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Fishing Alamo lake Arizona with Jerry Suk #151

Fishing Alamo lake Arizona with Jerry Suk #151

just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’Boys it’s the good ol’Boys yep it’s that time again to drop a line
so sit back and relax and let’s go fishing again come along as we join John
Shaw and today’s special guest reel em in on fishing with the good ol’ Boys good fishing! just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’Boys gone fishing again it’s the good ol’Boys gone fishing again…….. [music stinger] [Splash] good morning folks I’m John Shaw at
Alamo Lake this morning and it’s a going to be a great day Jerry Zuk with
us Jerry what he got there on a line there already but I got a baby
smallmouth or large mouth. one of the two you stay put we’ll be right back from
Alamo a great day to come Ok Jerry…There he is! oh you got another. yeah! man oh man! little bit better fish he looks better yeah Spinner baits [splash] Ok..time time to go after mama I got the word this is a good Lake to throw black in chartreuse
oh I got a little grub on here you caught one a little while
ago on the same grub didn’t you. yeah that’s a good lookin grub alright we are convinced all we have to do is convince them come on that do you think Alamo Jer first
time down here huh. it’s a beautiful Lake all kinds of stickups that’s something you
don’t normally see in Arizona that’s for sure come on fish nice spinner bait huh. so what do you do
change the blades on I noticed there you got a little couple secrets there I hate
to give too many of them away but ah come no, come listen to this what he does [laughter] aw… there he is! alright Jer! that’s a little better fish little better way to go you know Jerry offered me
one of the spinner baits about three minutes ago and I said Na where’s my
spinner bait buddy [laughter] give me one of those black weapons there one of them special models
let’s show the folks what it is What they’ve done here is a mylar trailer it’s
pretty tough to see it just looks white as it’s out of the water the real key is
watching it work in the water maybe we get a shot of what it looks like in the
water real nice it’s something a little bit different folks haven’t.. the fish haven’t seen
before and the folks haven’t seen it either. yeah well they need to. I know it’s working I
know.. they need to because it does work Oh where’s mine bud well that’s a bait
box is down there it’s just full of them so you can take your pick right under the console
okay let me go back here and get it. I ain’t no dummy [laughter] do you got him.. all right Jer! alright
here he comes alright!. looks like the brother of the ones we’ve been catching
yeah it looks like a decent fish let me get out of the way here all right about 12
incher. yeah maybe 13 okay let’s go find some bigger ones
I like that spinnerbait buddy. catch and release we’ll come back next year and
catch that guy you got it you know I don’t know it’s just one of those things
is my third year fishing these tournaments and some of the things
they’ve learned from the other guys going out fishing All Stars as a
non-boater is really paying off that’s the one thing you definitely get
out of this as a non boater is learning a lot of tricks. you got that right
what kind of baits to throw under what kind of conditions and you know like I
guess if someone’s really interested in learning how to catch fish there’s no
better way you can go hire a guide for a couple hundred bucks a day. or you can
spend 50 bucks and fish with the same guy in a tournament and still have a
chance at winning some money. so explain what a non-border is for the folks who
might not know Jerry. Well the non boaters is the guy that stands in the back of the boat and
fishes out of the back of the boat ah.. and basically oop there he is! and basically.. [laughter] alright Jerry this a hot bait [laughter] alright buddy oh another baby. a nice one let me out of the way here so the camera can see you operate but
I’m going to still fish. this is smallest one so far yeah you’re right that bait
catches on all log small basically what he’s doing slow rolling the bait for
rolling the bait trying to get it close to cover bring it over branches want it
drop you know you just got to change up it can be different from one day to the
next sometimes they want it fast sometimes they want it slow so it’s
something you just need to experiment until you start catching fish and take it from
there. you are catching them alright anyway back to that non-boater ah basically that, you know
he stands in the back of the boat and he goes where the boater goes and where
they take you to the best water show you the best lures. Yousee some of these great
fisherman you’re fishing right up close with them and yeah you know able to
learn a little secrets and all stuff that they they won’t tell you what
they’re doing but all you have to do is watch well yeah that’s out there to win
the tournament so they’re they’re doing their best to put fish in the boat and
you’re watching them do it success leaves clues is what I always
say. yeah all you got to do is be alert pay attention to what they’re doing and
a lot of times they won’t tell you what they’re doing but you know you got to
watch that’s right [laughter] oops! another distressed fisherman over there [laughter] using a special brand of language that
we use on a lake [laughter] we can’t say [music stinger] I am going to drag this old grub across here I guess you are still
throwing those blades there you have been bite on the blades there he is! there he is! come on I just saw that bush over there I figured I throw the grub right in on it. whooooa! he is such a bad nasty boy he is getting excited there he is there he is.. come on come on. oop! sorry Jer [splash] alright Gamakatsu with the grub here nice little
bass here. see you when you grow up [splash] yeah keep throwing that spinner you are doing good with it the is the black grub we have out called the good old grub here hand poured [splash] all you got to do is pick up a new pole and you catch a fish whoa! what do you got him on a grub there. yeah
black grub if you smile nice we might put you on TV [laughter] Decent fish. yeah! [laughter] oh look at him go he is pretty fast. oh teah getting a little chunkier there he eat your grub real good on that one I will tell you that yeah he is little bigger fish I am going to push this guy over. he is catching to many fish there today you want to touch it? No! [laughter] nice job Jer you’re fired get out [laughter] looks
like we got to put a new grub on this one. man it’s too bad. I’ll try this grub
one more time Jer ion the bank over here. it looks like a good spot. Every spot on this
lake looks good actually [laughter] yeah that’s true come on fishy come on there’s a little one spit the hook spit
it out a slot fish here looks like the little ones that you catch an earlier
Jer they’re back they’re back they are everywhere!
okay get in there buddy grow up we may have to go somewhere else
on the lake and see if we can find some better fish well we’ll just work along this
bank here a little bit and maybe we’ll get up and go somewhere else
Oh be careful he is stuck somewhere is he in that tree back there. get us back there if
we can Ok it felt like a good fish come on out of
there he in some kind of tree or something ah darn it I will tell you in this lake you got to really rip the fish right out as soon you get em if you let them run a little bit and you got a problem jerk it! there he is! he is in the tree or something keep a little bit of pressure on if I can get him out of the tree he is decent fish too a real nice fish still on there I do not know hard to say I think I got them loose Jer all right
all right oh it looks like good fish oh yeah here he is he
is decent fish he’s a decent..whoa! come on, come on all right
Oh baby all right Wow look at something in his mouth look at that. The hook just fell out. well looks like a grub or a getzit or something yeah does what should we do
I guess leave him alone he took my bait and fought pretty huh yeah he must be
okay yeah we’ll put them back in the best thing to do when their gut hook
looks like this get let’s put them back in see how he’s doing
boy I had him in that Bush there go ahead there we go took right off
he’s okay now all right good fish I was just dragging
you all chartreuse tail grub here and bap! that was it
he hit real nice too Let me straightening this hook out still
throwing that spinner bait hey Jer while you were messing around with that
I put on this grub [laughter] let me see if I can get that puppy in here boy he bent the heck ot of that hook I guess down on a tree that he
was stuck. what kind of hooks do you got there. I got a little true turn here ha ha I am a true turn kind of guy so what do you think up here pretty good huh Jer. yeah
this is great I’m excited [laughter] you should be all the fish you are catching here come on get that spinner bait working your money bait there. I am Texas
rigging it and split shoting it okay what do you think of the slot limit
you think it’s working you’re believer? I’m a believer you know
make the tough and some of our tournaments to catch fish out of the
slot but I think overall it’s going to be good for the future of fishing in
Arizona I think you got a point there they had do something with all the pressure
going on. yeah well you know not too many not a lot of people practicing catch
and release and and so they really had to do something yeah we highly recommend
that everybody’s practice catch and release if you want to eat fish you could
always you know, go to the fish store. go to the fish store and get better eating fish.
that’s right. save this for fun exactly be here for our kids. that’s right! looks like a good
spot in here let’s see we could do here. yeah. come on get that spinner bait going
Jer. [laughter] [stinger music] you keep that up I am going have to put that black and chartreuse tail grub on. keep it up! with all the fish he has put in the boat today and I catch a couple of little
fish and he wants to you know take my advantage way [laughter] that spinner bait was
murdered a little while ago yeah it has slowed down a little bit right now I keep pulling this baby up here I am gonna put
on a new one I think I like to use the same.. if I catch a fish or two on a grub
I’ll use it or wienie or any kind of plastic bait I’ll use it until can’t use
it anymore yep just a little smell of the fish on
there [laughter] that’s right you got automatic fish attractant there, the real thing. the
real thing Ok get us going in the right direction here yeah this looks like a good cove for a big fish let’s see what we…. you have said that before!! yeah will it’s gonna come true one of these days I’ll get out of your way there. let’s see what you can do here way to go buddy There he is! [laughter] I told you. this guy! he is calling fish I will tell you. feels like a better fish yeah it looks good alright it’s about
time we get a little better fish right nice fish nice fish
alright way to go bud let’s see what he looks like
oh nice fish okay way to go yeah I’ll take him yeah I
guess you will he’s a nice fish. he’s probably in
the slot only about 15 inches at least they are improving the size up here I’m
getting excited now. [laughter] I am going to through right in the back where you got that
fish in this cove nice cast alright. I did not know you could cast that good [laughter] it come with practice. whoa practice huh! ok there he is!! ah!!!! I’ll tell you this guy is killing it nice fish [splash] whooo look at him go look at him go another pretty good fish all right buddy it’s
a good news oh. yeah oh man I like it buddy the ol’ spinner bait I think you’re going
with the spinner bait again nice job buddy alright I tell ya I am a believer look at the tail on this one he’s got a sore on it getting ready to spawn oh yeah red mouth yeah look at that he is all ripped up that mouth yeah I am having fun. yeah this a great day. if I can get on a couple of more fish I wanna get a couple spinner bait fish
here. come on fish tell me how this spinnerbaits work they are working for you Jer but they’re not doing zippo
for me. slow it down a little bit you might be just you got to be bump
on the bottom with this thing you got to feel they feel the bottom just enough to
barely keep those blades rolling what’s the ratio on you’re reel there. well these
10mm I believe are five to one. so it’s kind of slow roll it and
unless you’re bumping the bottom and fill that now and again then you’re going
too fast or you are in to deep of water
one or two. [laughter] ooook bump the bottom here…bump the buttom got a little cut up here that ought to be home of fish in the back of
that. it’s perfect.. the whole lake looks perfect that’s the problem is to pick out one spot or another
it all looks good op got one! I tell you Jer. all right just
came up here he comes through the water this is pretty clear water here. here he comes oh feisty little guy nice little sucker
here huh. oh I got one while you are messing around there
almost a double hookup almost not quite well that’s a little spot I just caught
this little guy off of there he comes
whoo it looked like he was going come up jump for us Oh baby
come on, come on here he i, here he is. Whoa! good jump f [laughter] feisty little guys yeah they
are I tell you that come on get up here I can’t even budge him he’s mad now he’s Mad now he’s
got a hook in his mouth come on get up here buddy there he comes,
here he he is oh oh look at them he’s tired now
he did nice jump for us though oh look at that hook went right near his eye sorry there pal I did not mean to do that to you let’s take that out of there. good little area here Jer yeah this
will work yeah he eat this grub big time I will tell you that is that way you hooked him on the outside of the mouth I guess [laughter] get back in there grow up [stinger music] alright another blade fish way to go bud it feels like a dink. feels like a dink [laughter] have we caught anything but that today? no he’s a decent little guy bring him on in i’ll tell ya all stuff they
said about you is true all true. [laughter] I’ll tell you Jerry you really work that spinner bait great let me shake your hand it’s been a great day yeah had fun good time see
you next week folks [Music] you

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