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Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft, the 90 second rule. Bartlet Lake Summer afternoons

[Music] Hi we are at Bartlett lake which is just 40 miles northeast of Scottsdale up in the Cave Creek area beautiful lake has a lot of nice scenery
cactus and stuff like that what we’re doing to do is come up and teaches and
tricks on Texas rigging so it Texas rigging is really really easy you know
you just have a bullet weight I’m just using a quarter ounce bullet weight
number 2/O hook and a zoom brush hog now I run that up to the keeper
part on the hook and then I’m going to try to keep their brush hog as straight as possible so I just bend it and I just put it like that I do have a little bober stopper
just in case we get by a tree or something but I like to..zoom float so I keep the bober stopper like an inch or two above the weight so
that way it kind of comes up you know so this this little trick here is is
amazing and it catches fish you know you know we’re gonna just cast out on little
little….we are on very steep bluff here you know dropped off real fast
Oh! missed him Let me try’s just a little one. Some time you get these really little fish they just like to peck at the tail end of these brush Hogs I will show you why, why these
little ones were like eating this I like to in the spring time like this is mimic
a crawdad to I put chartreuse on the tail I just dip the very very
of the end of the tail and that seems to attract the bass a little bit better we’re going
to just kind of this some of this steep stuff I like the steep stuff in the summertime
because bass like to come up move up and feed and they like a short distance to
do it you know wintertime fish like steam in the flats a
lot and so that’s a good place to fish in wintertime but in the summer time I
like he’s real steep bluffs I do really good on those so you know I may I may be
fifty feet of water which I’m not but I’m in 25 feet of water but I can cast
up close to the bank you know just kind of freaking out up there for five feet off the bank that
go down so basically I gotta find out exactly where these fish are i mean you
know I’m fishing every little nuke and cranny out there you know that comes
into the lake little everything that you see that the rocks after entering into
Lake those are all good spots to fish sometimes you know you’ll be a long rock
like this and all of a sudden you get a little wash with pebble rock or a
little rock’s big as your fist you know to cameraman scrolls over there you see
all that all that rock so I am going to make a cast you never know there might be a nice
Bass up there any might just be you know might just be eating crawdads up there so we’re going to throw that out I got that ninety
second rule I go down hit the bottom pick up my slack its getting
heavy set the hook and there’s a fish that quick, see I called that one Got lucky and called that one right you
know right on the rocks he was up there eating crawdads. Small fish but hey you know when
your bass fishing and you are using new techniques or you are
trying new techniques this is a good way to go Oh Boy This got hooked in the gill back in the water so I am gonna get this blood off the boat That one kind of bleed all over I am going to show a trick to get this blood off real quick. If you do catch a fish like I just caught and he’s bleeding if you
leave that blood and it dries it will stain your carpet so the best thing you
can do is take time put your rod down I’m gonna grab a rag behind the cameraman real
quick I am going to wet this and what you can do is put as much water on here you can let that
soak in and this is kind of you know just kind of wipe it up like that. then
way you will not have blood drying on your carpet i caught him right on the end of a gill
and it kind of jus…t not all of them do that bleed like that but you know some
of them do and this is just a good little tip that you know you can you can
use in that way you don’t waste all that there or have to come back with a strong
cleaner and clean that off it saves you to buy cleaner to live a later time well let’s just find a few other spots
along this like this chunk rock along just like we said over there in that little
goalie over there that little cut Sometimes there up there feeding on crawdads you know It seems once they get a little tried. of feeding on shad Aw! that was a little one. you can tell the little ones just go pop, pop, pop like crazy the best
care of bite you can get with a jig or brush hog is to have that fish pick that
up and just swimming with it. the that’s that those are the big ones
or just a little tick you know and is trying to crush that this crushers those
are those your good bites to have but little machine gun bite 22222 those our
little suckers bitting on the tail. We going to let this wind just push us down here real quick and
fire up on some of these little goalies in here like this little cuts little points you
can afford to get that close to the to the bank or the rockss because it
drops off pretty fast so I’m doing that 90 percent rule you
know it’s down on the bottom and i going to pull it a couple of times like that I am not going to waste time sitting there I am just going to reel in, fire another one
way up there were those rocks are coming into the water that could be a bass just
waiting for a crawdad because those rocks run right down in the lake could be a place
where those crawdad just coming out of those rocks and that bass is just waiting for him you
know or there’s two or three of them there in this case on this… there wasn’t any
so I am gonna keep fishing this deep stuff moving along real fast. I am not it go down all the way to the boat I am going on that 90 percent rule that tha tfish is going to be there when I cast in i’m looking for only aggressive fish
right now I’m fishin fast long here we’re trying to cover as much of the
lake and a lot of different scenery as we can and show the lake also. You guys that live in Arizona and watching these videos you’ll be able to
know just about where we’re fishing you know all of this is good there’s fish on every one of these
points down in through here you just gotta have that technique down you know
and what to use what color what technique to use it is 10 o’clock 10 05 so the bite turns on and starts turning about now but you still have
to find those fish you know right there were I just casted that rock coming
out anything sticking out follow that out into the lake that’s a good spot that’s where
they’re hanging out I didn’t quite get right on the end of
that but next cast it well. I am in 34 feet there is a lot of fish down there so what we’re
going to do is use a brush hog which is like a jig and I am going to throw a half oz football head too and try
that that also works you know in the lake here this is a good football
head jig I’m just gonna make it real simple not gonna buy a fan to use a
pitbull out of fancy jig or something that costs five bucks or $3, or $4 then put
a crawdad on the back we going to use a Plain old Yamamoto you know and double tail… mop top and get those There ot to be a fish right here there’s plenty of fish, there are plenty of fish down deep. So if I am not catching them right on the bank or off the
bank of little ways you know I’m going to try some of these little bit deeper
ones so I’m gonna go instead of casting on the bank I’m gonna cast way out there in 20
to 25 feet and I’m gonna let that sink in work that back working on the bottom cuz
that’s where they’re eating their crawdads remember after it gets on the bottom you
can just kind of slowly pull that but you need to find out you know do they
want that hop like that or do they want that thing just pulled on the
bottom real slow like this you just gotta kind of find out what those bass
or after There a bass that just came up chasing minnows let’s just flick into that and see can’t go wrong when you see a bass chasing shad.
hasn’t shared you just you know especially if it’s a little one there
might be a big one or two underneath it. being lazy and
that the little one to kill the shad There’s one A little rocket coming way out of the water Another little one The little ones are feeling ther oats today guys when you when you you’re going
along you see a point like this and that point goes way way out on the lake don’t
cut back over the middle of that going around it and fish it. don’t cut the fish
off too many guys just keep going right down the lake in it twenty five thirty
feet here also and it’s ten feet there you know you just cut off the best fishing so swing your boat out a little bit know if you’re if you move out into 25
30 feet of water that’s good now you can cast upon the point where the fish are living so
you know you still can throw that out there he is! It’s a little guy but perfect point for this, two, three he he comes. Hello come on little guy Boy sometimes you get that right in the top of that mouth there’s one There’s live one another one of them babies, man! we ran into the baby factory a long this shore line Ther you go little guy Boy when thay hit that water ther are gone these brush hog are so easy to stick them back on the hook. Make sure that brush hog is nice and straight when you put it back on there. Maybe I can get another one off this before about something bigger than one
pound. right there oh! there’s a bite, got him woo! tail walker and in the boat There we go! come on little guy take that hook out and release into the lake to bite on another day What did you do just throw it out there and SEnfT HOOKI? Yap I just through it out there and SEnfT the Hook! Yap instead set..SEnfT the hook. Alright let’s SEnfT the hook on this next one. There’s a fish! a little one Another little rat we are on these little aren’t we good bye little guy so anyway so we switched over to a jig right now
meaning a half oz. jig a little smoke sparkle on there tips are green. just a lead head real simple. well there’s a lot of ways to fish a jig too.
you sometimes you can just crawl on the bottom and then just pull it off that sometimes you can just sit there and just craw along the
bottom and reel like this so it’s just shirting along the bottom Bumping the rocks you can swim them sometimes that works to. you have find out that technique works. What they want. What the secret of the day
flavor of the day is going to be. They cast good because they are heavy. half oz, 17,..17 feet here got a nice reef and point coming out here. so maybe we’ll get lucky one off of that. whoa! Jig fish! Nice little jig fish Right off of that point right there. Roight were he should have been. caught him just swimming it right across the point.. There is the shad There’s a fish right under the shad There he comes a little bigger oh ya! there you go. that’s a little bit bigger Let’s go back to that reef because there is bunch of shad there Let’s try and see if we can catch some more. Before we call this a day. there he is! Another little gu huh? Let’s see whats out there maybe some bigger one’s underneath them there’s a bite. got him! there’s a good one! a little bit better! than we were getting Catch and release. right off that little point there you called that one That figures perfect conditions the wids blowing like heck right over the reef There’s one right there that’s a little one they are eating this jig aren’t they right here in the wind.I am trowing up over the reef. it comes from the shore and dips down and up on the reef the wid is creating the bite Making the shad get all stirred up,which makes the plankton stirred up Shad eat that and the fish move in and eat the shad. alright we are right over there by the whoops can not catch any like that. got to fix this baby there we go Oh yeah let’s give it another try here I am just
gonna slow roll over that reef There’s one! Oh! we got a good one if we can land him. Finally if we can land him another on OH Woo! woah! he does not want to come does he That’s a good fish after catching tose little ones Oh yah! that’s what we were aiting for. waiting to end the show get that out of his mouth. there we go Boy he destroyed that jig that’s a nice isn’t it thats a good one to end the video we just want to thank you for letting us come to you. to show how to bass at Bartlett lake So with that we will see you on the next trio. [Music]

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