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Fisherman finds smiling frog in the mouth of fish he caught

An amateur fisherman was amazed when he found
a live tree frog in the mouth of his catch of the day. Angus James had the shock of his
life when he was removing the hook from the mouth of the perch he had caught – and came
eye to eye with the tree frog looking up at him. He opened the mouth of the jungle fish
he’d caught in North Queensland, Australia, to pull out his lure when he noticed the big-eyed
amphibian nestled in the throat of the perch. “I was shocked,” James told News Limited in
Australia. “I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked. I always carry
a camera, so I took the pic and then he jumps out.” The surprising picture has become an
overnight sensation after James posted it to his Facebook page, earning 40,000 likes
and 2000 comments. James, who put the fish back in the water after capturing his prize
winner on camera, said people are thrilled the frog got a second chance in life. He said:
“It has gone all around the world. So many people have shared it. There’s people commenting
on the photo in languages I don’t even understand. “Everyone keeps saying the frog got its second
chance in life.”

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