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Fisher Willow and Jimmy Dobbyn || Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

Fisher Willow and Jimmy Dobbyn || Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

why don’t you look at me? I don’t know what you want you me? yes why? You know what she done? to escort me to these agonizing parties she measured me for clothes to take her to Memphis parties and you’re the cynosure of all female eyes at the party I’ve missed you Jimmy You know what I could do I almost never feel really peaceful you know I could serve Fisher Willow as more than an escort to parties don’t go yet why are you so anxious to leave? she’s hinted repeatedly that she’d like… intimacy with me I’m not anxious he hasn’t responded to your courtship as you’d expected are you hurt Fisher? Mama it’s Jimmy Do you know what’s happened? One of my teardrop diamonds has fallen off She’s very cross with you Jimmy. I hope she doesn’t think you’re responsible for the loss It fell in a pocket of your jacket you think I got it on me? yea mad as hops and I think I know why search the pockets I will do no such thing (but I do shudder for you) you don’t understand me yet Jimmy Does anybody? (because you want somebody to love you that you love) I don’t like people but sometimes I like one person (and you don’t know how to arrange that) and do I have the honor of being the one you liked? till you lost your teardrop diamond why else would I be here with you please you want me to leave you with her I don’t suppose we’ll ever see each other again goodbye Jimmy goodbye Vinnie don’t turn your back on me I want to know why you told them I bought clothes for you well why did you fisher? are you gonna drink like your father? Fisher I think you can do better than me I don’t agree since it’s only you that I want Your mother could be removed from that dreadful place and as for me well… no one will ever love me but you could get used to me

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  1. I don’t know why it’s considered a romantic movie when there isn’t much between them, it’s most definitely a drama not really a romance movie. I don’t understand why Fisher would want him when he literally shoves his indifference in her face by choosing Vinny to go out to the porch with him, then running off and having sex with her, and earlier implying to the rest of the party she hired him. i don’t understand why he’d want Vinny anyways she didn’t come across very likeable and he found out she kept the diamond and let the whole fiasco with Fisher run its course but then he gets angry with Fisher when Vinny gives it back reluctantly to not make Vinny feel or look bad. I understand why he is angry in his situation but he came off as a real jerk at the end of the movie.

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