then click close and now
we’re going to open the folder that was just created. I’m going to start the
installation by clicking windows installer PACTware file. Click Next
to begin the setup wizard. Accept the terms of the license agreement and here
you can change the destination folder. I’m not going to. Click Next and then
click install to install PACTware. Okay click finish and PACTware
should have successfully installed. Now we’re going to start up the software. Okay this is the main screen of PACTware. First we’re going to start by going up to view and then making sure
device catalog is highlighted. Now we’re going to go over to the right and click
on the tab. These are the drivers that should have been installed when we
installed ValveLink PACTware should have found them all but we’re going to
update the device catalog as a precaution just to make sure. So click
yes and now we’re going to check it and it doesn’t look like anything changed so
that just means that PACTware found all of the drivers so that’s good.
Now we’re going to get the HART communication DTM driver that will allow
us to use Fieldvue instruments. I’m going to get those from
On the side bar here click downloads and then click software. That’ll bring up
the list of drivers. We want the HART communication DTM driver. You do need an
account to download it from this website but it’s free, easy to do. So once you
have that go ahead and download the driver. I have my driver here already on
the desktop. So I’m going to open that up and start the application. Okay we’re gonna click Next to begin the
setup wizard and accept the terms of the license agreement and then type in your
user and organization information. Mine was pulled up for me and then click
install to install the driver. Okay now that’s completed we’re going to click finish
and we’re going to open back up PACTware. Okay now you don’t see the HART
communication driver at the moment so we’re going to update the device catalog.
Go back to the device catalog and now you can see it there at the bottom. So
that was installed correctly so now we can go ahead and add devices. I’m going
to go up here to device and then add device. I’m going to highlight the HART
communication and then click OK and now it shows up under the device tag list.
Now I’m going to highlight that and then click add device to add our Fieldvue
instrument. I have a DVC6200 plugged in so I’m going to highlight that one to
add. You just add whichever one you have plugged in and now that was added so
we’re going to connect. Okay it was successfully connected so now
you can see the device type, the status, and everything and you can know it’s
connected when the symbol is green. So now we’re going to go up to device and
we’re going to go to additional functions in ValveLink DTM and this is
how you access the DCM software so you can communicate with your Fieldvue
instrument. Okay that is it for how to install and setup ValveLink DTM.

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