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Fishey Bizness Seafood, Fish Tacos, Gumbo, H.Cherdon’s Austin Food Truck Adventures 2.19 Trucklandia

It’s Truck by Truckwest 2014. This is the
Fishey Bizness Seafood Company. I actually had a chance to try these guys last year and
they make a fantastic fish taco. Let’s see what kind of samples they have today. We’re here for Truck by Truckwest. Oh ok cool. What we’re doing is we have a
gumbo, a small gumbo we’re doing and a fried fish taco on a corn tortilla. The gumbo has
La Barbacue turkey and La Barbacue sausage in it. And it’s really good. That sounds delicious! I love me some gumbo. Yeeeeeah! That sounds delicious. I got a couple cups ready for ya’ll. Oh wow! Thank you. Hi! How ya doing? Ooo! Way to go man. Fried fish tacos with an avocado ranch salsa
on top. Ah! Look at that. We’re here at the Fishey Bizness Seafood Company
and I’m with my friend Aslan Hollier. Yeah, let’s start with the gumbo. Very good. It is good. I got to get me a piece of sausage. There’s um, there’s like a smokey flavor to
it. So what we have here is a little food truck
crossover promotion. It’s great! What is in this gumbo is actually La Barbecue turkey
and sausage. La Barbacue’s right over there. Yep. So this is some serious crossover. It’s
really good. I quite like it. Definitely coming back here. That is a loaded fresh taco. Haha! Looks good
huh? It does. Alright, I’m going do it. This is… fried
fish. He said avocado ranch right? Yeah, avocado ranch, tomatoes, red onions.
This is great! I’m digging in. Mmm. Mmmmm. I like that.
Gotta have it. Arrrrrrrggg! The sauce is especially good. Basically I
like this fish taco because it’s not too fishy, which is good. I like it. Alright, I guess that means that we need to
head on to our other trailers. We got a whole bunch so… I know. See you guys at the next one. This one was delicious, so I’m definitely
here to tip. Haha!

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