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Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft at Bartlett lake

Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft at Bartlett lake

[Music] good morning we’re at Bartlett Lake just
40 miles northeast of phoenix got a beautiful morning out here it’s dead
summer I mean it’s a 105 degrees
108 degrees out here I’m Gary Senft fishing in Arizona and
what we’re going to be doing is teaching a lot of you that don’t know how to
catch fish and you come out here and you only catch one or two fish so what I want to do is teach you how to
catch fish on these Arizona lake so we’ll be visiting bartlett lake Lake
Pleasant Roosevelt Lake Apache lake and we’ll show you some tricks that nobody
else seems to show you I’ve got some brand new techniques for drop shotting
different poles different styles and i’ll be explaining this as we go and we
do all of our little tricks and stuff and how to rig these and i hope this
teaches you a lot of things about bass fishing because too many people get
frustrated that’s one thing that happens to me at
the bass pro shop when I’m walking around down there is people just can’t
catch the fish or they can’t find the fish so what we want to do is teach you
everything so you can come out here with your wife
your kids and have a really good time so we’re going to take off from here
we’re going to go up this out different parts of the lake and show you exactly
where I cast what I do and how to catch these fish what we’re doing folks is we’re just
going along the shoreline like this and one of the number one place is to
actually catch fishes is on points, points Reefs so if you don’t know where to
fish and you just stopped on the shoreline and you just go along the
shore you need to like go over the fish
actually live you know as as I’m talking to stuff the cameraman will shoot around
and he’ll show you some of the stuff that I’m actually fishing the boulders
and and Reefs but if you can find these marker buoys out here that say you know
island, or reef or something like that and you can see the point’s up there you know up
up along there that are that are also good you know so what I’m doing today is I’m going to
show you like I talk to you in the introduction i’m going to show you some different
ways to drop shot I’m going to stop with and you know that
the normal way of drop shoting is trying that polymer knot and how many of
you that have caught a fish when that fish comes in is all tangled
up you can’t get it untangled you go oh man I’m tired of this i got to keep
cutting my line and redoing the knot retying the hook and stuff I’ve devised away no knots when the fish
comes in he you hooking and he slides right down to the sinker really really really neat way so
basically you still have your little sinker down on the bottom and what I do
is I kind of take a knife and opened up that clasp a little bit because I’ve got
a tie I’ve got to tie that on there because
what happens when you set the hook this is going to slide right on down
just like this right down there now you’re fighting the
fish on your sinker so you want that tight on there two or
three knots at least three knots all right and the what I was talking
about the bobber stoppers it’s used to used for Bobber
fishing and stuff so I call it a drop shot Bobber fishing you know and it’s
real easy to do so let me get a package out and actually
show you the two different types of Bobber stoppers that I use all right I’m
with the bass pro shop for naturally i use their product but it’s a good
product they’re very inexpensive to use and then
I have another one that I use is called the sixth sense now there’s two types of bobber
stoppers 14 heavy line like six ten pound test line which is these the smaller
diameter line or you can use the 10 and 12 pound bobber stopper so these are so easy to use let me just
take one out of here and show this to you people are always confused when they
went to hear me talking about it but they actually don’t get to actually see
now i’m going to just separate when they come in different colors but if if you
can actually see this where the bobber red bobber stopper is there’s a little
loop right on the very top of that and your line goes through that loop so you stick about two inches or line
through you turn around you grab the bobber stopper like this and you just pull it and you pull
it about 2-3 inches and it goes right through the line and then it looks the
aftermath looks like what I’m fishing with like right here that’s it so I put a bobber stopper on
first then I take and I put my hook my regular hook and now i’m going to face
that hook always up because you know and drop shot that hooks got to be up so
when the fish bites at home soon in the front lip like that but right now
I can slide that so that’s going to slide up and down so what i gotta do is I have another
bobber stopper hooked on here when I get the hook on I’m going to grab the lower bobber
stopper and I’m just gonna feed this right on up to the other one just like
this and now I’m ready so when i get your fish i’m going to
show you how that just slides down and you have no more of that tangled mess you don’t have to cut your line you
don’t have to do any of that it’s so easy to do you’re going to be
like oh my gosh so I’ve been fishing this for about two
years now three years came up with this idea and i teach us in my class at the
bass pro shop here in Mesa Arizona and some of you may be watching from other
states or other Countries in fact because it’s going to go all over the
place so later i’ll be coming up with some kits and stuff about you know just
get the whole kit about how to fish these so in Arizona here now you know I know in other states they
like to have their leader like maybe up here but the good thing about this is
you can slide this up or you can slide this down now last night I was here and
I was fishing a brush hog no I use everything I don’t just use worms i use brush hogs i use lizards i’ll use
all that so at night your bass returning two
crawdads not shad so what I did was I just lowered that
down to like this and i was using a brush hog and all I was doing was fishing
like four inches because that Bass is seeking the bottom and he’s looking for
that movement on the bottom so let’s up the try fishing with this just
a little bit here and see if we can’t get something and like I said I’m just
fishing points and reefs and and buoy lines and stuff and we’re going to just
kind of keep moving around the lake give you an idea where I fish and what I fish
around the lake it’s dead calm right now a little bit
later the window pick up and that’s going to actually have help the fishing so you all know that early in the
morning you to buy this pretty good for the first hour hour and a half and then
it slows down and then here at Bartlett the hotter it gets the better the bite
is so you’ll see as we go on in the day cameraman will be sweating i’ll be
sweating it’ll be a hundred five degrees so I’m just going to cast out pitch out
to those now i’m using a baitcaster as you can see and i’ll show you i have two
other rods rigged up with drop shot I mean I like the bait caster because
you never know when you’re going to get that big fish in that three four five
pounder and I like to be ready and I can fight him with this you know with this so we’re out pretty
deep right now we’re 42 feet so it’s a little bit too deep so I use this drop shot just like a
Texas rig exactly like a Texas rig I might throw this thing into feet of
water or i might finish it in 35 feet of water it all depends on were the fish
are you have to find the fish and find out what depth they are so when you
catch your first fish you want to like look at the grand and say oh yeah i’m
sitting in 25 feet of water I caught him halfway back to the boat he’s in 12 feet of water so you can
target those fish for at least an hour so you know in 12 feet of water so what we’re going to do is we’re going
to just kind of follow these rocks around here and keep just kind of
throwing up and I’m going to find out are the fish in three feet of water four
feet of water where are they today you know so I’m
casting way up there i’m pitching way up there and i’m sitting in 33 feet of
water now I see fish on my graph right now of course you always see the fish on
your graph all the time so nothing new about that is there so
what I’m going to do is I’m just let that hit the bottom now I could tell you this for those of
you that are beginners ninety percent of the time when you
throw your bait out you need to reel that line up and have
that line ready to go and watch it on a tight line because ninety percent of
time if a fish sees that and goes to the bottom he’s going to take it that’s how quick
it is so you don’t want to be throwing it out later ride down to eat an apple
or whatever because if he picks it up you’re gonna miss the bite alright so so
that’s how i do this and I usually hold my rod up to detect that bite there’s little tricks that all of us
have about holding the line and and pitching if you can learn to pitch this
out now usually let this little bit past there and I just sling this out like
that so fishing isn’t only just fishing you
have to really practice sometimes and get good at it so what I’m doing is I’m following that
down all right and as I follow it down on the tight line I can basically tell how deep it is
without you know if I’m sitting in 30 feet I know that my bait just think – 15 feet
of water ok so I’m down in 15 feet of water i am
I didn’t get a bite i’m pulling up on it i’m going to pull this thing or hop it a
couple times along just to see if the bite well there’s some fish school and right
there here’s a little minnow that got away but sometimes when they
come up like that in a school you can throw your lying out there and
they’ll come back and hit your hit your line if you get if you’re that close to
him we’ll have other segments in the show
where I want to show you how to Texas rig and catch fish Texas riggan how to how to fish jigs you know really
good and catch fish on that because you have to be versatile carolina right again is another good way of catching
fish so we plan on bringing you a lot of different techniques on different lakes
in Arizona show you the beauty of our legs to cactus the mountains and stuff it’s not just in phoenix arizona we’re
out here in a really beautiful country so we’re just going to kind of look
around here I’m still pretty deep 38 feet so I’m
going to pull in just a little bit and just kind of flick it out there a lot of
people ask me Wow Gary how long do you stay in one
spot you know what how long is that I don’t
stay in one spot I’m constantly on that trolling motor
moving around so if I’m not catching fish over on this rock pile I give it
about five flips you know in there if I don’t catch a fish you know what
I’m going to try i’m going to move on because I’m not fishing I’m not fishing were the fish are I’ve got to keep moving to find those fish and that’s what a lot of
people do that make that mistake of not moving enough you know you’ll see that we just kind of
keep moving around and and you know what you can fish this thing fast you know
I’m a power fishermen when it comes to this stuff I will though it out and then moving around
and I like to bump into those rocks and pull it up over the rocks and and try
different baits different colors maybe this morning dawn isn’t working
that good today maybe it’s red crawler you know might be red collar or maybe
it’s a a brush hog so i’ll pick up another bait here in a
minute and all and i’ll try that if i don’t get any bites in 10-15 minutes I’m definitely going to try something
else so we’re just going to tool around there’s a lot of big boulders underneath
us now brush hogs and jigs and stuff like
that or a good bait to fish around stuff like this but definitely around the
there’s a bite right there you just missed him he just picked it sometimes you get
those real little bass and they’ll just they’ll just hit the the worm and a lot of times I’ll bring that bait
out so it’s actually outside the worm so I’m getting stuck right now on this
thing right here so we’ll try to get over there and if you if you do get a
bite you can cash right back in the same
thing right there you know I’m just fishing on those boulders right there you can cash right back in here because
he didn’t get stuck with that hook he knows he just got a bite or he bid on
something so i like i like to fill it out and then just kind of pull a little
bit and let it go back down climbing up over these rocks just kind of pull it up drop it back down because that’s what
they’re on we don’t have a lot of trees in this lake you know you can see that there’s this
is barren the lake is there’s a few trees up the lake way up with the rivers
but right here we’re just finishing the rocks so all we’re doing is just fishin rock
so those fish get accustomed to living on the rocks so you know I cast about five times up
there to those up there now i’m gonna try fishing over here and
fishing this stuff over here so you know like i said to you points are a lot
better and reefs and stuff like that so we can just kind of move around and and
I won’t just take off and go down the shoreline less I’m cranking or something
like that so when you see birds like that standing
over there on the shoreline over there that’s a good thing of course if they’re
down in the water now early in the morning real early in the morning when
it’s when it’s the sun’s just before it comes up there’s a lot of shad that will be on
the bank and that bird will be over there just pecking away so he’s already
had his breakfast but he’s still waiting you know maybe some more will come up
for a bluegill will come up for a little bass will come up and he’ll eat that
they’ll those birds will eat up I’ve seen him eat a one pound bass
before so they’ll eat anything that swims by them they almost look kind of prehistoric the
way they move so he’s creeping down to the water right now he’s checking it out alright so we moved to another spot and
i’m going to try a brush hog on a drop shot just to see if that’s something
different i’m going to switch around and try
different different baits but if you’re not seeing fish on your depth finder you
know your you need to kind of keep keep moving around you know so I noticed that we have a little
breeze coming out so that’s kind of good that’s a good thing that keeps us cool
in this hot weather and also it’s going to make the fish by little bit up you
know put a little ripples on the water so I’m going to just move along at a
steady pace looking for fish so I’m fishing the traditional way of
drop shotting right now I’ve actually tied this on so i’m going
to show you several different ways that I I fish but i’m i’m leaning towards
that bobber stopper drop shotting because it’s so easy you know like i
said i don’t like that mess of it tangling up and i’m using a very very
short leader because i’m actually using a creature bait and I want that almost
touching the bottom you’ll see as we get different places when you find fish so actually you can
actually catch them and will bite you know and not only do i use the
morning dawn but i’ll use red crawler and some of those baits a little bit
it’s getting a little heavy here oh what’s that little heavy that means
there’s a fish on it ok uh-oh here comes one so you know once you get them coming you can just swing ride in the boat like
this you know and catch them just a little tiny buck pass so we’re going to keep throwing in the
area here and see that one was in about 10 feet of water but he wasn’t quite
over where the fish were feeding I can see I’m still feeding right over in that
area right there they’re coming this way so I’m just
going to kind of head him off oops i mean 24 feet i want to always
stay try to stay a little bit away from your
fish you know some guys the one problem I see with a lot of guys
they go right over the point where they go right where the fish are you know
it’s always better to stay back stay back in 30 35 feet and cast you know out
where the fish are don’t don’t go out in 15 feet where the
fish are right underneath you because you know you got that depth finder going
you got your trolling motor going and believe me they can hear that so
just think a little bit more you know just little tips like this will help you
catch more fish all right I’m going to go a little
deeper off the side of this little island here and see if there’s a there’s
one already oh here it comes here it comes so sometimes you know when you got the
little ones it’s easier just a once they come up just bringing right in the boat you know i’ll tell you a little secret
I’d once you grab the bottom lip like that and you just you know paralyzing
like this you can just let him go but like that that way if you keep them out of the
water too long you know they get a little bit more
lethargic and they can’t swim down to the bottom is fast so you want to try to
try to protect your fish in your area and if you’re going to eat any fish I’ll tell you those little ones are
really good eating you know don’t keep that big one like we saw earlier that
big three four pounder i know a lot of guys that are meet hunters and stuff
but those fish really don’t taste that good they really don’t they’re more
fishy and stuff I know you get more meat off the fish
but you know what we need to harvest some of these little fishies 12 ensures
one pounders well we got another one folks this one
seems a little bit bigger just a little and not much bigger but
a little these fish fight hard you know you catch a deep like that get
ready 123 here he comes so I’m going to grab by
the lick flips freeze him and bam bam my bobber stopper down you know as I had talked earlier that
there are so many questions i get when i get down on the floor of the bass pro
shop i wish we would to be there and have all these people come up and ask
but there’s so many of you that are brand new to fishing I mean brand-new
you don’t even own a rod and reel and this what kind of Riyadh do i get what kind
of spinning rod oh I get to kind of you know line do I get and then there’s so many people that
have spinning where they opened the build-up and you cast but they want to
go to this bait caster they buy this thing they get home and the first thing
is they can’t they can’t throw it if they’re getting bird nests
continuously all right let’s show the audience how to throw a baitcaster and a
lot of people can’t throw into the wind so i suggest throw across the wind or
with the wind you know how i teach the bass pro shop
is you know you have this long handle I keep that under my wrist like this
always keep the handles up always the rate of fall is another thing
you know if it’s fallen like this pretty fast this little knob here is attention bar
and that keeps them that keeps the bait from falling real fast so you just
barely wanted to fall that’s it so that’s good I set this little dial from one to ten I
set it on six and that’s the magnets so with this up like this and it’s all
in your wrist you know see how you cock your wrist if
you have bad wrist it’s kind of hard you can’t sit there and throw your whole arm fishing is flicking it on your wrist
so don’t even think about it just throw it at first just try loving it out you know throw it
up up high and you’ll be surprised don’t throw it don’t try and throw it hard
just kind of love it out there it’ll go out 30 40 feet no problem you know so I’m aiming at that point
over there i got my handles up like this and I cast just barely throwing it and I
went 40 feet how much more do we need to get to that
shoreline you know so when you guys buy these things you know and i hope that you watch these
videos I’m going to give you tips because there are so many people that
want want to buy these but they just don’t buy them or they buy them and they
don’t throw and you’re just sitting in her closet break them out and try some
of these little tips it actually works you know when I want to bring it then
I’m the handles are to my side like this you know so I’m working this a little bit
aggressive I’m pulling along the bottom you know I’m not going to sit and pull
this all the way back to the boat because I’m trying to power fish all right now if you really want to
learn a technique that’s neat is grab the sinker put it to your real hold your rod down
and pitch out there like that now you can sit at home and you can have
a little peep holes in a circle or a coffee can or a little bucket or
something if you’re a more experienced fisherman
pitching is really fun and you can hit your target I mean within inches of
where you want to fish so you know if I’m fishing close to the
bank and I want to get you know close to what I the target i want to hit now there’s a rock just under the
surface over here all right and it’s close to the bank and it sticks
out a little bit off the bank there’s some boulders there so I’m going to just
. my rod towards it and I’m going to shoot back and try to get that within a
foot or two because I promise you that beginning the show i want to show you
where to fish don’t just go along the shoreline and
just fish so you see that rock that’s just under there see that you can pick it out just on the
other side just on this side of it you don’t want to go on the other side
and so you let it go all the way to the bottom you didn’t get nothing I hope it a few times didn’t get a fish so I’m going to real up and just throw
it to the other side i’m going to work both sides of that now if there’s a fish there he’s
probably going to take this because usually they can’t refuse these brush
hogs you know and it’s getting warmer out the blue winds blowing into the
shore you know the shatter their starting to
feed again so we’re just going to kind if you don’t
catch any just move on just keep moving you know a lot of times
I’ll take this with the handles up like this and I’ll just go right in front of
me and I’ll just throw it but remember you got to keep your even
though you do that you still gotta keep that thumb loose on that line because it
will come flying off because i didn’t set this tension bar that that that
strong remember you can keep setting that
stronger and stronger if you’re getting a little bit of a backlash so here’s a really good example of a
good spot right here I mean you got rocks comin way out you
got a point coming way out you got a-you got a booty their mark in
a you know marking it so I’m just going to start by pitching out on this side as
i move up to it 20 feet of water so far we’ve been catching our fishing
like except for that big when it came deep but those other ones were in 12 15
feet of water nada I’m going to move this down because
i think those Fisher if they’re not chasing shad they’re eating crawdads let’s try that
remember we can just grab that thing and just just move it right on down those
little barber stoppers we don’t have to untie anything or loose
anything we just play with it and just see where those fish are how how much
they want that leader sometimes they want that leader real
long and you just put that leader on there and you can just throw it in and
then let the debate sink is like a single or sometimes I even use thing
goes i’ll put a little single on there and wacky style it so i’ll throw that a
little bit further up by those rocks coming out what i’m doing is i’m fishing
fast I’m just going along the shoreline fast
and I’m power fishing I’m looking for that looking for that
real fast ninety percent bite so I’m throwing it
out you know I’m looking for the right depth i’m in 24 feet of water right now
and I’m throwing a half way out to the boat I’m not doing it right on the bank
but i’m just looking for that active fish that’s going to be their active
fish in a certain area now I’m not fishing . yet you know but that’s going to be the best
place but sometimes our official hold on this steep stuff I like fishing this
real steep stuff in the summertime because it drops off so fast it’s got a 90 degree angle and when you
tell your bait up and three feet off the bank or five feet off the bank or 10
feet deep so that’s what I’m looking for right now
plus i’m watching the graph – so as I watched the graph if I see fish
that are out further like say you know I’m 15 20 feet of water I’m going to fish for those also so we’re going to find out what depth
the Fisher at and what color did they want or do they want to worm or do they
want to create your bait today so we’ll just kind of give it a little bit of a
little gas on the peddle and we’ll throw it up sometimes things like this where i just
threw in this little crevice coming down here in the little cut it has rocks and
stuff like that that’s good because those fists sometimes will congregate in
that area because the bass are moving along the shoreline and the crawdads are
where the rocks are very rarely are the crawdads climbing on the rocks on the
smooth rock I mean they do on the boulders but on
smooth rock like that they don’t not that much so I’m going to make one more cast up
there no real shallow and just let it creep
right on down the wall sometimes that’s productive and
sometimes this area of the lake just isn’t any good you know like i said but
money just keep moving until we find him eventually going to run into them
they’re going to be biting so you can see that there’s a pretty
good spot coming up I mean here we have shear wall and now we
have a point so we’re going to stay back far enough
to where I could pitch that bait up close enough to the point and i’m going
to work that out because that’s where our fish are going to live on these
points so I’m going to start at the base of the
point and then i’m going to just work my way right on out so what we do is we go three feet from
the point I’m gonna watch My Line go out it went
down right away so that just means that it’s not very deep in fact i can see i could see that
there’s a big boulder right I’ve got Polaroids on that’s good to
have to is the Polaroid glasses so I just went over a big boulder and just
let it go down just to see if there’s any fish on those drop-offs I’m just
finishing the steep drop off and we’ll fish some other real steep drop-offs to
in the lake so I’m looking with my Polaroids and I’m
seeing this this big old rock kind of here but not
on the point it’s just another under water .point i’m looking at OH! missed him. that’s what happens this is what happens when they take your
bait you’re not fast enough you know what let me explain something a
lot of times i take bit people fishing and their inexperience and stuff and
they’ll say oh I just I just got a bite I go wall you know what you got a bite
but that that bait is in that fish’s mouth you need to like set the hook you know
drop it down and set the hook so that’s what you have to do you have
to snap it everything is a snap sometimes people won’t snap and I’ll
just kind of pulled a little bit what you’re using a real sharp book and just
a real thin worm it will go through that but on these big
pieces of bait here these brush hogs and stuff like that there’s a lot of meat on there and you
got to bring that hook you know through that while the cameras here i’m gonna
show you something all right its twenty nine feet right
here 82 degrees there’s the bottom right
there look at this shad right here remember we
talked about shad and shad in the area so when you’re
fishing around a point and you see stuff like that that’s that’s tremendous so we’re going
to kind of just pull out here away from the bank and i’m just going to make a
few cast I had one bite up on the underbanked
they’re off the point let’s come across the point on a
different view this point drops off really fast so what I’m trying to do is I’m out in
29 feet of water i dropped off the end of this point and a lot of times i like
to come off the end of the point and then just let my bite drop right on down
to 29 30 feet from 15 feet to 30 feet and sometimes that’s where the really
big fish are they’ll be down there deep there they’ve already had their
breakfast in the morning and they’re they’re just lounging down there and 30
feet in their comfort zone because you know bass like that 65 degree water they
don’t like it 82 degrees cuz it’s pretty warm for them they’ll come up and
they’ll feed in it seems like the little ones can can like it but the big ones
would rather be down deep to where they can you know feel at home make another
one with this brush hog I had one bite on it and missed it will just kind of
keep fishing this way a little bit before I change I want to try this just
a little bit more just kind of let that go down sometimes you have pit at that patients
because you know i just got a little one quarter ounce drop shot on there that’s
all but you know I just let it go down and
then I’ll just kind of give it a little bit of the trolling motor and just kind
of pull it along down there and you never know there might be some big
boulders down there are rocks we’ll just kind of pull up right over i
can feel it going over the rocks right now I can feel that just bouncing on
those rocks that’s you you know when they’re when
they’re aggressive that’s when they’ll take it when you come up over that rock
for that Boulder so I’m going to give it line and let it
go back down over the boulder because I came over the top of it now it’s going to go down there we go
just went over another one all right so I’m going to cut in the
short because we’re going out to deep now we’re going out to 46 50 feet and
sometimes the winner i can catch him in that deep but right now in the
summertime I haven’t been getting them they just don’t want to hit that deep
right now hit 25 and 30 but they don’t want to hit that real real deep I guess they’ll come in all sizes yeah i
guess they come in all sizes you got to take the small with the big you know but
this little guy these are aggressive I’ll tell you get
him back in the water so you know basically I just tied this on and and
we’re just use the typical brush odd just a little chartreuse and I run this
down like this and we’re just kinda just flipping it on out there you know let’s try a little bit of this side of
the island see what happens the wind side of it this should start
picking up now at ten o’clock so this despite should start getting
going here right now ten eleven twelve o’clock they really start turning on
this is what I caught her on a unique little thing nice little brush hog watermelon candy
made by zoom and i tell you what i do to these things to make it even a little
bit more interesting is I dip the tail and chartreuse you can see I’m much more
yellow that is then oh she ate one of them off that’s all
right so I dip that in there when I’m fishing deep like this and let’s uh
let’s throw it up on the ledge I mean I’m looking in 36 feet 37 feet
right now way down there so I’m just going to kind
of back off here in the 37 40 feet let it go down ok it’s on the bottom but we’re only in
15 feet that legs kind of comes out 15 feet then it kind of goes down to 16 18
20 and I’m just going to kind of pull it pull it along like this just kind of
every once in a while I don’t sit there and and I don’t know
what it is about Arizona but you know jigglin that right all the time they
like it pulled for some reason and fish like it just kind of pull away but you
need to find out what do they want to they want to do they want to a lot of
action like that at night they do I know here they like that at night that
jigging and to pulling like this and shaken so I’m dropping down into 32 34 feet I’m
on the bottom still and i’m still going to jiggle it and shake it there’s a lot of action down there so
let’s try it again see if we can get another one down there well I tell you what there’s some nice
fish down there I don’t know why they’re not I don’t
know fun fishing too fast and too slow down a little bit but okay she’s falling off this ledge I told
you this ledge comes way out here now it’s down to 32 feet and I can see
some big arcs down there so I’m just going to pull this out a little bit oh! just got hit there it is coming up oh boy that was deep 32
feet I like to kind of bring them up slow
because if you bring them up too fast to give them the bends you know when you get
a bigger fish oh boy look at this who got the big one she’s up in the four pound range look at
this whoa come on she’s a don’t like it because I brought
her out of her home real deep all right all right you can
see where that hook that fish right on the top right where you want to write on
the very top of that thing but by moving around and trying different things you
know fishing shallow but that is one nice fish that’s that’s a good fish real
heavy maybe three and a half to four all right got a little water on her
think that she’s a nice fish nice big female all right we’re going to let her go and let
her give her a little oxygen there because she came from really deep so I’m gonna kinda push her down let it go down Down [Music]

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  1. Gary: thank you. Very nice video. Really informative. Why not come down to the lakes in southern Arizona and do a couple of shows? These lakes aren't easy to fish sometimes so it would be great to see an experienced fisherman such as yourself fish Pens Blanca, Patagonia or Arivaca. Regards!

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