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Fishers of Men: A Bible Story for Children

Fishers of Men: A Bible Story for Children

What happened is, the fishermen
were actually fishing. Some guys were
fishing in the water, and they didn’t get any fish. And Jesus came
down to the beach. And they saw Jesus, and Jesus
said, “If you come to me, you’ll be fishermans.” Fishermens? He said, “Follow me, and
you will be great fishers.” “I would make you
indeed a fisherman.” Fishermen. Fisher of fish. Fisher of fish. I’m pretty sure they
became fishers of men. “Come unto me, and I will
make you fishers of men.” When they heard that, they
didn’t just say, “Maybe later.” They just stopped
what they were doing, and they came and
followed Jesus. And they didn’t hesitate at all. They climbed out of the boat
and started following Him. And they just
stopped their boat. They followed Him, and
they became the Apostles. He wanted them to be Apostles,
like, fish for people to gather to come listen to Jesus. Fish for people. They helped other people. They taught them about
Jesus and the gospel. They probably told
people about the Church and told good things about
it and helped the poor. And wanted to be
missionaries and gather up people to believe in Jesus. They helped run the Church,
and they encouraged people to go to church. Jesus tells them what
to do, and they do it. He wants us to follow
the commandments, always pray, and read our scriptures. We can obey His commandments. He wants us to be like Him and
help others and teach people about the gospel.

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