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Fisherman rescued white shark, here is what
the shark did to thank him! Hi there guys! I think a lot of you heard about sharks attacking
people. Most of the time this unfortunate encounters
happen to fishermen, surfers, and other people who like to be close to water. The tale you’re gonna hear today will surprise
you and hopefully it will make you rethink some stuff about your own lives. So
one time Australian fisherman Arnold Pointer was cruising on his boat near the sea shore
when all of a sudden he noticed a white shark stuck in a net trying to get out of it. Those types of nets are especially designed
to keep the predators away from the coast and to make sure that people can swim safely. Arnold noticed straight away that the shark
was quite big. 6 meters long actually. He felt sorry for it and decided to try and
set it free. And so what happened next was very unusual. Instead of just getting the hell out of that
area, the shark started chasing Arnold’s boat. But it wasn’t trying to attack the guy,
it was just following him in a friendly way. And so no matter where he went, the shark
would always follow. Perhaps it was her way of saying thank you
to the man. Because of this stalking, Arnold couldn’t
catch anything at all. And so now he doesn’t know what to do about
this very unusual bond. He can’t get rid of the shark and there
are a few reasons for that. First, he kind of got used to the idea and
second, white sharks are protected by the government. According to Arnold, whenever he stops, the
sharks comes and turns on its back offering the man to scratch it’s neck and belly. At times like these the shark reminds of a
cat. It’s wiggling it’s tail and seems all
happy and satisfied. Despite the fact that sharks are usually big
and savage, the probability that a shark would attack a human is very low. In fact, humans are a much greater threat
to sharks. There are only 4 types of sharks that are
dangerous for people. And those are quite rare. Some of them are nearly extinct as it happens. Even the great white shark is in the red book
for that matter. By the way, sharks mostly feed on plankton
and smaller fish. They rarely attack seals, not to mention human
beings. If you like beaches then the probability of
you being attacked by a shark is 1 to 11.5 million. And being eaten is 1 to 264.1 million. Every year in US over 3000 people drown. And only 1 human gets eaten by a shark. If things develop the way they do, soon enough,
humans will destroy not only sharks but other animals too. Even those species that live on the planet
for millions of years now. So that’s long beforehumansevenappeared. Butinourworld, everythingisinterconnected
and we do a lot of harm to what’s around us then it will most likely strike right back
at us. So we better be careful. Thanks for watching this video guys! Press the like button if you enjoyed watching
it and share it with your friends so they know that white sharks are having it rough! Thanksagain, seeyounexttime!

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