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Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft at Saquaro lake in August

Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft at Saquaro lake in August

[Music] Well we are at Saguaro Lake today it’s August is going to be a
115 degrees today but we’re going after some big fish we up the lake right now so we’re hoping that we can hang us some big ones and show
you how it’s done using a flick shake something a little different than no
nobody shows on the TV shows So a little bit different but the big fish
like it. We are just going flick into some of these bushes along here just to
see if there’s some good fishing here is What we are doing is just tying some stuff up against the weeds and stuff hopefully where it’s dark enough with the cloud cover I am using what they call a flick shake and I’ll show you how I rig this later on in Gary is
in depth but it’s just a wacky style worn with a head on it and I’m just throwing
it up against the weeds up here just letting that sink hoping that there’s a big one
still just lurking up in the shallows from the night feeding at night it’s early
in the morning up here at saguaro it’s 6:30 in the morning so just give it a try to not
letting any water out right now so sometimes that’s not the best, the best
fishing is when they actually let the water out and we have a current so we thought
we’d come up and try it if that dont work will go back on the main lake I rig up a baitcaster because I have been catchen some
nice 4,5, 6 and 7 pounders and if I had my real light little spinning right on it takes
a while to get them in that’s a lot of sport but when they start jump and those
big fish you lose a lot of them usualy sinkos work up here wacky style so but
I started using this with this head on that way I didn’t think so slow sinks little bit faster and if they’re
they’re they’re biting they’ll take it We are just going to go alone these weeds and along the trees we got a real nice bank for this trial little I going to try a little of this and see if this doesn’t work you can see by how it straight up and down this
stuff drops straight down and get this close to the trees and the
brush as I can I won’t pull on a long time just throw it out without let it
sink fairly close to that very close to the bushes and have to try out a number
of things some days it’s real tough at Saguaro some days it is not.
I’m just letting this go on a semi tight line I am just following my line down
so if one does take it and I don’t feel my line will just twitch then I known I
know I got one on. Oh! man That was scary! I got hung on a limb or some down there It was like you do not know when you are fishing an open hook, you do not it will be a fish or a tree limb Plus I am fishing it right off into the sticks and stuff You Know I may lose a few of these but you got to go where the fish are living you know or were they are biting You got to take a chance sometimes to do this tou can’t be afraid to lose a few lures or a few
Bates these things are inexpensive they’re just trick worms just a little head on them These fish are jumping you can probably can hear them though the microphone they are big carp usually my way
of thinking is if they’re not just swirling on bait in the morning like
this if you hear that fish jumping like that it’s it’s usually a carp nine times
out of Ten We have picked a better morning for this it is going to get up 115 degrees today but we got some
cloud cover so that’s gonna save us will Cloud cover that is going to save us so we should be able to stay a little bit more the
longer, Saguaro dose get the traffic we’ve passed a lot of passed a lot of guys on the way up here fishing haven’t saw anybody catch any
yet so you never know what you keep trying I may get a Texas rig out and try it too. Usually up here in these mats like this. those things are hanging right under the
mat as that thin floats by or down to them they will take it just up the lake
here about a half a mile there’s a mile is Canyon Lake, right now they’re sucking
in the water out of Saguaro back into in the Canyon this morning is still letting
it out better if they let it out but we’re stuck in the back and we’re
getting sucked the opposite way of what we should be going so you would think there would be some nice stuff just laying
down right here in this so this canyon wall I am just going keep pitching some these walls cuz a lot of times these
big fish will lay against the wall in the when the shade come up they’ll pin them up against the wall so we are looking for that one good bite that’s all we are looking for right now [big Flash] OhOh! Oh we got a good one on! I will just just kind of get him a way fro m the.. From the oh Oh Yeah! The is the kind of fish you come for at Saquaro a lot, now this isn’t a real big giant but it’s
probably least five pounds so a lot of guys don’t get these I switched over to
a brush hog that a good way to start guys [Flash] oh oh don’t get of yet! big guy big girl oh yaeh! whooo! That’s a good way to start guys look at that is a nice fish isn’t it that’s a nice fish Pretty, they are more black up here in the river you know so pretty neat. so we will just let this baby go you know it’s a good start alright let’s let this thing swim back [Flash] there she goes Whooo! that was nice I caught that on a brush hog just flipping in the trees there was a bunch of trees out there and got Texas rigged these
things cuz they get stuck right in the trees. So what I am doing is just Texas rigging make sure you put this on nice and straight So you just go in an 1/8 of an inch and then hook it up and make
sure that brush hogs is nice and straight now I’m just have a little light
bullet weight so it falls nice and slow. little quarter oz.course you know I would have the bober stopper on there. huh [laughter so little bit later in the
show when we go in depth with Gary’s tips with gary’s tips we will show you some other little tricks and
I’m doing okay so that’s a good start for the first fish so we’re just going
to kind of keep fishing and see what happens alright if we just kind of let the cameraman kinda of just look over at the [Cameraman] Why are you breathing hard Gary? ]Laughter] You know you always see that on TV all right you know everybody’s breathing
hard it’s like i don’t know what it is it’s not that you’re doing something
real strenuous but but it had a breath when you pull those things I guess it’s
just excitement that you really strained that hard so this just kind of mosie back over
towards the river I will speed this little up just a little bit There we go Yeah I was just throwing up against the current. just letting it fall over there. One bite one big
fish well that’s good what a good way to start the morning the Sun just creeping up
over the mountain right now so we will just kind of ease out way up here. looks like a good area it’s amazing how big those
pumps must be in Canyon Lake to make this like a river going the other way
should be going this way but.. but that’s what they do they just reuse the
water you know we’re just gonna cast right up there and just kind of go right
on down into their the fish when whatever weather currents facing the
fishing going to be facing that way so the water is coming the opposite way
going back into Canyon Lake so we’re gonna caster and that that go right back
in their face but couple weeks ago I was here and that in this little scratchy
right I cut a 7 and a 6 back-to-back two casts was like oh my gosh how often does that
happen so I’m just gonna can hang out and fish these rocks are not fishing any
brush here but actually I caught that fish way up there not matted stuff way
way up there he was just laying underneath there but by the time I flipped the boat
around because I was going that way downstream or upstream you know you get
a bite and you have that anticipation that you’re going to get another one so
that goes I am just gonna keep trying this and see if we can stay up with this but those turbans and
stuff that suck that water back out out of Canyon must be gigantic
because it’s like a river running you can see the water my lines is floating
down like a huge river so far we are batting a hundred percent one bite, one fish that’s pretty good but we moved out onto the main lake now we wanted to be with all the water skiers out here sometime they are boat action Washing
the lake over and over you know can make those fish bite you know by stirring up
the water and shad and stuff so we’re just going real light for to see if we can
catch anything when you can flick shake and we’re just we’re just dragging it
throughout here in 18 to 22 of water and I am Hitting a rock I’m not hitting a rock that is what we are trying to catch just to catch a fish. Hey just a little one pounder just flick shaking a
little worm so typical little fish not compared to what we were after in the
river we get one big one up there lost one so you know they’re big winter out
here too so we’re just going to kind of keep moving around and trying to catch
some more of these so a little bit of an audience so what I’m doing is just gonna
grab worm and I will show you I am just using zoom worms is what they are and they’re
just 6 to 7 inch worms and we’re just wacky style and worms nothing we got a
Flick Shake which consist of a thing like this it’s got a little wire
on it so what I’m gonna do it I’m just gonna take this and I’m just can’t hook this worm right in the middle of the body of wire come up like this and we’re
just going to use it like that so when it goes down you know a little bit more
in the middle in the fishing it’s really really tough
you know a lot of boat traffic you can use these sometimes they can be really good
catch save you and just get some fish so we’re
just gonna cast back out I probably came out here in deeper water no it’s only
20 so I’m just gonna kinda scoot around here I’m just out here off a
point through this little thing around here I have seen a few of them come up chasing shad so we can play around here and see if the boat action and the waves make
these fish bite. Oh! there is some more chasing shad They are not big fish out here just
schoolers but you know they’re fun if you can bring the kids out or they can save
a difference of catching fish are not catching fish so how to work this thing
is I just throw it in and then I’m just let that sink and sometimes you
you know work in like this and every time you just kinda reel in just kind of
flick it like this that’s why they call it the flick shake that we’re just kinda
goes in and out like that and that’s what they see and that’s how they bite it.
when they’re real active you can throw it out and just just let it go to the
bottom sometimes the Fish are on the bottom so what I’m doing just watching
the bottom the grass comes out to about 15 feet I’m in eighteen nineteen
twenty feet of water so I’m just out from all that heavy grass that’s that
plagues the shoreline over here so we’re just gonna let that go on down there
something active there you might take it you know and if not all just kind of
flick it in a couple times like this I keep hearing them jumping so they do is move around these fish just move around and they just eat shad out here. that’s what they do so I’m gonna stay here
in eighteen twenty feet hope that one of the boats do not run us over we’re just
going to cast out front of us here just keep an eye out for fish coming up chasing shad the bass There he is! Fsihing this flat again I decided to try something a little bit different picked up the little drop shot you know
something a little bit different seems like I got a little bit bigger one
than than I bargained for he is coming up oh he not that big but you know what is bigger than one pound size so we’re just gonna get him There we go a nice little fat Chunky
2 pounder yeah look what he bite Good old drop shot Morning dawn. He gave a pretty god fight I ma using this spinning rod. I well let this go but we’re talking here.
I got this new rod from the Bass Pro Shop you know and the Garcia Abu Garcia it
carry over there I’m using this nanofill If you guys have spinning rods nanafil if you haven’t tried it you don’t get any more twists on here at
all so you might want to try it doesn’t twist up at all and it feels it’s very
sensitive type of braids so I wanna give it a try I like it I do not fish spinning reels a whole lot but because of getting tangled up so much. basically it is have that little four-and-a-half five
incher on there I’ve got some 8 pound test fluorocarbon on here and a little drop shot 10 inches so let’s give it another try out here and see if. He fought like a bigger fish I got one! Here he comes. whoa! nice one too! whoa! That’s a nice fish I am not going to flip this in the boat because he is There we go Cna not show the worm but This is a nice little fish Nice and chuncky Cool I will just release him back in and a another drop shot fish Whoo this is pretty big a nice one I will not be able to flip this one in on 8 pound test [Flash] come on baby That was a quick release I hope you got that on film [Laughter] aw! good ol morning Dawn I always say at the Seminars at the bass pro Shops If i could fish one color it would be morning down I can only take one worm I would buy and take morning dawn and that would be it. so just basically just throw it out in the weeds we got him to the boat anyway we got
to see him they get bigger when you don’t see them There’s one, oh no I got a fish on He is down in the rope of the bouy line That does not sound right does it It did not feel like a real big one These bouyies that run along here have rope and stuff I think I got the rope. I know I have the rope He is not swimming away nope I think that is the close of it. I think it is abou a 114 degrees out here. We just about had enough you know the clouds are coming in it’s noon it’s hot and all we have been catching is small fish
oh! No! he came off oooh! the last one time to call it a day little but mighty so he was caught in the booy line so he a little guy. thank you for watching the video So again we are at Saguaro Lake in August 114 degrees
so with that you all have a good time good time fishing take your loved ones take your
kids, grand kids and we’ll see you on the nextnext one. [Music]

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  1. Really a nice presentation. Nice to see someone like you go into detail of how to rig the bait and then detail how to fish them. Was lucky enough to see your seminar at Bass Pro last night. Everyone who lives in the Phoenix are need to come to Bass Pro the second Tuesday of every month

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